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Google Cloud joins hands with DSCI for boosting cloud adoption

Google Cloud along with the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) on Thursday announced the ‘Secure with Cloud’ initiative to help demystify cloud security, and enable the government and private sector to deploy and encourage cloud transformation in India.

With the new initiative, DSCI and Google Cloud will work on building a platform to improve collaboration between various stakeholders in the cloud ecosystem – the government, regulators, CIOs, CISOs, CSPs, Cloud MSPs, Start-ups, Cloud Security Enterprises and Services Providers, and SaaS Players.

Secure with cloud initiative will also provide industry best practices and frameworks with Start-up and mobile app ecosystems on privacy and security. It will also engage with public sector entities across various verticals to demonstrate how cloud platforms and cloud-enabled products are architected, are secure by default, and can be used effectively to secure operations.

“We are thrilled to announce the ‘Secure with Cloud’ initiative supported by Google Cloud. This will create the much-needed space for enabling security-led deliberations and serve as a platform to host successful cloud adoption journeys for embracing cloud transformation. We are looking at this initiative as an industry-driven intervention, which will bring together the stakeholders from across the cloud ecosystem and bolster the agenda of security in the cloud paradigm by promoting the adoption of best practices,” said Vinayak Godse, CEO at DSCI.

The initiative would also derive actionable insights and build a narrative with proof points, focused roundtables, and case studies, Google Cloud said.
Mark Johnston, Security Leader, Office of the CISO at Google Cloud said: “At Google Cloud, we are committed to helping our customers navigate securely as they embark on their cloud journeys. The initiative with DSCI is one step towards unravelling the power and flexibility of the cloud and its many benefits to enterprises of all sizes.”

The initiative is supported by a diverse advisory committee that consists of leaders from various industries including technology services, consulting, cloud service providers, eCommerce, and digital payments who would further guide and extend support toward meeting the goals.

Atul Gupta, Partner and Head – Digital Trust and Cyber, KPMG in India, who is a member of the advisory committee, said, “Technology providers have enhanced their solution capabilities to develop a TRUSTED environment which enables safe and secure adoption of digital technologies. The trusted theme will in near future go beyond security and privacy, with ethics playing a significant role.”

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