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Seize every opportunity; it will propel you towards the fortune.

Leading the Pest Control Industry: A Conversation with Sarah Miller, President of Armed Force Pest Control, Inc., on Entrepreneurial Journey, Leadership, and Customer Satisfaction.

Seize every opportunity; it will propel you towards the fortune.

What are the services provided by your company and how do you differ from your competitors?

We provide general pest control for ants, spiders, earwigs, crickets & other ground crawling pests, wasps, yellow jacket nest removal, yellow jacket baiting, carpenter ants, cockroach eradication, bed bug treatments- traditional & heat methods, termite & wood destroying organism inspections, treatments & damage repair work, rodent and bat inspections & exclusion repairs, rodent baiting & trapping, squirrel, mole, vole & gopher baiting and smoke treatments, weed spraying, tree spraying & fertilization.

Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. offers Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, eco-only services, monitoring & baiting programs as well as treatments for pest prevention & management.

In your experience, what are some essential qualities should and an aspiring business person should possess?  

In my experience of past two decade as business owner and women entrepreneur, should poses self- Motivation & the desire to grow and not be complacent.

Strong-willed and able to accept constructive criticism and learn from it. You shouldn’t take things too personally and must be accepting of the fact that mistakes will be made, things will go wrong & plans are rarely executed flawlessly. If you are keen grasping the knowledge through all these experiences, it will help you grow.

Have compassion for others. I truly believe one of the most important things is the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

As the CEO of the company, what role do you play in daily routine in your company?

I am involved in the day-to-day activity of the business. I interact with my employees and handle the larger decision making. I like to personally handle any customer complaints as I strive to provide all customers with exceptional services & customer service. I ensure that all employees are equipped with necessary knowledge, service items, personal protective equipment, safety equipment, etc. needed to complete their work efficiently & safely.

Being a successful woman entrepreneur, what advice would you give to next gen women entrepreneurs?

Work hard & don’t give up. Never allow anyone to make you feel like you are inadequate or uncapable. Set goals & when you achieve them, set higher ones.

Keep yourself open to offer or receive help from industry experts, do never hesitate to learn or receive the advice when needed, it will help you work smarter than working hard to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

Try utilizing every opportunity given to women entrepreneur by the government like subsidy and prioritized special contracts to women.

Learn from your mistakes & rectify rapidly, keep yourself open and listen to your customer feedback and review.

What prompted you to start in the pest control industry?

I joined Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. when married to my late husband who was the founder of the business in 2002. I became the sole owner, when he left us with responsibility of growing the company exponentially since that time. Providing pest solutions helps people to live safer & more comfortable lives, that matters to me & gives me gratitude.

You have received numerous awards, how do you see your journey so far, if you get a chance what would you change?

  • I am proud to say that we have achieved great recognition for our services and business practices, such as, “Best Pest Control Company” and “Best Customer Service” in the “Best of Lake & Mendocino” competitions, 2023 & 2024.
  • Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics 2023 Finalist
  • Global Business Awards 2023 Corporate Vision award- Pest Control Company
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

The road from I started and where I am now has been bumpy & filled with twists and turns, Positive or negative, all experiences are meant to teach you something and are therefore valuable to me.

Please share us about yourself and about your team to our readers.

Sarah Miller is the President of Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. Founded in 2002 by John Pape, the company has & continues to grow under Sarah’s leadership. A passion for solving their customers pest & weed control issues safely, effectively, at a reasonable price & with outstanding customer service in all aspects remains the top priority of Armed Force Pest Control, Inc.

In addition to her Structural Pest Control Operators license, Sarah holds four Agricultural licenses through the Department of Pesticide Regulation, as well as current Nursing & Real Estate licenses.

Sarah’s knowledge and dedication has brought the company consistent growth from year on year while also keeping customer satisfaction at an all-time high. Her commitment to not only her customers, but to her employees as well is very apparent. Sarah continually furthers her knowledge of the Pest & Weed Control industry and utilizes the newest and most advanced techniques, equipment & materials available in the company’s day to day practices. Proudly, Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. is the top winner for Lake & Mendocino Counties “Best Of” competition in both “Best Pest Control Company” & “Best Customer Service” categories.

Sarah is also dedicated to helping the local community through donations, sponsorships and more. Giving back to the community, local schools, sports teams, rotary groups and other organizations through financial assistance or volunteering time is important to her and frequently done by her personally as well as Armed Force Pest Control, Inc.


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“Never allow anyone to make you feel like you are inadequate or uncapable”

“Try utilizing every opportunity given to women entrepreneur by the government”

 Company Name : Armed Froce Pest   Control, Inc.

 Website : armedforcepestpest.com

 Management Team

 Sarah Miller – President

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