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Versium – Providing the Richest B2B2C Identity Graph to Help Businesses Find, Understand, and Connect with Their Ideal Clients

An identity graph connects all the identifiers (email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, etc.) that are associated with a particular person in an online database of identifying information about people. The significance of identity graphs for B2B marketers ought to be obvious. B2B marketers must be able to target customers based on their corporate characteristics while also reaching out to individuals through their individual social media profiles. It would be essentially impossible to precisely reach these worlds without an identity graph connecting them.

Versium, a leader in data technology, runs a robust B2B2C identity graph that powers its suite of marketing products and services. Versium constantly seeks to improve its products and services by talking with marketers to better comprehend their difficulties. Its objective is to assist marketers in boosting campaign efficacy, creating demand, and reengaging customers while keeping an eye on their existing platforms. Versium’s founders set out on a quest to use the power of data science and analytics to better utilise the vast amounts of data that businesses and marketing agencies must deal with today after being inspired by a poorly targeted direct email campaign.

Utilizing Products for Authentic and Real-Time Data

Versium B2B REACH: Recognize your target audience. With simple-to-read charts, graphs, and other visualisations that emphasise important firmographic or demographic information like job titles, gender, age, and revenue, you can get a quick picture of your audience. For lists you already possess or for any audience created with Versium REACH, list insights are available. In order to tailor your marketing and content along the whole buyer journey, take a brief inventory of your prospects and consumers. Better match rates are possible when you target B2B audiences that you control and can reuse across all of your digital marketing platforms. No more spectators in black boxes. With the help of the company’s tool, finding your perfect targets doesn’t require doing so independently.

Visualize demographic information about your lists with easily using Versium B2C REACH. Every list that is built or uploaded into Versium REACH will automatically generate a list insights report. Furthermore, sharing your insight reports is made simple via Versium REACH. Simply save the file as a PDF or PNG and distribute it immediately via email or shareable link. The idea that material should be tailored based on the target consumers is not new in the world of marketing. It hasn’t always been easy to figure out who is on those marketing lists, though. Marketers may learn the composition of any list using Versium REACH list insights.

Versium REACH APIs: They allow you to access actionable data more quickly, more precisely, and for a much lower price than competing data and predictive marketing solutions. To support the development of your applications, gain access to all the consumer and corporate data you require. Over 8,000 indexable and aggregated data files make up Versium data. 300 billion traits and more than 400 million email addresses are included. Businesses and customers produce the data through real-world events, behaviours, and activities both online and offline. You may add value to your marketing efforts, CRM databases, and online apps by connecting using Versium APIs to access large, rich collections of data in real time. 

Versium Predict: The business has integrated its potent B2B2C Identity Graph and automated predictive analytics solutions directly into the CRM. As a consequence, your sales and marketing initiatives will cost you less time and money while achieving higher conversion rates. To automatically add business consumer data from its identity graph to each lead in the CRM, score those leads so you can concentrate on the ones that are most likely to convert, and generate new lists of high scoring leads on demand, Predict accomplishes all the heavy lifting. Spend less time and money on your sales and marketing activities while achieving higher conversion rates with more effective work practises. Finding the appropriate decision-makers might be difficult.

Discover the Leader

Versium’s chief executive officer is Dillana Lim. She is passionate about creating, commercialising, and assisting SaaS firms in scaling to the next level of success with revolutionary technologies and services. In addition, she is dedicated to hiring and developing high-performance teams in a welcoming and encouraging environment while providing the best products and solutions to address significant client issues.


We provide the most comprehensive data technology platform in the market, allowing B2B and B2C marketers to more effectively identify, comprehend, and connect with their most desirable prospects across a variety of digital contact points.

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