Home Top Security Companies To Watch 2023 ISTARI: In the connected world, a leader who works with businesses to confront major challenges by combining their talent, expertise, and capacities.

ISTARI: In the connected world, a leader who works with businesses to confront major challenges by combining their talent, expertise, and capacities.

ISTARI: In the connected world, a leader who works with businesses to confront major challenges by combining their talent, expertise, and capacities.

Every story has a call to adventure at the beginning. When Temasek, a Singaporean investment firm, realised that cybersecurity would pose an existential danger to its global portfolio, ISTARI was born. It became a strategic focus for the Temasek executive team. Compelled to find a solution on their own, they founded ISTARI based on the client-centric concept that being cyber resilient takes a team effort of talent, knowledge, and technology. ISTARI wants to guide your company on the path to cyber resilience as advisors. ISTARI starts by getting to know your key objectives and business operations in the context of your digital risk environment and the maturity of your cyber resilience from a technological, organisational, cultural, and ecosystem standpoint. The team collaborates with you to create a custom roadmap for your cyber resilience journey using ISTARI’s analyses and insights. The business then completes its orchestration and execution, integrating the market on your behalf and, as necessary, bringing on companies from ISTARI’s portfolio or other outside partners. It serves as a single point of contact during the entire journey.

Recognise the strength of the group

Resources are finite, but threats are not. Leading businesses have therefore adopted a different strategy, concentrating their efforts on protecting their most valuable assets. The most cutting-edge businesses identify the biggest cyber risks to their most crucial assets and operations using qualitative and quantitative risk management techniques. With this knowledge in hand, they prioritise their investments appropriately. What is the optimal road map for a resilience plan driven by risk? An company is nevertheless susceptible to assaults and interruptions across the supply chain even if it has taken all reasonable precautions to defend itself against cyberattacks. Third-party risks are now one of the most urgent cybersecurity issues as a result. With thousands of third and fourth parties in the supply chain, it may seem like a difficult endeavour, but businesses may take precautions to increase their cyber resilience and prevent a domino effect in the event of an attack. Very few businesses still rely completely on private data centres to run their operations. Most businesses today use at least one public cloud provider, and many often use multiple clouds. The move to the cloud opens up new strategic possibilities and modifies the requirements for security, resilience, capabilities, and talent. To protect the voyage to the cloud, businesses must integrate resilience into everything from secure architecture to specialised technologies.

As the worlds of IT and OT intersect, everything from pipelines to power plants to aeroplanes now depends on digital technology. Attacks and interruptions on these businesses and organisations, which have expanded dramatically in recent years, have the potential to be catastrophic. It is now essential to protect operating technology against cyber threats. The sector needs to go beyond compliance to cyber resilience as adversaries step up their attacks and techniques. A cyberattack is never anticipated, so when it occurs, it feels unexpected and random. Cyberattacks, however, are “predictable surprises” that take advantage of organisational strategies and skills that are inadequate. Enterprises that are well-prepared don’t ignore cybersecurity as a chance occurrence; instead, they concentrate on developing strategic skills to foresee and counteract assaults.

Knowledge is protection

The team at ISTARI thinks that supporting community knowledge sharing and collective wisdom will hasten the process of achieving better digital and commercial resilience. One of the biggest problems facing company executives today is cybersecurity, which no one organisation can handle on its own in today’s linked world. Leadership from the individual and the group is more important than ever. Global thought leaders and seasoned practitioners are brought together by ISTARI to conduct immersive programmes that integrate theory and practical application.This is referred to as the ISTARI Academy. ISTARI creates and provides digital risk leadership education for CIOs and CISOs at the top corporations in the world in partnership with Columbia University. The combined curriculum developed by ISTARI is at the cutting edge of strategy and innovation for cyber resilience. It takes time to build a business. By utilising the combined multiplier impact of client connections, the collective portfolio of companies, and the cyber community, ISTARI seeks to accelerate the trajectory of their portfolio companies and unlock your potential. The team is a patient investor, ready to help you at every stage, much as ISTARI’s original investment firm Temasek. Valuation and value are driven by ISTARI.

ISTARI invests in a few early-stage, cyber-focused venture capital firms to stay up to date on the most recent trends and cutting-edge technologies. These collaborations provide access to cutting-edge cyber tools and methods and present the opportunity to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into ISTARI’s solutions. Being among folks who have travelled similar journeys and faced comparable business hurdles is beneficial. You will have a competitive advantage because to ISTARI’s extensive experience in cybersecurity as founders, leaders, operators, board members, and investors. ISTARI will also act as a catalyst for your adventure.

Meet the person driving ISTARI’s success.

Rashmy Chatterjee is the CEO of ISTARI. Throughout her career, Rashmy has held a number of worldwide sales and marketing leadership positions. Her most recent roles at IBM, where she worked for more than two decades, included chief marketing officer for IBM NA and worldwide sales leader for IBM Security. Rashmy previously worked for IBM and was the Deputy Director of Naval Design for the Indian Navy. Her efforts in creating the Indian Naval CAD/CAM centre earned her praise from the President of India. She was the first female engineer to join the Navy.
Rashmy is dedicated to fostering a culture of enduring client relationships and talent development. She supports the advancement of women in technology and serves on numerous boards, most notably Allianz SE. She also holds a Fellow designation from the International Marketing Academy.

“Our international team of skilled cyber professionals can assist you in managing your cybersecurity demands, from problem description to solution architecture and implementation, much like real-world architects.”

 Company Name : ISTARI

 Website : www.istari-global.com

 Management Team                                           Rashmy Chatterjee, Cheif Executive   Officer

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