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Alev Dover: Pioneering Innovation in Global Financial Markets – The PRISM Global Market CEO’s Story

"Exclusive Insights: A Conversation with Alev Dover, Founder-Chairperson of PRISM Global Market"

Alev Dover: Pioneering Innovation in Global Financial Markets - The PRISM Global Market CEO’s Story

How does PRISM help its clients invest in the global market?

PRISM prides itself on offering a comprehensive solution to help our clients invest confidently in global markets. Our commitment to providing unparalleled expertise and tools ensures that their investment journey is both rewarding and secure. We bring an innovative product to market that allows investors greater flexibility in achieving more precise risk/return profiles.

What triggered you to start the PRISM Global Market? How has your entrepreneurial journey been so far?

I believe that the financial markets are principally based on connecting people. “As technology advances, the depth of these connections will only strengthen.” how the market uses those connections interests me the most. There are many more products now than there used to be, but the market is still predominantly centered around competing for resources. In the future, I foresee the market shifting towards a more collaborative model that allows technology to allocate resources with significantly more efficiency. PRISM aims to play a large role in that line of thinking.

What is the work culture you follow in your company to keep your employees engaged and productive?

I have a commitment and drive to succeed and innovate; I have worked towards building an exceptionally strong, dedicated, and professional team at PRISM that wholeheartedly supports my vision for the future and the position that it can achieve as the recognized leader in global wealth creation and product innovation. I encourage a culture of innovation within our company, I create a space where new ideas are welcomed, and experimentation is supported. I believe this leads to the development of cutting-edge products and services.

How are you planning to shape your company in the future?

“Innovation comes in many forms, some say necessity is the mother of all inventions, which is certainly true.” At PRISM, the team considers innovation to be the result of a new perspective. Discoveries are made not by doing things differently, but by seeing things differently. The PRISM Perspective empowers investors with choice, allowing them to innovate in their own ways, aligned with their personal objectives.

In early 2023, the business was restructured to focus on delivering efficiencies throughout the organization. PRISM introduced and implemented several operational, compliance, and marketing procedural enhancements to respond to regulatory and market changes. These changes, in addition to our authorization license awards in Australia and the UK, position PRISM for a systematic roll-out of products across key jurisdictions.

Can you share your professional experience that helped you to start the business and become an influential leader?

Coming from the trading floor, I have learned to survive very early in my career in confronting surroundings. The early 90s was a time when men were dominating the trading arena. I gave more than 100% of my capacity to my work to even begin to be heard and respected. Often told to give up and choose a field a little more femaleoriented, but I persevered.

“I guess your past is what shapes you.” “The respect earned wasn’t given on a platter, that’s for sure. My journey was an odyssey of obstacles and shattered glass ceilings.” I have always strived to be true to who I am. “I had to learn to be resilient. Giving up was not an option for me.”

Being an inspiring leader, what advice would you give to budding businesswomen?

Personal development should always be a priority. “A leader should always continue their own development.” Other attributes that I consider vital in a leader are leading by influence, integrity, communication, delegation, encouraging strategic thinking to support innovation, being agile and open-minded, empathy, humility, as well as focusing on helping others develop and grow.

What are the principles you follow, and how do they help you stay focused?

I embrace innovation and disruption as core principles. I strive to identify inefficiencies and gaps in the current financial landscape and develop solutions that bring transformative change while upholding the highest ethical standards and responsible practices in all our endeavors. I believe transparency, honesty, and integrity are crucial to building trust with customers, partners, and stakeholders. These values guide my decisions and help me stay on track while navigating the complex regulatory environment of the finance industry, ensuring the business is built on a stable foundation. The financial industry is constantly evolving, and I believe flexibility is key to staying focused in a dynamic environment. The journey to transform within the finance industry can be challenging. Maintaining resilience and perseverance always help me stay focused on my vision even during difficult times.

Biz Tech Outlook takes its privilege in awarding “Alev Dover,” Founder – Chairperson of “PRISM Global Market,” as the “Most Influential Leader to Watch in 2023.” We wish to give a short introduction of her to our readers…

Alev possesses over 25 years of financial markets experience. She started at the deep end, the Australian open outcry Options Market, before moving to the rapidly expanding securities lending industry. She then built a career with Westpac, State Street, JP Morgan, and Citigroup, dealing in all aspects of cash equity and derivatives prime brokerage, securities finance, equity derivatives, repo, delta-1 trading, and synthetic prime products. This included working in Hong Kong and Japan, as well as in Australia. This experience then led her to the role as the Head of Equity Finance at FinClear, which allowed her to combine her knowledge of financial products and passion for innovation to develop an entirely new approach to securities financing.

This experience has now brought her to PRISM in the role of the CEO, a new chapter where she is once again excited to combine her experience and product knowledge with her passion for innovation to bring forth a new vision.

“The respect earned wasn’t given on a platter that’s for sure. My journey was an odyssey of obstacles and shattered glass ceilings.”

“The future of finance is rich with infinite possibilities for anyone willing to seek and create new opportunities to thrive”

“Trusting in the unique capabilities of the team to deliver the vision”

  Company Name : PRISM

  Website : www.prism.markets

  Management Team 

  Alev Dover, Founder & Chairperson

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