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Atlantic Money Launches Flat Fee Transfers in France, Italy and Spain

Atlantic Money, a foreign exchange company, has begun its expansion into the European payments market, launching in France, Italy and Spain. 

The international money transfer provider plans to launch into the three markets simultaneously following successful launches in Austria, Germany, Belgium and Ireland.

To facilitate the launches, Atlantic Money has also localised both its app and website. Both are now available in French, Spanish, Italian and German. The company has also increased its Euro sending limit from €100,000 to €1million, whilst maintaining its €3 flat fee.

The move aims to increase pressure on the likes of PayPalWise and Revolut. These companies all charge more, the more money that is sent. Because of the consistent €3 fee, Atlantic Money suggests that its users are saving £50 on average per transfer.

Atlantic Money secured its European licence to operate as a payment institution in June through the National Bank of Belgium. Since then, it has launched in Ireland, Belgium, Germany and Austria, aiming to make its service accessible in more locations.

The company explained that its service is ideal for European cross-border workers, who could save significant amounts with it. Atlantic also serves frequent travellers or expatriates with overseas commitments such as tuition fees, holiday homes and credit cards.

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