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WebAccountPlus: Pioneering Financial Solutions for Global Businesses

"Empowering Global Businesses: A Visionary Dialogue on Financial Innovation and Digital Transformation with WebAccountPlus"

WebAccountPlus: Pioneering Financial Solutions for Global Businesses

Can you introduce yourself and share your professional experience? 

Roland Staehli: I’m Roland Staehli, the Founder and CEO of WebAccountPlus (Holding) AG. With over four decades in banking and entrepreneurship, I bring a global perspective from working across continents like Africa, Austria, Germany, and Malaysia. 

Patrick Schöni: I’m Patrick Schöni, Co-Founder, Board Member, and Partner. I’ve amassed 20+ years in the financial industry, passionate about merging business innovation with cutting-edge technologies. 

Chris Skinner: As a partner and Business Advisor, I focus on tech innovation. I’m known as one of the most influential voices in UK technology, an author, and an advisor to organizations like the White House and the World Economic Forum. 

René Heusser: I serve as a Board Member and Partner, leveraging over 40 years of expertise in Supply Chain Finance, Trade Finance, and Payments across Europe, USA, and South America. 

Roland Staehli: 

Our Services 

At WebAccountPlus (Holding) AG, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive suite of innovative financial solutions (own software as well as world class products as white label from 3rd party vendors) designed to empower businesses of all sizes. Our services include: 

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions:
  • Digital Corporate Advisor™: A pioneering tool tailored to guide businesses through complex financial decisions. It offers strategic insights, performance analysis, and industry-specific templates from the view of an SME as well as from the view of an institution (bank, accounting firm, insurance company, management consulting company) 
  • Balanced Score Card Advisor: Our hybrid strategic advisor assists in structuring balanced scorecards for effective business performance management. 
  • AI Spend Management: Utilize cutting-edge artificial intelligence to optimize expenditure and resource allocation. 
  • CRM and HR Management: Streamline customer relationship management and human resources processes for enhanced efficiency. 
  • Securities Portfolio Analysis: Analyze and manage securities portfolios efficiently using our advanced tools. 
  • Accounting Software: Access user-friendly, reliable accounting software customized to fit your specific needs. 
  • Analytics and Multi-Banking: Harness the power of analytics and manage multiple banking relationships seamlessly. 
  1. Multi-Tenancy and Multi-Location Platform:
  • Consolidate and manage diverse data sources effortlessly on our platform. 
  • Achieve real-time visibility and control over financial information across locations and departments. 
  • Enhance decision-making with centralized data accessibility. 
  1. Expert Guidance and Support:
  • Benefit from our team’s expertise in financial advisory, software implementation, and ongoing support. 
  • Receive tailored guidance and training to maximize the potential of our tools. 
  1. Pilot Programs and Market Entry Support:
  • Engage in pilot programs to experience the efficacy of our solutions firsthand. 
  • Get comprehensive support during market entry, including onboarding and integration assistance. 
  1. Global Rollout and Collaboration:
  • Partner with us for the global rollout of our services, starting with Asia in 2024. 
  • Collaborate with our network of subsidiaries and partners for localized financial solutions. 
  1. Industry Collaboration:
  • Collaborate with us to explore strategic alliances and partnerships across various sectors, including accounting firms, banks, governments, and international organizations. 

WebAccountPlus (Holding) AG is committed to delivering state-of-the-art financial tools and unparalleled support to drive the corporate’s business towards success.  

What is WebAccountPlus, and which industries does your company serve? 

WebAccountPlus (Holding) AG is a Swiss-based startup founded in November 2021, following years of meticulous preparation in business architecture and global market research. Our company operates as a holding that coordinates software development, education, guidelines, and offers Software as a Service (SaaS) to a diverse range of industries. In cooperation with Joint-Venture partners in a specific country we set up accounting factories to offer a unique experience for an SME in regards of AI-supported accounting services and high end advisory services and analytics to an unbeatable price.  


WebAccountPlus is an innovative financial solutions provider that offers a comprehensive suite of software tools and services to streamline financial operations for businesses worldwide. Our key offerings include the groundbreaking Digital Corporate Advisor™, Balanced Score Card Advisor, AI Spend Management, CRM, HR Management, Securities Portfolio Analysis, Accounting Software, Analytics, and Multi-Banking tools. 

Industries We Serve: 

Our services cater to a broad spectrum of industries, enabling businesses across various sectors to optimize their financial processes and decision-making. We actively engage with and provide solutions for: 

  1. Financial Services: Banks, asset managers, and insurance companies benefit from our tools for portfolio analysis, spend management, and strategic advisory services. They digitise their consulting model, have an automated credit assessment process, a 360° customer view, increase cross-selling and upselling income, could offer new services for UHNWI’s – customers and could save millions of dollars per year. 
  2. Corporate Sector: Our solutions are tailored to serve corporate entities, offering them financial planning, performance management, and analytics tools for informed decision-making. 
  3. Accounting Firms: We collaborate with accounting companies, providing them with software solutions to streamline their operations and better serve their SME clients. Accounting firms could fully digitise their end customers as well as their own business. The improvement on advisory services will create a new T.O.M., i.e. a target operating model of the next decade. 
  4. Management Consulting: Our suite of tools aids management consultants in providing more comprehensive and data-driven advice to their clients. 
  5. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): We completely digitise the whole office work of an SME. SMEs can benefit from our range of tools, including accounting software, CRM, HR management, and strategic advisory services, empowering them with scalable solutions. 
  6. International Organizations and Governments: We collaborate with international organizations, rating agencies, and governments to offer innovative financial solutions and advisory services. We can deliver ESG-Ratings for SMEs, give industry comparisons including ratings. A Government, Central Bank, Worldbank etc. does understand the condition of the micro economy market in a certain country or region and could interact or steer the economy accordingly in supporting specific industries with money etc. 

Our aim is to revolutionize financial operations and decision-making across multiple industries, empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology and expert guidance. 

What was the starting point that led you to become a business leader? 

Roland Staehli: Coming from a background in business banking, I’m determined to revolutionize and digitize banks, accounting firms, and SMEs by bridging the digital gap in the corporate world. 

What work culture do you follow in your company to keep your team energetic and productive? 

Chris Skinner: Our culture thrives on collaboration, innovation, and openness. We encourage continuous learning, allowing our team to adapt swiftly to industry changes and foster a productive environment. 

As an experienced business leader, could you share how a budding business entrepreneur should plan their career? 

Patrick Schöni: Focus on innovation, embrace emerging technologies, and always strive for excellence. Build a diverse skill set and leverage networking opportunities to broaden your horizons. 

How do you stay active and updated on all aspects of the business? 

René Heusser: Continuous learning, staying abreast of industry trends, engaging with industry forums, and actively seeking collaboration with global experts and organizations are essential. 

What lies ahead in the future for WebAccountPlus, and what strategic initiatives are on the horizon? 

Roland Staehli: We’re building the Open Corporate™ platform, enabling 3rd party market participants to benefit from verified, real-time company data, amplifying opportunities for Open Banking, Embedded Banking, and more. 

Can you highlight a significant transformation initiated by your company and its profound effects on the industry? 

Patrick Schöni: Our initiative to revolutionize banking, accounting, and SMEs through digitization has redefined how industries approach technology, ensuring more efficient, accessible, and connected financial ecosystems. 

In the swiftly evolving technological environment, how does WebAccountPlus guarantee its position at the forefront of innovation and technology leadership? 

Chris Skinner: By fostering a culture of innovation, strategic partnerships, and continuous research, we ensure we’re not only adapting to technological changes but also pioneering innovations that set industry standards. 

Finally, how have you navigated the distance you’ve traveled in business? Have you achieved your goals? 

René Heusser: We’ve navigated by embracing change, constantly innovating, and collaborating extensively. While the journey is ongoing, we’ve achieved significant milestones, but there’s always more ground to cover. 

 Company Name : WebAccountPlus

 Website : www.webaccountplus.com

 Management Team

 Roland Stähli, Chairman, CEO & Founder
 Dr. Peter Pop, Board Member
 Patrick Schöni, Co-Founder & Board   Member
 René Heusser, Board Member
 Michael Scherer, Board Member   Switzerland
 Dusan Sichrovsky, CTO & Board Member 

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