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Elevating Health & Safety with Human Digital Twins

We wrote about the Digital Twin of the Person in the context of COVID-19 vaccination certificates, other healthcare aspects and relevant usage for a digital human virtual presence. Metaverse worlds rely on users and their presence usually in the form of an avatar.

The user’s own digital identity and virtual presence is an important personal element between Metaverse spaces. The avatar will become the new social media profile picture and user’s would want to maintain it between different Metaverse platforms which is a challenge without open interoperability. Decentralized identity systems powered by blockchain have the potential to maintain the user’s Digital Human identity including the virtual presence avatar across Metaverse spaces.

NFT might be used for linking the actual avatar asset and for the transaction of virtual goods and assets. The Digital Human doesn’t have to stop there and can be even more useful by leveraging heterogeneous data sources and providing unified real-time insights.

We are watching this space closely and are working to solve some of the challenges that are arising, including the ethical and privacy aspects.

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