Home Top 10 TrustWorthy Companies to watch 2022 An amazing smart device security platform developed by an innovator may detect any
kind of unmanaged device by scanning the radio and network spectrums: WootCloud

An amazing smart device security platform developed by an innovator may detect any
kind of unmanaged device by scanning the radio and network spectrums: WootCloud

WootCloud is the only device security platform that identifies unmanaged devices in the radio and network spectrum, employs AI/ML to analyse more than 300 device parameters to find gaps in their infrastructure and device risk posture, and offers the chance to close these gaps automatically – all at scale. WootCloud is a privately held company with its headquarters in San Jose, California. It has top-tier investors, collaborations with major infrastructure and security platforms, and industry-leading clients. Your employees, contractors, and visitors are using a variety of business devices—from managed Polycom devices and Smart TVs to unmanaged personal smart phones, tablets, and other RF devices—to facilitate collaboration and communications. 70% of these devices are unmanaged and invisible to your security software, according to WootCloud Threat Labs. And even more concerning, 20% are at high danger as a result of malware or hardware flaws. Due to everything from data breaches, hijacked teleconference calls, and network penetration caused by improperly configured access points, your company may be exposed to significant mitigation costs, compliance violations, and reputational damage. WootCloud is the only device security platform that can not only find these devices on both the radio and network spectrum, but also gives crucial context about each device by evaluating over hundreds of device attributes to establish a unique device identification and risk assessment.

The only agentless device security platform, WootCloud Enterprise, uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enable detection, device profiling, micro segmentation, and enhanced threat protection across all spectrums in any business environment (ML). Today’s businesses have an astounding amount of devices connecting to their networks, and protecting all of these devices poses a serious risk to businesses. Your IT department will have less work to do thanks to WootCloud Enterprise’s automatic, precise device recognition, profiling, and software-defined micro-segmentation services powered by our HyperContext® engine. Beyond simple user and device identification, WootCloud TrueIDTM detects and fingerprints all devices viewed within the company automatically and correctly. In order to stop vulnerable devices from spreading throughout the business, HyperContext® employs its highly developed policy engine to detect aberrant behaviour at the device level. Additionally, it provides security posture trends and statistics for each device and suggests countermeasures to threats that have been identified. Any Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) system can be integrated with WootCloud. utilises patented sophisticated data correlation technology to provide richer event context at the device level.

The Potential of Business Technologies

A rapid method for companies of any size to utilise the WootCloud agentless device security platform and take advantage of the advantages of device detection, profiling, and policy setting at machine speed and IoT scale is through WootCloud Express. What if you could easily protect every computer, user, and programme on your network? That is the strength of WootCloud HyperContext®, an unrivalled device-first solution that offers contextualised visibility on all devices, their behaviour, network access, and threat intelligence. It then uses this contextual intelligence to segment the network down to the device level, correlate threats and vulnerability propagation across multiple interfaces including RF and Networks, and automate access control at IoT scale. In order to provide security and enforce the proper access control to the network, it is essential to establish rich context on devices due to the explosion in the number and variety of connected devices. Current device fingerprinting solutions are severely inadequate and don’t provide enough information to make security judgments. They only provide information on kind, category, OS, and version. You need a greater awareness of the devices entering and leaving your network if you want to maintain networks secure. This necessitates the development of device context across several dimensions, fusing them with machine learning methods to produce HyperContext models and signatures for each device. Because it offers the granular nuance that only HyperContext intelligence can, this rich contextual device intelligence helps to design tighter network segmentation and access control policies.

Expertise in segmentation for every use case

Relying on conventional NACs for network segmentation creation and enforcement only results in coarse-grained segmentation that is challenging to manage and simple to breach. The strategy used by WootCloud is to segregate users, workloads, and devices and secure them at the device level by dynamically creating granular secure zones. It aims to automate network security so that it is more flexible, adaptable, and secure. Micro-segmentation is implemented in a layer that is isolated from the underlying network hardware and NAC tools using a software defined approach.

This facilitates segmentation deployment and management, enables automatic IoT scale operation, and adds security beyond static rules and authentication techniques. In addition to authentication, traffic, and application information, operations teams can customise security settings and create dynamic access control policies that limit network and application flows between workloads based on a device’s physical characteristics, threat and risk assessment, and dynamic properties like location and time. The healthcare, manufacturing, and educational industries all have several use cases that the WootCloud solution solves. Every time, the WootCloud platform’s adaptability reduces the possibility of a business being disrupted and lowers operating costs associated with segmentation and Zero Trust projects.


Amit Srivastav, CEO

“WootCloud gives your security technology portfolio a new dimension and allows you to give your customers even better service,” says the company.

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