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Crown Commercial Service introduces a Big Data and Analytics platform

Today, the government’s Crown Commercial Service agency in the UK unveiled a framework to assist the public sector in enhancing data use and services.

The Big Data and Analytics [RM6195] framework is designed for a two-year term and seeks to establish a central route to market for public sector clients. It is the first CCS agreement to be exclusively dedicated to analytics service and software procurement.

The plan, which was created in compliance with the National Data Strategy, intends to serve a variety of demands, from reporting and analytics initiatives to whole data service transformations, while assisting in navigating the intricacies of technologies like cloud and AI.

50 suppliers have received membership in the programme so far after being evaluated for customers’ ability to balance lower prices and innovation; 46% of these suppliers are small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Framework improvements

The framework aims to cover the range of data and analytics capabilities available to public sector organisations. It is divided into two areas: “Design, build, and run” services and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software.

The agreement streamlines the procedure for sub-enterprise organisations to become suppliers by enabling tier 1 contractors to subcontract, thereby include SMEs in their supply chain.

Additionally, contract terms and conditions for the public sector will be implemented to support increased market flexibility in line with particular and dynamic client needs.

According to Philip Orumwense CBE, commercial director and chief technology procurement officer at the Crown Commercial Service, “data has the ability to alter our public services through greater productivity, helping to boost the economy.”

The government and the larger public sector will be able to use this new framework to serve their needs as they continue to innovate with data. Another illustration of how CCS is assisting the public sector in its journey toward digital transformation.

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