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Coreix: Delivering Next-Generation Virtualization Solutions across All Verticals

Managed Services providers for website hosting are beneficial business associates. They are particularly useful for people who require a full service support team from their website provider. The host oversees the client’s server and handles all technical problems and upkeep requirements. Although the client no longer has to worry about maintaining the software, they still have full administrator access. The finest choice provided by website hosts for many businesses will be managed hosting. Although it could be more expensive than alternative solutions, the added reliability and functionality make it worthwhile. The client still has access to what they require, but there are no technical difficulties to resolve.

 Enterprise, financial services, government, and public sector clients as well as those in the insurance, wholesale, oil, bitcoin, and manufacturing industries can all benefit from the secure, flexible, scalable, and reliable hosting solutions offered by Coreix, a managed hosting, colocation, and network services provider. The Coreix team also provides customised hardware and software solutions, ranging from single dedicated servers to managed multi-server clusters, public and private cloud services, secure cages, and private suites, from its energy-efficient, carbon-neutral tier III datacenters throughout London to meet their needs to their locations in Frankfurt, Sofia, and beyond.

Providing the best managed web hosting solutions and services

 Coreix Affiliate Program: In 2003, Coreix was established in response to a market demand for a customer-driven managed hosting provider with unmatched knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and award-winning, sector-leading customer care. You can make use of their knowledge by reselling their services and technical support or by introducing them to clients directly through their partner channel. Utilize the SLAs and accreditations to your advantage so that you can concentrate on your business, which is what matters most to you. Utilize Coreix’s whole product line and collaborate with them to promote their services.

Public Cloud Services: Access to computing resources is made simple and scalable via cloud computing. Today, practically every organisation uses at least one cloud component since it is so adaptable. The company has worked with a number of public cloud platforms at Coreix. They have acquired broad experience and provided cutting-edge goods that guarantee you data security and dependability. You may move and innovate more quickly using Coreix Public Cloud without worrying about resources or infrastructure. It provides an almost infinite supply of unprocessed networking, storage, and computing components. With Coreix’s public cloud, you receive all the benefits of a public cloud along with extra SLAs that guarantee they will be available to address any issues you may have.

Private Cloud Solutions: A private cloud is a computer service that is provided to a small group of users (your business) only, not to the general public, over the Internet or a private internal network. Private clouds are cloud services that offer all the self-service, scalability, and elasticity advantages of the public cloud with more control and personalization. A significantly higher level of security and anonymity is provided by private clouds. The fact that resources are not shared with any outside parties is the primary benefit of a private cloud solution. Cloud computing services that are only used by your company make up a private cloud. Depending on your needs, Coreix may host this in one or more of their data centres.

Andy Roberts – Managing Director

Andy has considerable expertise of the financial services business, particularly in relation to IT, Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management, with more than 25 years of experience in the banking sector. Andy has served as both an executive and a non-executive director for numerous businesses across numerous industries. As managing director, Andy’s main responsibilities include managing operations, setting the company’s strategy, and leading the firm.

Our datacenter facilities provide you a range of options, from straightforward shared colocation to private suites, enabling us to meet any business requirements.

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