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Navigating Global Finance: Vorto Trading’s Journey to Excellence 

Navigating Global Finance: Vorto Trading's Journey to Excellence

"Exploring Innovation, Excellence, and Vision: A Deep Dive into the Success Story of Vorto Trading – An Exclusive Interview with Biz Tech Outlook"

What is Vorto Trading? What are the services provided by your company, and how does it differ from other competitors?

Vorto Trading is a recognised pioneer in the deliverable FX space, especially when it comes to converting complex currencies. Vorto can trade over 150 different currencies and we are renowned for helping clients move funds out of challenging jurisdictions. On top of that all our clients are treated like VVIPs. We tailor the service to each client – all designed to minimise the workload and stress of international payments. Our core foundation has been built with these values and our future is driven by this ethos.

Vorto’s management team is made up of industry professionals with a combined experience of 75+ years.

Each country has its own set of rules and regulations. How does Vorto navigate this complexity in currency transactions?

Good question, over the years Vorto has built strategic partnerships with 15+ different banking partners that are regulated in key locations around the world; therefore, we can adhere to the respective regulations set by each country.

Does your company provide assistance in financing and loans for businesses, as well as for personal purposes?

Vorto doesn’t deal with corporate financing as such but we have a panel of vetted firms that we refer our clients to with this need. Although one of the products we can offer is trade finance, we have further information regarding this on our website.

We have learned that your company has received numerous awards and accolades. Could you share with our audience the details about these awards and the work culture at your organization that contributed to winning them?

Yes, we have won a number of awards over the years including “Cross Border Payments Solutions Provider of the Year”, “Gamechanger of the Year” recognition among “The Silicon Review’s 50 Best Companies to Watch”, “2020’s Leading Trading & Payment Solutions Provider – UK” and the “Most Trusted Payments Provider” awards for both Asia and Africa.

These awards stand as a testament to our team’s exceptional work ethic. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, adaptability, and a customer-centric approach is reflected in our cutting-edge payment solutions and strategic business plan.

Vorto’s culture is fuelled by our can-do attitude and unified team spirit. We are one big family and the chemistry is electric.

Our audience is eager to learn about your inception story and the initial challenges you faced in elevating the company to its current level.

In the early years of Vorto, we faced several challenges which include:

Financial Constraints: Vorto has always been self-funded so never had the luxury of a big investor to scale quickly but in a way that has also been an advantage because the founders have kept control of the direction and narrative.

Market Competition: Establishing a foothold in a saturated FX market meant we had to create a business model that differentiated us from the competition. One thing we soon realised is we are good problem solvers, so we started to look at where there were problems in the payments world and built solutions.

Building a Brand: Gaining brand recognition and customer trust took years to grow, where we are now.

Regulatory Compliance: Where one of Vorto’s USP’s is facilitating complex currency conversions, we’ve had to conduct Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) on a large portion of our transactions.

Scaling: In the last few years, we’ve had to manage rapid growth which brought on a number of challenges, particularly when recruiting new staff members.

Risk Management: Where Vorto deals in medium and high-risk jurisdictions, we’ve had to ensure we manage our risk with the upmost care.

Burnout: We had faced multiple challenges to grow to attain this level, we believe in learning by experience, this helped us in creating a team of life coach, where they help us through case studies to be more conscious on the goal to be reached.

Have you achieved the goals you set in your profession?

I set my goals extremely high and even though Vorto is a recognised brand within the industry, my goal is to build Vorto’s value north of £100m. I am consistently working on that to reach the goal in next five years.

What benchmarks do you aspire to establish within the industry and for your followers?

I would love to inspire other CEO’s and business execs to make decisions that benefit ‘we’ instead of ‘me’…  or collective gain over personal gain. That benchmark would mean much more to me than any financial gain or social status upgrade.

What does the future hold for both you personally and your company?

No one knows what the future holds but I enjoy growing as an individual and constantly taking steps to be a better man than I was yesterday. Vorto has great momentum and we have been building some exciting tech in the background so watch this space!

We’d like to showcase the chairperson/founder and the teams that have played a vital role in the growth of the organization based on the visionary leader’s dream.

As Vorto’s flag bearer, I need to constantly work on innovative ideas and set audacious goals.

I like to challenge the status quo, and I’m relentless in my pursuit of creating a product that is unlike any of our competitors. I also love using my position within the corporate world to leave a positive impact.

But I need to add that a CEO is nothing without his team, it’s the engine that is always moving this business forward. I’m especially thankful for the help of our directors, Danny Ward and Terry Everson who have been monumental in assisting us to a record year in 2023.

Vorto can trade over 150 different currencies and we are renowned for helping clients move funds out of challenging jurisdictions.

Vorto’s management team is made up of industry professionals with a combined experience of 75+ years.

 Company Name : Vorto Trading

 Website : www.vortotrading.com

 Management Team

 Bobby Ward, Founder & CEO
 Terry Everson, Director & MLRO
 Danny Ward, Managing Director


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