Home 10 Best Companies To Watch 2023 PTS Global: We compete globally, we help the quality of solutions around the world.

PTS Global: We compete globally, we help the quality of solutions around the world.

PTS Global: We compete globally, we help the quality of solutions around the world.

What are the quality inspection services provided by your company, and how does it helps the business in process?

PTS Global Quality Solutions provides quality control, inspection, testing, and auditing services to clients around the world. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and has a major standards laboratory with extensive capabilities in Ningbo. PTS Global Quality Solutions has an experienced team of highly skilled professionals who drive the company’s comprehensive service offering to help its clients ensure product safety at all stages of the supply chain, including sample evaluation during development, inspection production assessment during and after manufacturing, and container loading supervision. The company also has a program of supplier assessments and surveillance audits which, in addition to quality assessments, include environmental and corporate social responsibility assessments based on current market trends.

What is PTS Analytics?

PTS uses its own platform, PTS Analytics, to extract and analyse data from quality control activities so that its customers can make decisions focused on continuous improvement and quality optimization. The company uses the latest technology to provide this value-added service to its customers with a concept called Intelligent Quality, which combines all the information the company receives from all the inspection services that test its products, as well as all the information it receives from its suppliers, to create data that is very useful to its customers. The company also uses artificial intelligence and various algorithms to define and manage all this information to provide its customers with valid conclusions for their future decisions and strategies, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of sourcing and supply chain. In this way, customers can make future decisions about how to spend their money, which factories and suppliers are more reliable for them, and what is the relationship between what they spend on quality and what they get back in terms of cost.

How many industries does your company support, which is most difficult industry you catered and how does your company influence the industry with your strategy?

PTS serves a wide range of manufacturing industries, but we specialize in the retail sector, which is one of the most competitive, complex, and technical industries. Through PTS Analytics, we have accumulated an extensive list of technical standards and product defects in this area. As a third-party quality control company, we can only meet the market’s demand for quality by providing multi-dimensional inspections, rigorous quality control processes, and reference reports in the face of complex and ever-changing industry standards. This is what we can offer companies through our years of experience.

What are the different types of testing provided by your company, and in testing, how many industries do you cater to?

Our laboratories can cover the standards of major countries and regions around the world. We can provide testing for various products, including materials, fibres, chemicals and food safety. We focus on the continuous innovation of industry standards, especially environmental standards, where testing is essential for product safety.

  • Physical & mechanical Test
  • Flammability Test
  • Migration of certain elements
  • Electrical Toy Safety Tests
  • RoHS
  • Reach
  • CPSIA (H.R. 4040)
  • Packaging
  • EMC
  • Total lead
  • Content of phthalate
  • Food Contact Materials
  • Textile-physical testing
  • Textile-chemical testing
  • Chemical Testing

Being a decade old and strongly marching towards your 20th year, can you share your experience and strategy used to make your business successful all these years?

PTS Global Quality Solutions was founded in 2013 in China, the world’s largest export market, with a focus on establishing operations in Asia in particular. Gradually, the company expanded its presence in all manufacturing markets, especially in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, and expanded its business to include services to achieve its goal of being a global partner. The company also started to expand its footprint in the European & American markets and set up large offices in Sao Paulo (Brazil) to grow and serve the customers locally, and another in Mexico to cover the North American market. This brought the company closer to its customers, and it leaned more on technology to help customers make smarter decisions in the market. At that time, six years ago, the company started developing its own online platform, PTS Analytics, which enabled the company to solidify a prominent market position.

PTS plans for the future include consolidating the steps it has PTS’s future plans include consolidating the steps it has taken and seeking to strengthen its technology. The company is looking to further improve and customize PTS analytics so that it can link what happens in the factories, difficulties and manufacturing to the ultimate consumer experience. When the end consumer receives the product, the company works to integrate end consumption by understanding their experience and feedback and communicating all of the end user’s needs to the suppliers. When someone goes shopping, they expect a certain level of quality for the price they pay, so it is critical for PTS to find a way to connect that. And this is where the company is currently working with its customers to try to have this whole view of the entire quality experience, starting with the raw material and the factory, and trying to link all of that by gathering feedback for a better end user experience.

About the CEO:

Ignacio Adrada is a passionate leader with extensive experience in the quality inspection domain. Ignacio has a degree in technology and a master’s degree in business. He brings more than two decades of industry expertise, having worked with large retailers and fashion brands worldwide. Before establishing PTS Global Quality Solutions in 2013, he worked as the General Manager for the Asia office of a large multinational company focused on quality control, based in Shanghai, China.

“Quality of your product is tested with PTS Global Solutions”

“We assure that your product is globally recognised with PTS Global Solutions”

 Company Name : PTS Global Quality Solutions

 Website :    www.pts-qc.com.com

 Management Team                                             lgnacio Adrada, Chief Executive Officer 

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