Home Top Security Companies To Watch 2023 Cloudastructure, which provides integrated machine learning and physical infrastructure under cloud control, gives organisations the ability to reopen in a secure manner.

Cloudastructure, which provides integrated machine learning and physical infrastructure under cloud control, gives organisations the ability to reopen in a secure manner.

Cloudastructure, which provides integrated machine learning and physical infrastructure under cloud control, gives organisations the ability to reopen in a secure manner.

Since the good old days of a simple bell blasting when an intruder called, security systems have advanced. You can always watch what’s happening thanks to cloud-based video surveillance, which increases security for your company. There is a natural connection between a decrease in burglaries and a rise in the adoption of more advanced alarm systems.

One such company is Cloudastructure, which offers a cloud-based infrastructure to deliver integrated building automation solutions for video monitoring and cloud video surveillance as a service (VSaaS), door access controls as a service (ACaaS), as well as integration with sensors to support your particular Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. With its technologies, insight is delivered online while the data is stored securely elsewhere. The hardware uses cutting-edge technology, is offered at a very competitive price that exceeds industry norms, and includes a lifetime warranty with no maintenance or replacement charges. The Cloudastructure technology allows companies to scale geographically to many locations while centralising the management of access control with video monitoring.

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance, the Industry Leader

Collection of Commercial Information: Visitors to Cloudastructure’s website are automatically provided with information such as their IP address, the date and time of their visit, the pages they browsed, and other details. When a person registers online, sends an email, participates in a webinar or seminar, or requests company information at a tradeshow, the company may also freely collect specific information from them. Names of specific people, phone numbers, email addresses, the name of a company, a person’s title, and other personally identifiable information are a few examples of this data. These purposes include fulfilling customer requests, responding to inquiries about the company and its operations, providing information about products and services, tracking website performance and quality improvements, conducting marketing campaigns, and adhering to various legal and/or regulatory requirements.

Cloud Video Surveillance: Your footage is saved off-site with a cloud video surveillance service, with any supported retention time. You may watch video in real time or search for specific people, objects, or other things. Face masks and social distance can be recognised by enterprise grade AI-based solutions. Every video is placed via the company’s own computer vision system. Every item in the video is given a tag by this method. Instead of spending an hour watching trees sway or cars pass by, just search for “person” to see only videos with people in them.

Cloud Door Controller: You may see and review recorded and live video feeds from any device because they are safely saved and accessible in the Cloud using a browser. You have total control over your whole physical footprint, complete visibility of it, and quick access to time-stamped footage that Cloudastructure footage Surveillance Software has logged. Traditional access control systems’ on-premises hardware and software are not necessary for its cloud access control. The business has a panel on the wall, but no external Windows servers and, better yet, no embedded web servers. Everything is in the cloud, and various locations communicate with one another without any problems. While safeguarding your sites, save time and money.

The brains behind Cloudastructure’s success

As the company’s founder and CEO, Rick Bentley leads Cloudastructure. He has over 20 years of startup and technological experience in Silicon Valley. He raised eight figures in venture capital as the founder and CEO of Televoke Inc. (which later changed its name to deCarta and was acquired by Uber). Mr. Bentley has served as Google X’s full-time advisor. For five years, he served as Andy Grove’s direct report. He was hired by investors to fill interim CEO positions at startups. He worked with Bearing Point Inc. as a Senior Consultant, and he had two assignments in Baghdad. He oversaw the “Portico” programme at General Magic, which has over a million users and its variants.

When Rick worked at Machina, a design and engineering firm that created consumer electronics devices, some of which sold over 10MM units, he was the director of business development. Additionally, he served as the company’s Director of Product Development. Sensory Inc. now has the most voice recognition systems installed worldwide. Many of the inventions and patent filings Mr. Bentley is the author of were acquired by Samsung in 2014. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Physics and an MS in Engineering.

“Assisting you in connecting with regional installation partners or taking on total responsibility for successfully delivering the solution, Cloudastructure helps your installation efforts.”

 Company Name : Cloudstructure

 Website : www.cloudstructure.com

 Management Team                                           Rick Bentley, Cheif Executive Officer

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