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ASCIRA: Empowering Lives Through Knowledge, Vision, and Innovation

ASCIRA: Empowering Lives Through Knowledge, Vision, and Innovation

What is ASCIRA?

ASCIRA was created and built on a foundation of sharing the Treasure of Knowledge to help people improve their quality of life through a variety of online educational courses, along with other great services that provide excellent discounts and benefits for them. The main key is to give people access to the treasure of knowledge around the world so people can improve their quality of life.

ASCIRA’s Vision is to connect and bring together beyond a billion people to create a lifestyle community from all around the world. This has already started happening since March 2020, through a global marketing team, offering diversified services and products, creative advertising, leadership branding, online presence, and of course press around the world.

ASCIRA provides you with a system, training, and support that will show you the way, guide you step-by-step, and help you secure your future for many decades to come.

ASCIRA’s goal is quite simple; we are here to help fulfill your dreams. We want to provide opportunities, teach, and support you as you achieve goals, whatever they may be. Everyone can be a change-maker, nothing is more powerful than that!

ASCIRA was born from a dream to change the world. To create a company that would help people positively transform their lives. A company built for the people. A global network of progressive, forward-thinking social entrepreneurs who together could propel change. An organization that would provide the framework and the support they needed to succeed

ASCIRA is a social lifestyle community with a network of entrepreneurs, working together to find new ways of thinking. A world in which every individual, and each organization, is committed to creating change and enhancing the lives of others.

Our company will guide you to get the resources needed to achieve your goals when you want to generate high revenue. You can start earning money through our education and smart travel discount niches after becoming a member. We offer different types of subscription plans for you, and you can select the one that suits your needs. ASCIRA Smart Travel is a platform that lets you benefit from countless travel offers. It helps you plan your travel with huge discounts on hotel bookings and other things. You can earn more commission through our network marketing subscription plan by referring friends and others.

How the ASCIRA Online Educational Platforms differ from other companies?

Always one step ahead in competitive world, ASCIRA Academy offers an exceptional skill set, including professional content providers, top authors, motivational speakers, experts, and leaders from all over the world to empower people to attain their optimum potential and improve their quality of life.

ASCIRA as a company continuously evolves and introduces new services. We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our new online platform ASCIRA UNIVERSITIES, in partnership with IDECAM (Instituto de Capacitación y Emprendimiento) based in Ecuador. Our objective is to provide ASCIRA Members with specialized courses that unlock their full potential and equip them with the essential tools for success in both personal and professional endeavors.

As a testament to our commitment to excellence, various traditional Universities around the world will be part of the ASCIRA UNIVERSITIES and will be offering more than 100 master’s degree Courses, with International Graduation Certificate, through an exclusive special discount up to 70% of the regular tuition cost, for the ASCIRA Members.

This initiative exemplifies our dedication to delivering innovative and high-quality services that cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers, with the best value possible.

We believe that knowledge is essential for self -empowerment. Knowledge is the state of awareness or understanding and learning of specific information about something and it is gained from experience or study. This means a person has the resources to express his views dynamically and make intelligent decisions based on his everyday situations, awareness, and understanding.

Knowledge has been a power ever since the advent of mankind. It has dramatically changed life and brought immense joy and happiness to people. When it is used to create weapons of mass destruction it becomes a curse for mankind. The knowledge that leads to ameliorating pain, suffering and brings prosperity and happiness to humanity is the real power of knowledge.

We present wisdom from the world’s most exceptional professionals, speakers, authors, business experts, and social influencers who will teach and inspire you to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

Our academy allows you to master your skills with high efficiency, thereby showing you ways to fulfill your dreams. It is a 24/7 live-streaming, on-demand platform where you can gain more knowledge. The academy will teach you personality development that help you become a successful person. Furthermore, you can access videos and other content anytime that enables you to reach the next levels. We allow you to get a better learning experience with intuitive features that help you to know more about network marketing.

What is ASCIRA Independent Business member, how does it help the business?

In your Virtual Management System (VMS), you will receive all the tools, technology, marketing, training, and resources, created by top industry professionals, to help you share ASCIRA and maximize your results.

You will also receive a professionally designed personal replicated website and landing page just like this one, that does all the presenting and selling for you, and a virtual back office where you can keep track of your business, complete with sharing tools, business reports, training and more.

ASCIRA aims to provide the best industry support with access to the industry’s top earners and trainers through calls, webinars, events, and multimedia. You simply can’t put a price on this!

Boost your Fast Start by choosing a Subscription Pack and save even more off ASCIRA Academy and Smart Travel membership prices.

Our membership plans are suitable for you when you want to be a part of a large network marketing business. They allow you to gain access to a range of products or services. As a business member, you will get excellent support from our company side to succeed in your endeavors. Some of them include marketing materials, sales training, and guidance from our professional team. Apart from this, you can connect with like-minded people when you sell our products. You can explore the entrepreneurship opportunities after becoming a member of our company.  

Kindly brief about your leader and his professional journey so far?

Sir Dr. John Sachtouras is the Founder and CEO of ASCIRA. He is an international businessperson that has owned, managed, and consulted for multi-million-dollar businesses in the USA and Latin America, and was responsible for daily operations, corporate restructuring, and strategic planning.

As an entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in the traditional business world and of network marketing with over a billion dollars in combined sales with high impact business, he is on a single fold mission to make ASCIRA one of the leading personal and professional development companies in the world.

Sir Dr. Sachtouras has consulted several private multi-million-dollar mid-size companies, and a nationwide franchise corporation in the areas of marketing, sales, e-commerce, market expansion, and management growth with exceptional results.

He has conducted sales and training seminars throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Has lectured in several universities around the world, has written business articles, and was interviewed by many TV channels.

Has conducted more than one thousand training seminars for personal development, business and leadership, since 2002, around the world.

During his thirty-plus years in network marketing, Sir Dr. John Sachtouras has applied his experience, knowledge, and strategies to building organizations of more than one million distributors all over the world, producing well over a billion dollars in total revenue! His results earned him great personal and professional success, and he made history in the industry of network marketing. He is known as one of the most dynamic and influential leaders, with some of the most significant organization growth on record!

During the last several years he has received high accolades from his guest lectures at universities, has been interviewed by many international TV programs, and has been a contributing writer in various magazines.

His success is attributed to incredible persistence, and a laser-like focus mentality, and years of diligent work and ongoing self-development, and most importantly, his NEVER GIVING UP attitude.

Under Sir Dr. John Sachtouras’s leadership, ASCIRA is radically transforming how people connect with and consume personal and professional development content and get access to great rewards and discounts through online and e-commerce platforms.

His latest venture is ASCIRA, a global company, launched on March 01, 2020, with a Vision to reach out and connect with Beyond a Billion people around the world and give them diversified knowledge and education. Having launched right at the onset of the COVID 19 outbreak, the company has recorded numerous accomplishments, under Sir Dr. John Sachtouras’s visionary leadership.


  • Honored as a Knight of the Royal Order of Constantine, The Great and Saint Helen on June 11 in Chicago, recognizing his remarkable achievements and contributions.
  • Recently, he was invited to be part of the United States Foreign Trade Institute, as an International Director of the Division of Education, for its world-renowned academic program called “Advanced Intelligence for the new Millennium”. This program is in conjunction with the prestigious and reputable “University of Zaragoza” in Spain which has won the prestigious “Triple Helix” award as one of the best courses in Europe.

He is also one of the executive producers of three multi-award-winning films, which are social documentaries exploring the lives of successful people through love, money, health, and career. The series consists of Beyond the Secret – The Awakening, The Power of Thought and Beyond Limitations. The three movies have received rave reviews from critics and audience alike and are available on Amazon Prime.  Three more movies are in process…

  • Received an Honorary Doctorate in Business from European International University in Paris, France in 2021.


Recent Awards

  • Global Leader of the Year, Greatest Leaders 2023 Asia America Africa, Asia One
  • Chairman of The Year, Gold Stevie, Stevie International Business Awards 2022
  • Triple Treat Winner, Globee 10th Annual CEO World Awards 2022
  • Transformational Leader of The Year, Gold Globee, Globee 10th Annual CEO World Awards 2022
  • Visionary Leader of The Year, Silver Globee, Globee 10th Annual CEO World Awards 2022
  • Rising Star of The Year, Silver Globee, Globee 10th Annual CEO World Awards 2022
  • CEO of The World, Gold Globee, Globee Top Industry Player 2021
  • Received the highest academic award, SIMON BOLICAR, from the Universidad del Pacífico, in Quito Ecuador 2018

What inspired you to start the business and spread your wings in a different industry and fly high as an influential leader?

 ASCIRA’s origin story is rooted in my strong desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Building this company was motivated by a simple yet powerful belief: since 2002, I discovered that my true purpose in life is to help people enjoy a better life by sharing knowledge and experience. It took several years of preparation and planning to build a global company that can help individuals to improve their lives.

The essence of ASCIRA lies in this heartfelt mission. It transcends business ambitions, embodying a genuine commitment to enriching the lives of people everywhere. At its core, ASCIRA strives to provide accessible tools and insights that enable individuals to improve their lives and, in turn, create a ripple effect of positive change across global communities.

Entrepreneurship involves several challenges and many individuals face difficulties to attain success. ASCIRA objective is to make an impact in your endeavors with innovative approaches. Our company will satisfy your requirements when you want to become an entrepreneur. You can learn more things with our subscription plans that help you to get the desired results.

How ASCIRA adopts the new technologies into its business to elevate the business globally?

 The future holds tremendous possibilities for ASCIRA and our members. We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and continuously expanding our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our members. Exciting things involving AI technology, along with metaverse and multiverse, are indeed on the way as we are constantly developing new services and programs. This will provide the greatest potential for multiple digital ecosystems, especially with young children from the age of two years young.

With a forward-thinking mindset, ASCIRA aims to introduce groundbreaking initiatives that will empower individuals and transform their lives. Our dedication to providing cutting-edge educational content, access to industry experts, and opportunities for personal and professional growth will continue to be the driving force behind our future endeavors.

ASCIRA, like any other business, is monitoring new trends to address your needs with high efficiency. They include IoT, data analytics, automation, machine learning, and cloud computing, which help you gain more advantages. Our company will evaluate the influence of technologies that enable you to optimize your marketing efforts. We conduct tests or pilot projects to enhance your feasibility, among other things. Moreover, ASCIRA allocates resources to stay competitive when it comes to innovation. Our company aims to collaborate with technology partners to develop new solutions.

We leverage data analytics and machine learning that will help you gain insights into market trends and operational efficiencies. Also, they allow you to learn decision-making strategies that will benefit your network marketing business. Our company is also embarking on a digital transformation to modernize its processes and enhance your experience. ASCIRA is evaluating the ROI with regular assessments to make sure that it aligns with your business goals. It is considering leveraging chatbots and social media to connect with new people on a global scale. Our company offers training programs with experienced teams that can help you use new tools effectively.

Kindly share your initial struggle and hurdles you faced in your initial stage of business, how did you overcome and made ASCIRA’s successful Journey?

ASCIRA was launched during an incredibly challenging period, amid the throes of the pandemic. But the coronavirus helped our business grow even faster because of the mandatory social distancing. Everybody had to work online.

Our business started as an online venture, but the coronavirus enforced the concept and people realized the importance of learning to ‘work from home’, having an online business based on the new reality.

We guided our team always to consider safety first, manage their emotions of fear and uncertainty that covid can generate, and always talk to them about the upcoming bright future, keeping an open communication and building stronger collaboration.

 How do you envision yourself in the future and how do you foresee your company’s global growth?

 Dreaming allows the imagination and wisdom to flow. The Latin root for vision is vis, which means supernatural seeing. As we look into the future, there are two major points that many companies are facing… how to combine the speed of the advancements of technology with the slow “learning” process of the customers. We are constantly reviewing and adjusting our products and services along with diversified marketing strategies online and offline to meet the needs of our members. We foresee great global expansion in various parts of the world, especially in Latin America and Asia.

We want to expand our business operations in new geographic regions to grab the attention of new customers. Our company is currently studying global markets to sell our products and services. Ascira is planning to implement different strategies to meet the needs of different markets. We will embrace new technologies and invest money in them to reach more people globally. Besides this, innovation is at the heart of global growth, and we focus on targeting new members with our strategies.

Please enlighten us about the work culture you follow and how does it help to your employees to become energetic and productive in the workspace?

Part of the work culture is to work as one team. In every division, whether it is marketing, management, finance, sales, or IT programming, we focus on helping every employee to be part of the vision and mission of the company, with a strong positive attitude. Maintain an environment of mutual respect and care, sharing responsibilities, having high level of ethics and integrity with true desire to contribute for the long-term success of the company, will ultimately provide greatest benefits to all the employees and customers as well.

We adopt flexible work arrangements for our employees, including remote working options. As a result, they feel more comfortable and focused, which can boost their productivity and efficiency. Our company maintains open and transparent communication with them so that they can express their ideas and other things with more freedom. This will lead to better problem-solving and maintain a positive work environment.

Work-life balance is important for any company, and we encourage our employees to reduce stress and other problems that can affect their productivity. Moreover, our company provides good opportunities for them to learn more things. We ensure that our employees have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Our company has a diverse work culture where all employees feel valued and respected. Employees of our company get excellent support when they want to grow.

 As an experienced leader, what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

Being a leader – a true leader – requires emotional strength and a strong character. As a leader you are visible, and responsible for the success and the failure of the team. Leaders must inspire others by example. The most important task is to work on yourself, as you are the main “product”. In any kind of organization, the people will “connect” first with the leader and then with the concept, idea, product, or business.

Becoming a new entrepreneur is not an easy thing, and you have to face many problems initially. You have to execute your plans properly and work hard to achieve them. The first thing is that you should set clear goals with passion and purpose. You should accept your mistakes and never stop learning. This will help you improve your skills and other things to a greater extent. Since entrepreneurship involves ups and downs, you need to evaluate the abilities needed to become successful.

Building a strong team for your business is necessary because it allows you to accomplish your goals with high efficiency. It even helps you make the right decisions that can work well for your business. You should understand your target market deeply to build good relationships with customers. Innovation is the key, and you should always explore new ideas and strategies.

Technologies are important for your business because they allow you to satisfy the needs of customers. You should embrace new technologies that suit your business and help you get the desired outputs. As a new entrepreneur, you should consider building a network that will open doors to opportunities and partnerships.

If you get an opportunity to time travel to your younger self, what advice would you give to yourself? And what would you change in your life?

If I could travel back in time, I would give myself the advice to offer my trust and friendship to others more carefully, and I would “spend” less money on materials and would invest more into the people that needed most, either money or time.

I am always working on myself to keep going on the process of understanding myself better and to strength even more my ability to “disconnect” emotionally from unpleasant events, situations, and even certain people.

Quality life with peace, happiness and health cannot be purchased with money. It requires constant work on yourself, with discipline. The internal world of the person will reflect in their external world.

I will pay attention to my physical and mental well-being, which is essential for life. Changes are inevitable, and I will focus on new opportunities and experiences that can benefit me in various ways. Furthermore, I want to contribute more to the community, which can bring a sense of purpose. I am evaluating myself to embrace the challenges and other things.

“Dream big, achieve more with ASCIRA.”

“A global community of change-makers and achievers.”

“In the world of possibilities, ASCIRA is your guiding star.”

“Knowledge is power, and ASCIRA is the key.”

 Company Name : ASCIRA

 Website : www.ascira.com

 Management Team 

 Sir Dr. John Sachtouras, Founder & CEO

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