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FitXR – Reality-Changing Fitness

Transforming Fitness in the Metaverse: An Exclusive Interview with Lisa Raggiri, CMO of FitXR by Biz Tech Outlook

FitXR - Reality-Changing Fitness

Tell us what makes you an influential executive in tech?

I am a successful chief marketing officer (CMO) who worked in the mobile app, consumer goods, and online market industries. Moreover, I gained managerial and senior brand experience while working at Coty, Inc. It is a multinational company that sells a wide range of beauty products, including famous brands like Cover Girl and Kylie Cosmetics. The company is one of the world’s largest, with 5.3 billion dollars in revenue. Those who want to become influential executives in the tech industry should improve their skill sets. The ability to scale up is one of the abilities needed in the tech sector to handle issues and situations.

Since I have worked in four sectors, I have gained more experience and learned how to scale revenue with a small budget and small teams. Even the best Silicon Valley start-ups struggled to achieve growth and profitability when I entered the tech sector. However, my startup and corporate working experiences have taught me leadership qualities and brand affinity.

If you want to sustain growth, you should build the best team that challenges, strategizes, and executes with conviction. You should listen to your customers, incorporate their feedback, and celebrate their successes when you want to build your brand. I can say that the ability to scale revenue has enabled me to grow my audience and maximize the return on assets spent.

What led to FitXR?

I spent several years in consumer goods sales, which helped me develop my skills. Before joining FitXR, I was the co-founder of a CBD company called Healist Naturals, which was sold to Kadenwood in 2021. Later, I moved to Cleancult, which is a Household Consumer Goods company that sells sustainable cleaning products. The company got its first national retail opportunity with Walmart. We improved the finances and repositioned the brand’s products, packaging, and purpose.

Although I was very happy and successful with Cleancult, the founders of FitXR approached me to join their company. Therefore, I wanted to be part of that company as I learned that Web 2.0, VR, and AR are the futures of computing platforms. I learned that FitXR is the right place for me because the growth and innovation of VR are fast and furious.

How is FitXR different from traditional fitness centers?

The primary aim of FitXR is to offer more variety to fitness enthusiasts as VR technology improves. FitXR is different from traditional fitness centers because our classes live in the metaverse. It is platform-agnostic and operates on all Meta Quest and Pico headsets. We bring a gym to your home and enables you to attend classes at your convenience with an outstanding 3D fitness experience in an immersive environment. Our VR workouts are mainly created by certified fitness instructors who work at top-tier studios such as Equinox, Barry’s Bootcamp, and more. They are leaders in their field, which allows you to focus more on your fitness goals.

We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness classes that allow you to enjoy your fitness workouts with more fun. Our Oculus Quest app enables you to get instant access to different workouts based on your skill level. FitXR’s refreshed interface lets you find your favorite classes easier, and you can pick from hundreds of classes that suit your lifestyle. You can use our app to plan your fitness classes and track your progress with more accuracy.

Moreover, we have added a HIIT studio and a multiplayer option with a bunch of new tunes that accompany your workouts. Additionally, our multiplayer function allows you to support groups of up to six people competing in a shared virtual space. Also, the FitXR app makes sure that users have a safe and authentic workout. It even integrates with warm-up and cool-down mechanisms, as you will do in the real world.

What are the different types of fitness services provided by FitXR?

FitXR offers five exercise studios: Box, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Dance, Sculpt, and Combat (martial arts) fitness services. We provide individual classes across 5 studios and conduct training programs for subscribers to learn boxing from beginner to advanced level in under 2 months.

Our fully immersive 3D classes are led by state-of-the-art instructors, which include the likes of Nicola Adams and Olympic gold medal boxing champions. All our fitness classes are ideal for you if you want to get in shape. You can perform workouts with dance movements and other activities that allow you to get the desired results.

Is your company bringing about a bigger change in the industry? If yes, then how?

The fitness industry is growing day by day because many people want to keep their health in a perfect state to lead an active lifestyle. It aims at satisfying the needs of fitness enthusiasts by using the latest technologies. At FitXR, we create engaging 3D-immersive fitness classes with VR applications that have a duration of 10 to 15 minutes. Our objective is to make fitness more engaging with easy dance movements for high performance. All you need is 15 minutes while using our app, and you can incorporate an effective and efficient workout that suits your daily routine.

Furthermore, our app enables you to customize your fitness class selection for cross-training and plan your weekly exercises in a healthy environment. Features provided by our app, such as virtual effects, a leaderboard, points, and multiplayer features, make your workout activities more fun. Our new satisfied subscribers will share their experiences and become members later because we provide the best VR technologies to them. You can even try our free trial version for 7 days, which will help you get more ideas.

What are your future endeavors, and how are you planning for the future?

Our future endeavors include providing the widest variety of fitness workouts in VR, AR, and MR. We intend to add more studio types in 2023. Moreover, we hope to port to additional platforms to ensure that all FitXR members will get a high-quality experience no matter what headset they prefer to use. We currently serve headset owners on all Meta Quest and Pico devices.

Our future plan is to make FitXR more refined with better recommendations, new classes, and specific collections. This will help members stay focused on what they want to achieve in fitness. FitXR wants to invite people who want to perform workouts effectively with a blend of muscle-burning activities and interactive entertainment. We will consider including more features in the future to encourage fitness exercises with perfection and excellence.

How are you planning to build a fitness community? How does it help your customers?

FitXR has a private Facebook community with 30,000 subscribers and growing. At present, we have close to 100,000 followers worldwide and are experiencing 146% growth since last year. We communicate with them on multiple platforms daily and engage them with product insights and other things.

Furthermore, we use their experience and develop content based on it to create awareness among new customers. Engaging with customers is our top priority, and we take steps to connect with them through events. We think of FitXR as a fitness brand that first satisfies the needs of fitness with the most advanced features.

 “FitXR has close to 100,000 followers worldwide and are experiencing 146% growth since last year”

“Our future endeavors include providing the widest variety of fitness workouts in VR, AR, and MR”

  Company Name : FitXR

  Website : www.fitxr.com

  Management Team 

  Sam Cole, Co-Founder & CEO
  Lisa Raggiri, Chief Marketing Officer

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