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Revival Audio: A Rapid Rise to High-End Audio Prominence

Revival Audio: A Rapid Rise to High-End Audio Prominence

Revival Audio is a new player in the High-end audio world, established in 2022 by Jacky Lee and Daniel Emonts.  The founders have profound experiences in their fields in the industry and were in various critical positions at some top-tier High-End brands.  The combination of technical and commercial ensures a solid base for the brand’s foreseeable success.

Revival Audio launched its first product line – ATALANTE series, 9 months after the company’s establishment in September 2022.  Soon after 6 months, the second lineup – SPRINT series came to the market.  The development speed is a rarely-seen practice in the industry when the major brands take usually double the time for one “update” product.  More to mention, Revival Audio develop every technology in-house.   

“Speed and flexibility are the core competence for a start-up brand like us, we can be extremely agile, making quick decisions and move on fast” quoted Jacky LEE, CEO of Revival Audio. 

Since the product launches, the French brand has taken the long-history audio world by storm.  The young brand’s credo “Listen to the Next-Level” reflects perfectly on their product quality.  Revival Audio quickly catches the major media and magazine reviewers’ eyes (and ears).  There are more than hundreds of top-ranking reviews have been given to Revival Audio products, as well as various major awards. 

From the commercial perspective, since Revival Audio’s first presence in September 2022, the global distribution footprint has reached 48 countries within 15 months.  The brand exposure is in every major magazine around the world.  The social media coverage is massive, for instance, there are almost 40,000 followers on the Facebook brand page.

Revival Audio was mentioned in various reports as a kind of “miracle of 2023” in this stable-moving Hi-Fi industry; as many brands spent more than a decade to achieve such milestones commercially.   

Having such achievements in a short time requires a comprehensive strength in every aspect of the business. That is the reason Biztech Outlook selected Jacky Lee to be shortlisted in our 10 Best Leaders to Watch 2024. 

Behind the scenes, you might wonder what are the reasons for Revival Audio’s current success.  The first reason goes to the 2 founders. 

The combination between Jacky Lee and Daniel Emonts is a second-to-none match.

Daniel Emonts, CTO of the company, has 40 years of experience in audio engineering; his dream was always to establish his own brand and bring his technology ideas to the best speakers in the world. He had a couple of start-ups in the past without success before he realized that someone masters at commercial are as important as the products.

Jacky Lee, CEO of Revival Audio, is the “someone” who perfectly matches Daniel’s needs.  He was the Chief Commercial Officer at Dynaudio, the industry-leading Danish loudspeaker brand.  He has also comprehensive talents from experiences outside the audio world, such as a strategy consultant at IBM Consulting and a marketer at L’Oréal. 

In short, all technical relevant stuff goes to Daniel, the rest goes to Jacky.  The simple work-split speeds up the decision cycle; lowers the management costs, and eventually contributes to a competitive business result.   

The second highlight of Revival Audio’s rapidly growing recipe would be the second-to-none technologies.  Not likely other brands that purchase ready-to-go drivers and components, Revival Audio doesn’t buy off the shelves!  Every detail of the speaker is designed and engineered at our laboratory in France by Daniel Emonts and some of the most talented engineers.

For example, the patented ARID (Anti Resonance Inner Dome) technology is unique in the industry.  The BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) drivers are the first in High-End.  The driver design has even more details that differentiate Revival Audio from others, no matter the sound characteristics, performance, and even the looks. 

Many reviews identify the “recognizable” sound DNA of Revival Audio: balanced, overwhelming, detailed, and enduring.  More to say, the performance of Revival Audio’s products is even better than some doubled-price competitors. 

This can be done only with the combination of an experienced design by the least possible components, the discipline in cost control, and the precise product positioning and price setting. 

The third reason contributing to Revival Audio’s achievements is the strategy and management capabilities.

Benefiting from his previous experience as a strategy consultant plus years of experience in the audio field, Jacky Lee started the brand with a solid business plan.

“We are not a hobbyist business; we are doing a professional business” quoted Jacky Lee. 

The company has a rational product strategy and roadmap, a technology asset plan, as well as a branding and marketing strategy.  These are the guidelines for Revival Audio’s growth and also the discipline for better control of spending. 

Through the business plan, Revival Audio was able to find investors who share the same visions.  The investment then further accelerates the strategy execution and brings new products, and technologies into real life. 

Agile and adaptive are the other core management competencies for Revival Audio’s current success, especially in the dynamic year of 2023. 

“The global economy suddenly went down from the second half of 2023 due to wars, inflations and so on.  The uncertainty in the end customers’ minds largely reduced the needs, especially in more price-sensitive categories.  We quickly adapted to the situation and optimized our product plan and marketing strategy to mitigate such risks.  Eventually, we kept business on the right track and enjoyed a fruitful 2023.”

Given the early success, Revival Audio is thankful for what has been achieved so far.  Foreseeing the future, Revival Audio is positive as they have various plans to realize in 2024.  It seems like a big year to come for Revival Audio.

“Our vision is to bring our Next-Level sound into billions of listeners’ spaces.  We love the feeling when seeing smiles on our listeners’ faces, and when they tell us how our speakers elevate their life quality.”

Listen to the Next Level, with Revival Audio.

We cannot be sure of how the world will change, but we are confident that Revival Audio is on its way to becoming another legacy brand in the audio industry. 

“Listen to the Next Level, with Revival Audio”

“Our vision is to bring our Next-Level sound into billions of listeners’ spaces and elevate their life quality.”

 Company Name : Revival Audio

 Website : www.revivalaudio.fr

 Management Team

 Jacky Lee, CEO
 Daniel Emonts, CTO 

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