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Agro Advance Technology

Agro Advance Technology

Focused on Biotechnology Research and Development

Agro Advance Technology is a biotechnology company created to develop innovative products based on beneficial microorganisms. It specializes in bio inputs research, development, innovation, and production. For Agro Advance Technology the soil is a world of infinite possibilities, a natural driver, claimer and challenger, while generous addressee of all kind of contributions mankind owes to it as a grateful recompense. Such in the motto for Agro Advance and essential guide to develop products which comprehensively provide solutions not only in terms of productive return by means of increasing yields but also pursuing the sustainability and health of soil.

Focused on LatAm demands of bio-solutions, Agro Advance Technology leverages bio-stimulation and bio-control resources to increase productivity and attacking dangerous plagues, which cause enormous damage in the whole LatAm region. “Our way is to take on difficulties and try to convert them into opportunities, applying knowledge and creativity, supported by rigorous methods and tenacity,” says Eng. Juan Pablo Brichta, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Agro Advance Technology.

Agro Advance Technology’s core strength lies in combining its competencies with scientific-technological background, state of the art knowledge platform, and the concept synthesized by idea>project>product. It is a beginning-to-end approach distinguishing Agro Advance Technology´s model.

Agro Advance Technology developed a new concept in inoculation 15 years ago by associating/mixing different microorganisms such as Azospirillumbrasilense and Pseudomonas fluorescens, partners of Bradyrhizobium japonicum. This innovation produced a big impact on conventional inoculant techniques, which are recognized today in the global market.

Backed by several products with successful performance, Agro Advance Technology is active in  the process of registering new bio-stimulants, which might help farmers get huge cost/yield differences. As a remarkable achievement, the company has recently developed and launched a biological bait to combat cutting ants, in line with world foresters demands to comply with FSC´s requirement for alternatives to chemical inputs. This innovative resource to help foresters to substantially reduce the heavy impact of ants attacks is one of the revolutionary inputs which remarks the company competence to enter as a player into the large markets worldwide.

Most probably, Agro Advance might soonly surprise with an innovative tool to attack a serious disease affecting fruit cultivars worldwide.

Agro Advance Technology is conscious of the multiple needs of world agriculture, fostered by key governmental regulations and life-time limits for some chemical products. The company not only completes the development and registry of a product, It also produces it in proprietary, world-class manufacturing facilities. This being recognized as a proper strength.

In short, Agro Advance is a company dedicated to the research and development of applied biotechnology having strategic alliances with leading laboratories both nationally and internationally. Our target is innovation, not commodities, which naturally are dominated by the bigs. We believe our main asset is developing new bioproducts which can help solve many of agro problems today and generate better yields while preserving and re-generating the soil.


Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Management:  Eng. Juan Pablo Brichta, CEO and Chairman of the Board


 Company Name : Agro Advance Technology

 Website : www.agroat.com

 Management Team                                               Juan Pablo Brichta, President & Director

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