Home Industry Astro, a new canine-like robot created for households, is released by Amazon.

Astro, a new canine-like robot created for households, is released by Amazon.

Amazon recently announced the release of Astro, a canine-like home robot that can perform chores while rolling around the house.

Astro is a brand-new home robot from Amazon.com Inc. The robot will roll around the house and carry out chores including scheduling routines and reminders, keeping an eye on the house, and playing music and TV shows. Additionally, the robot can manage video conversations, identify people, locate users when someone contacts them, and offers all of Alexa’s features—on wheels.

The little canine-like robot Astro, which has been in development for almost four years, uses cameras mounted to a wheeled base and a big screen to move around a house. According to a statement from Amazon, the company designed Astro to digest a large amount of data while in motion, including the raw sensor data and photos needed to move around in consumers’ homes. This enabled the Astro robot to react fast to its surroundings. Additionally, Astro uses on-device processing to identify users and stores users’ visual ID on the device.

Astro will be $1,449.99 as part of the Day 1 Edition promotion. The first invite-only purchase of $999.99 will include a six-month trial of the Ring.


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