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The UK government has extended the deadlines for removing the two Huawei 5G kits.

For the removal of Huawei hardware from the UK’s 5G networks, the government has extended two deadlines.

It will now be 31 December 2023 before the Chinese company’s goods must be removed off the UK’s core network. By the end of October this year, as opposed to July of next year, the maximum number of Huawei kits that can be installed in fiber-broadband infrastructure must be reached. The National Cyber Security Centre gave their opinion.

The NCSC determined in 2020 that Huawei’s product security could no longer be controlled. In response to the US government’s decision to impose penalties on the corporation, the UK government announced that all of Huawei’s equipment must be removed from the country by the end of 2027. Eight further interim deadlines are also unaltered.

The Chinese government might be able to access a country’s data or shut down critically important services due to vulnerabilities in Huawei’s 5G equipment, according to US authorities. Huawei, however, denied being a security risk or being under the influence of the Chinese government. The additional deadline extensions are the result of discussions with Huawei and UK telecom operators.

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