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Crypto mining is now supported by Kerlink IoT gateways

Three of Kerlink’s IoT gateways will now support Helium’s peer-to-peer LoRaWAN network and the mining of its in-house cryptocurrency, according to the company’s announcement.

The indoor WirnetiFemtoCell and WirnetiFemtoCell-evolution, as well as the outdoor WirnetiStation, are the three IoT gateways that now support “The People’s Network.”

For LoRaWAN-enabled IoT sensors and devices, it is a worldwide, distributed network introduced by Helium that offers long-range and low-power wireless coverage.

In most LoRaWAN networks, a central or regional LNS (LoRaWAN Network Server) is maintained by a single company, according to the explanation on Helium’s website. However, as part of Helium’s decentralised network design, we not only want gateways to be freely owned and operated but also want to make it possible for the LNS to operate autonomously. Without it, the network’s LNS operator would be the only central organisation that could provide access.

The Helium Blockchain and LoRaWAN packet routing software are combined in the network’s hotspots to offer connectivity for low-power gadgets and sensors, such bike trackers. Now, the Kerlink gateways will also assist in mining the HNT Token, Helium’s native money (HNT).

According to YannickDelibie, President and CEO of Kerlink Americas, “Embedding a Helium Network-miner-compatible software within our gateway portfolio is another step toward diversifying Kerlink’s equipment possibilities and shows how our ongoing investment in R&D enables the company to respond quickly to evolving applications and innovative uses of LoRaWAN networks.”

The first carrier-grade LoRaWAN gateways with the miner software embedded are part of Kerlink’s WirnetiSeries. The DeWi (Decentralized Wireless Alliance) and the Helium community have already given it the HIP19 approval, designating it as an authorised manufacturer. More than 25,000 Helium hotspots are active and spread over roughly 3,600 cities.

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