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Users of SAP can make out a few clouds on the horizon

In terms of future workloads, SAP users choose on-premises solutions over the cloud, according to a poll conducted by the German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG), which is composed of users from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Results showed that when members evaluate their future SAP landscapes, 85 percent place a high or medium significance on on-premises solutions while 77 percent place the same value on the cloud, in spite of the software giant’s primary strategy aim to get clients on the cloud.

Users desire both, according to the survey, which took into account responses from 434 DSAG members, although the balance is still skewed toward on-premise for their portfolio of SAP business applications.

The RISE with SAP integration partner and hyperscaler programme was introduced in January 2021, following a 23 percent share price drop and a resetting of market expectations.

At the annual Sapphire Now event last year, DSAG sharply criticised SAP for being vague about its RISE cloud upgrade at a time when the programme was having trouble gaining traction with UK consumers.

The future vision held by SAP and its users don’t fully match up. When asked, DSAG members indicated that 93 percent of SAP on-premises solutions and 42% of SAP cloud solutions were of high or medium importance. The viewpoint was different for non-SAP solutions. On-premises solutions were given high or medium priority by 75% of respondents, while cloud options received the same attention from 61%.

A clear integration and operation strategy was also demanded by the influential group for hybrid application landscapes, along with cooperation between SAP’s Customer Center of Expertise and hyperscalers.

“Hybrid strategies and new SAP solutions cannot coexist in a process vacuum. It is crucial that SAP contribute to stopping one from forming, “added DSAG chairman Jens Hungershausen.

“RISE with SAP, in our opinion, still has a lot of potential. In the end, we want SAP to offer customers better, more efficient tailored support right from the start of the challenging transition process. Additionally, this entails involving partners early and more successfully.”

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