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Xsolla reconceptualize videogame developer and pools with revenue

Xsolla reconceptualize videogame developer and pools with revenue

How do your company act as a bridge between videogame developer and subscriber/player?

Xsolla provides an exhaustive set of tools for developers to launch and manage their games effortlessly. We have setup a platform where it allows the developers to gain users through acquisition campaigns, they can monitor and make analysis according, we have highly secured payment gateway which makes sure that the privacy of gamer and the company. We keep ensured that all payments are secure and adequately tracked on both sides. Xsolla provides developers with the ability to accept payments from a global audience through more than 200 payment methods in countries around the globe. We provide streamline experience to our connected developers which allows them to maximize their revenue potential.

Hackers/Scammers are the threat in the internet world, that too specifically in the online gaming industry, how do you protect the subscribers/online player from them?

Xsolla takes multi-layered approach on protecting our gamers from hackers / scammers: We have created a highly secured and advanced fraud detection technology, the technology team works round the clock highly professionally, ethically to eradicate the threats with update using technologies. This ensures that malicious activity is quickly identified and blocked before it can harm our subscribers.

Xsolla offers specialized tools, such as two-factor authentication and identity verification services, to increase the security of online players. We also actively monitor suspicious activities across multiple channels and alert relevant authorities when necessary. Our team of experts regularly reviews industry standards and ensures that our technological safeguards remain up to date with the latest advances in cybersecurity.

What is the vision and mission of your company?

Xsolla is a global video game commerce company with a robust and powerful set of tools and services designed specifically for the industry. Since 2005, Xsolla has helped thousands of game developers and publishers of all sizes fund, market, launch, and monetize their games globally and across multiple platforms. As an innovative leader in game commerce, Xsolla’s mission is to solve the inherent complexities of global distribution, marketing, and monetization to help our partners reach more geographies, generate more revenue and create relationships with gamers worldwide. Xsolla is headquartered and incorporated in Los Angeles, California, with offices in Berlin, Seoul, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, and cities around the world. Xsolla supports major gaming companies like Valve, Twitch, Roblox, Ubisoft, Epic Games, KRAFTON, Nexters, NetEase, Playstudios, Playrix, miHoYo, Pearl Abyss, NCSoft, and more.

How do your company raise funding for a start-up game developer? And what all the criteria should a game developing company meet to get the funding?

Xsolla Funding Club is the world’s first digital platform for game financing and acceleration. It provides game developers access to global investors, accelerators, and other resources needed to create successful projects. Xsolla Funding Club helps developers find the right partners for their projects and provides guidance on what to do to succeed.

Xsolla Accelerator is a start-up program specifically designed for game studios and indie developers. Xsolla Accelerator offers financial support, mentoring from industry experts, workshops, networking events and more resources needed to launch successful gaming projects. By providing game developers with access to reputable investors, mentors and workshops, the Xsolla Funding Club and the Xsolla Accelerator offer invaluable resources that can give developers a competitive edge in the gaming industry. With these platforms, developers can quickly raise their capital and create successfully engaging games with more powerful and efficiency than ever before. These platforms provide developers with the opportunity to bring their projects to market faster than ever, and potentially reach a wider audience.

We look forward to know the struggles faced during your initial stage and how the founder has overcome, and what suggestion he would give it to future entrepreneurs?

We had strategy to overcome the challenges, being one of the pioneer in the gaming industry fundraiser, we had to plan and make step by step process with practical experience. The real time experience is different from theoretical ground, we had approached our business plan with what is the potential in the future and gain the faith of our esteemed customers. Xsolla has adopted an agile approach to problem solving by using the latest technologies and tools. In addition, Xsolla implemented comprehensive market research and analysis processes to assess their progress and identify areas for improvement.

To ensure success, Xsolla recommends entrepreneurs focus on creating a clear vision for their businesses’ future. In addition, Xsolla advises on creating realistic goals based on the needs of its customers and finding ways to effectively measure progress toward their goals. Xsolla also suggests a solid understanding of market trends and the use of technology to stay ahead of its competitors. Finally, Xsolla stresses the importance of building solid relationships with partners and customers to promote trust and open communication. With this approach, entrepreneurs can be sure they have the tools necessary for success.

Can you provide some information about the founder and members of Xsolla? What leadership qualities have they exhibited that have contributed to the success and growth of the company?

Konstantin Golubitsky (KG) attended UCLA Anderson School of Management, Stanford Business School, and Harvard Business School and received many of the same executive certifications. KG began his journey with Xsolla as a system architect, and then moved to CTO. At the end of November 2021, he was officially announced as Xsolla’s new CEO.

Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla, is an award-winning Interactive Executive and Studio Head with experience in managing operations and market strategies in all segments of the video game industry. His extensive background and skills include leading multi-team studios and global interactive business units with over 300 employees at companies such as Activision, DreamWorks Animation, Survios, Skydance and Xsolla. As an avid gamer, Chris has incorporated this passion into his successful career. Chris has a successful combination of creative and business skills, with over 50 games designed and produced, generating more than $1B in sales. This is a rare combination in an ever-changing industry. His unique skill set combines a developer’s design and production skills, the company and strategic understanding of a publisher, and a media executive’s brand and marketing sensibilities. This triple-threat combination is rare and makes him an invaluable asset to any team.


“Xsolla Gamers are Gratified”

 Company Name : Xsolla (USA), Inc

 Website : www.xsolla.com

 Management Team                                     Konstain Golubitsky, Chief Executive Officer     Chris Hewish , President

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