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Kiavila Avocats : Bridging Borders, Breaking Barriers – A Journey of Legal Excellence and International Innovation

Kiavila Avocats : Bridging Borders, Breaking Barriers – A Journey of Legal Excellence and International Innovation

As a trailblazer in the legal field, Carmen Kiavila embodies a spirit of innovation and global advocacy. With a profound dedication to legal excellence and a commitment to breaking new ground, Carmen has emerged as a leading figure in the intersection of law and technology. In this exclusive interview with Biz Tech Outlook, Carmen shares insights into her remarkable journey, her vision for the future of legal tech, and the transformative impact of leveraging technology in the legal landscape

Give us a synopsis about you and your firm to our readers.
Kiavila Avocats is a law firm was founded in 2020 in Bern. I graduate of law from Toulouse Capitole, Paris la Sorbonne, and HEC Paris, I worked several years in Geneva and gained my professional experience as independent tax consultant, corporate law and financial services. I am well-versed in the intricacies of the legal and financial systems. Furthermore, my extensive training and work experiences in Paris, Geneva and Zurich has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to reach this position.

Additionally, I hold a master’s degree in financial economics from the prestigious business school HEC Paris, which further enhances my expertise.

Kiavila Avocats is a team of three lawyers with diverse backgrounds and a shared commitment to ethical practice, our core practices are in tax and technology.

Our practices Consists in Tax Law with a Swiss domestic practice and internationally, especially in a French-Swiss context, and Technology law, which includes data protection law, software contracts, crypto taxation…

My Law school and professional experience has given a wider spectrum of opportunities, where our education put in front has given me opportunities to grow enormously in the industry. Where it has opened the gates to my other skills like advisors, mediators, and article writers, having to give my Legal and Tax opinion on events in the media, defend people, be entrepreneurs …, and respect the rules we call deontology.

I am deeply fascinated by all the different aspects of these field, which I have tailored in my own way with a strong international focus.

What prompted your interest in Law profession, how did you form your own law firm ?

When, I began my journey, I never thought I would end up as an attorney-at- law. I genuinely had an interest in business schools. My interest in business school was sparked by the interdisciplinary and international aspects it offered.

However, I enrolled in law school and soon discovered that my passion for independence and intellectual freedom was well-suited for an attorney role. I was immediately drawn to the legal subject matter. It was a real revelation. I couldn’t understand why we hadn’t been taught it before.

After a few years of traveling and putting my education from HEC into practice in auditing and consulting in Geneva, I returned to law as it felt like home to me. In my previous job as a consultant, I worked through a restructuring project, and the work reinvigorated me.

It helped me in all the factors that led me to pursue a career in law, curiosity, finding solutions, creativity and I realized that those years of experiences had prepared me well for this profession.

As a women entrepreneur, what have been some of the biggest challenges you faced that shaped your career ?

You should do ground work and have the clear data to startup any business, it may eat-up your time but you keep yourself more focused on the business. Many people dream about becoming an entrepreneur but the person who is more focused on his dream makes it possible and achieve their goal.

The young aspiring entrepreneur should gain experience before they start their entrepreneurial journey in their particular industry. They should work on strategies by understanding the market scenario and future change that the industry is shortly going to move on.

The society has many expectations of what women should and shouldn’t do, and how they should do it and always have an opinion about that. My point here is women entrepreneur should make their mindset free from then society and step out and mark their foot prints in the industry they choose.

Can you share us about the inception story of Kiavila Avocats and the services provided by the firm ?

In 2019, I opened a small office in Geneva as a Corporate and Tax Law Consultant. Initially, I worked with start-ups in the financial industry that aligned with my Geneva experience. However, after 9 months, a client from Zurich requested my services to represent her in Versailles. This opportunity opened the gate to re-register with the Paris Bar Association and to ask for a registration to the Bern bar Association as a foreign lawyer and embark on my international attorney-at-law journey. We mainly work in Switzerland, France, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

What is the approach you follow with your clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the service provided by your company ?

Our clients are our top priority, we value all feedback from our clients and continuously strive to improve our services. Our focus on enhancing the client experience involves creating comprehensive plans by tailor made services. We understand that entrusting your legal issues and projects to a lawyer can be challenging.

However, as professionals, we are bound by strict rules of confidentiality and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. We are problem solvers, and in order to solve problems effectively, it is important to have the support of our clients and work together as a team.

We work closely with our clients to understand their problem and make sure that they are provided with legal support on all aspects.

What does the future look like for you and your firm ? What is more exciting for you ?

Our future will be characterized by internationalism, technology, and taxation. We are expanding our operations to new regions while further specializing in our services. We are actively working towards all our aspirations and I am super excited about that.

What is the ground rule should emerging entrepreneurs follow to keep the energetic and productive ?

Entrepreneurship often entails receiving derogatory and hateful comments from people who do not comprehend your vision.

  • surround yourself with good people,
  • create a strong team around you and hire quickly, if possible,
  • work on team building commitment,
  • have a network of entrepreneurs in your field,
  • prioritize Work-life balance,
  • celebrate whenever it is possible to do so,
  • engage in physical activity,
  • trust your intuition,
  • pursue what you truly love, and
  • be good to yourself because nobody else has the power to make you happy.


“Success is not just about winning cases; it’s about building lasting relationships and trust with our clients.”

 “In the world of law, technology, and international business, we’re not just practitioners; we’re architects of solutions.”

 “Every challenge is an opportunity to redefine success. We thrive at the crossroads of complexity and clarity.”

 “At Kiavila Avocats, we don’t just practice law; we craft legal solutions that stand the test of a globalized world.”

 Company Name : Kiavila avocats

 Website : www.kiavila-avocats.com

 Management Team

 Carmen Kiavila, Attorney-At-Law


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