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Big data applications in Taoyuan pave the way for the future’s smart cities.

To enhance quality of life and advance its goals for smart cities, Taoyuan City collaborates with IBM, Microsoft Taiwan, and HwaCom.

Top-ranked in worldwide smart city contests and named “intelligent community of the year” by a New York think tank three years ago, Taoyuan City is focusing more on data governance in partnership with global and local IT giants to advance the smart city.

This year, the city won two prizes from the World Innovation, Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), dubbed the “Oscars of the information business,” including the Smart Cities Award and the Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Award. Over 200,000 pupils are aided by the 6,000 “smart classrooms,” one of the city’s most well-liked smart city initiatives.

The city is utilising ICT to increase operational efficiency and give its citizens a higher quality of life. It is one of the two major production hubs in the nation for advanced ICT and electric vehicle components. The city government’s collaboration with global IT titans to create a hybrid cloud data platform at the city level has received great press from the media and other cities as well.

The city is currently collaborating with experts from Microsoft Taiwan, IBM, and the local HwaCom Systems Inc. with funding from the Cabinet-level project “Asia Silicon Valley” in order to implement much-needed technology in infrastructure and to improve data leverage for better governance and business decisions.

In order to establish smart cities and use data in the 5G network structure to innovate and create more value, Taoyuan is playing a crucial role, according to Lee Po-jung (), the project’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). Taoyuan is also solving difficulties that inhabitants have.

Beginning on October 8, the 2022 Taoyuan Big Data Application Exhibition unveiled the city’s intention to spur development while enhancing effectiveness and sustainability. A seminar on “Future Data” is set to follow it this weekend (Oct. 15-16). Representatives and data governance experts from business, government, and academia will attend the event.

Yu Wan-ru, the director of Taoyuan’s IT Department, stated that since becoming the sixth special municipality in the nation in 2014, Taoyuan City has been actively advancing its smart city aspirations, and that its efforts have been acknowledged by international organisations. She urged people to go to the exhibition, which is on display until October 20 and highlights the city’s initiatives for smart cities from 2014 to 2022.

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