Home Networking WyreStorm and Zyxel Networks collaborate to provide an all-encompassing AV-over-IP solution.

WyreStorm and Zyxel Networks collaborate to provide an all-encompassing AV-over-IP solution.

WyreStorm, a top inventor in AV over IP and HDMI technologies, has announced its cooperation with Zyxel Networks, a leader in secure, AI- and cloud-powered corporate and home networking solutions. In addition, WyreStorm has expanded its NetworkHD Series of AV over IP solutions to include Zyxel’s line of Networked AV-enabled switches. Through the partnership, WyreStorm will be able to offer networked AV solutions that will make high-quality, low latency video delivery simpler and more effective.

Zyxelnowprovides VARs, system integrators, and channel partners with solutions that increase scalability and productivity because to its more than 30 years of networking experience.

It is not very difficult to go from HDMI-based technology to networked-based AV. However, working with dozens of different network protocols on network switches might be difficult for installers without networking skills.

For AV applications that go beyond HDMI-based technology, WyreStorm has been offering expert distribution technology services. They provide a variety of technologies, including zero-latency 10GbE streaming services, JPEG2000 4K over IP, and low-bandwidth H.265 streaming. Through the cooperation, customers will have access to the broad range of network switches with Networked AV mode from Zyxel. It will make installation easier and guarantee flawless interoperability and lag-free streaming.

The most often used functionalities are included in Zyxel’s dedicated Networked AV mode. Since WyreStorm wants to provide the A/V market with solutions that are strong, dependable, and simple, we have teamed with Zyxel. You will enjoy tried-and-true performance and durability with Zyxel switches serving as the foundation for NetworkHD distribution, according to Andy Herron, Director of Product Development at WyreStorm.

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