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Revolutionizing Pathogen Control: Uneeke Technologies’ Pioneering Solutions for Health and Beyond – 2nd iteration by R Stead

Uneeke Technologies' Founder, Richard Stead, Explores the Future of Pathogen Control and Global Market Leadership in an Exclusive Interview with Biz Tech Outlook

Revolutionizing Pathogen Control: Uneeke Technologies' Pioneering Solutions for Health and Beyond - 2nd iteration by R Stead

What is Uneeke Technology, and what services does your company provide?

As time progressed, the more I came to realize that PATHOGENS cause problems everywhere (See Chart below) and so the opportunities to commercialize my technology extended far beyond Human Health, almost anywhere you could imagine there is a need to control Pathogens. Therefore, a larger (than QURES) new company is needed to ensure we can exploit and protect the opportunities. So, I founded UNEEKE TECHNOLOGIES LTD (UTL) and it is into UTL that I seek investors. UTL will take over all the IP developed in QGL, enhance it, develop it, deliver it, create The UNEEKE ACADEMY to control and monitor the IP.

Who or what is Qures Group? Could you walk us through the inception story?

For many years I was active in the food chemical industry and one main concern was the extent of use of Chlorine to fight pathogens including actual contact by chlorine onto fresh food with the risk of toxins being formed. So, I set about to find a safer and equally efficient technique against Pathogens. I did find it. It proved to be more expensive than chlorine, not much but enough that a cumulative cost became prohibitive for the supermarkets and/or the processors. I took the chemistry and efficacy of Chlorine, softened it, removed its effect against friendly human microbiome and human cells. The technique was so good that I determined to convert it to a health product to fight Human Pathogens, and QURES was the outcome. Qures Group Ltd (QGL) was the original company in which I developed the technology, targeting, initially Human pathogens. All the IP (including patent and tradenames) resides in QGL but is to be transferred to UTL.

What percentage of the market share does your company hold in the industry?

We are new to the Infection Control Industry and have no market share, however, as we see the extent of problems caused by the existing treatments and the desperate need for better treatments, we are confident of becoming the leader in the varied and different market within 2 years, limited only by the marketing, development and regulatory budgets that will be possible. See the attached Table comparing existing treatments for pathogenic illnesses and why, what UTL can offer, leaves us the opportunity for dominance and markets leaderships.

An investor might require more detailed information about the technology and services you provide. Could you share with us?

Our technology is based upon the chemistry of how the body defends itself against pathogen ingress – whether that be Bacterial, Fungal, Viral or even Resistant strains of any of them. The molecule created by nature is HYPOTHIOCYANITE (OSCN) with a molecular weight of 74, compared to the MW of antibiotics, etc., running into several thousands. Small is beautiful, direct and efficient, explaining how and why no Resistance has been or will be developed against OSCN. The advantages over existing treatments for pathogens are overwhelming. (See attached table).

What support and guarantees do you offer investors in terms of returns and pioneering technology in the industry?

There are numerous academic papers verifying the efficacy and the safety of the technology. The technology has been known for many decades but, until now, nobody has been able to commercialize it. By identifying the reasons holding back commercialization, I have been able to grab the opportunities and make them available to my investors. A business plan is available to those that go to http://www.uneeketechnologies.com and indicate their interest in becoming involved with and investing into UTL. The market size for treatments for resistant infections is said to be worth US$15million 2 years ago. We could overnight take over this single, small market segment. Then, grow it enormously if our pricing can enable LMICs to participate. Treatment of ABR is but one of several conditions that we will target. The scope of conditions that we offer for Human Heath is phenomenal. I am talking of SEPSIS, the Microbiome and its links to Mental health (Autism, Depression, Alzheimer’s,) COVID, Candida and a similar wide range for Animal health and many other industries.

How do you disinfect bacteria in food?

We create a solution of OSCN and then wash, spray or vaporize before contacting it to the fresh food. The system is promoted by WHO in hot countries for extending the shelf-life of fresh milk, this, in itself, being proof of efficacy and safety. This method of use does not in any way diminish the value and usefulness of our technology or patent. Other and numerous means of delivery have been designed, and specialist equipment developed, to deliver, the technology where it is needed in almost any industry.

Could you share information about yourself and your team?

The Team is me. With a background in Chemistry, I could see what was necessary and followed my plans. I have used outside Labs and personnel to perform experiments and tests under my Direction. I will bring in a troop of energetic and ambitious people to take UTL to the next levels, ensuring they are not hide-bound by traditional thinking of fighting pathogens. To make contact with Richard, please go to: http://www.uneeketechnologies.com and indicate your interest in becoming involved with and investing into UTL. or write to him: richard@uneeketechnologies.com


“A totally is the key new way of approaching and solving the problems of Pathogens is needed.”

“There are races to be won and timing is running out. Nature has the answer: Chemistry A totally is the key”

 Company Name : UNEEKE Technologies Ltd

 Website : www.uneeketechnologies.com

 Management Team

 Richard Stead, Director


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