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Cybersecurity founded on 3 pillars: Technology, process, and people

As enterprises expand their IT networks and migrate workloads to the cloud, as people work and transact remotely, as billions of devices join the IoT every year, and as cybercriminals become smarter and bolder, cybersecurity professionals have to run faster just to stay in the same place. It is estimated that worldwide, cybersecurity spending will reach nearly US$ 200 billion by 2025.

Organizations would be well advised to deploy their investments in proactive defense, anticipating attacks early, responding to events in real time, and trying to contain damage rather than fixing it. The problem is that data and applications are exiting the enterprise data center and moving into the cloud, to be accessed by users who could be sitting anywhere on earth. This means that the earlier approach of securing the network perimeter is no longer effective. The new need is to protect data and applications right where they are.

That calls for comprehensive measures, starting with building a core foundation for securing the enterprise inside out. This article looks at it from three perspectives — technology, process, and people.

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