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Nebula is “Customer Success Obsessed” global service organization

Nebula is “Customer Success Obsessed” global service organization

What are the industries you support globally, and how many languages does your customer service company support?
Nebula Global Services are a disruptive Global Professional & Managed Services organization with a particular focus on delivering a high-quality, outcome driven customer success, through multi-vendor IT projects & annuity-based services across multiple technology verticals.

As a global channel organisation, our customers bring us a wide range of requirements from all end user verticals from Manufacturing, Transportation, Energy, Retail, Healthcare & Financial Services. This exposure has given us unparalleled experience in the needs of these various verticals and has allowed us to adapt services & solutions to meet their specific needs, helping our customers stay relevant & valuable to them.

We have a globally ‘Customer Success’ Team, and our global ecosystem of local, in country field resources allows us to be flexible to customer needs, so whether it’s English speaking or the native language required, we can facilitate, which allows us to break down the barriers between our organisation and our customers, reach a wider audience, and have meaningful conversations that drive deeper engagement.

Being into customer support industry, you need to keep yourself updated on all aspects, how do you keep your team constantly updated and trained?

Nebula Global is a customer success driven organisation and as such, have invested greatly in a world class ‘Customer Success’ Team. Customer service & customer experience are absolutely paramount to us and have paramount focus. The Nebula board are a very much ‘In the field’ board, spending time with our customers outside of the formal surroundings of an office where we feel people are more relaxed and honest, which helps us understand what goals & challenges our customers and their clients have, and as such allowing us internally to ensure our service portfolio is always relevant and that our approach is flexible to suit as many customer needs as possible globally.

We work hard to collect data through customer & employee feedback, we keep our team engaged in training sessions for the ‘Customer Success’ Team to ensure they are up to date with the latest customer support trends, techniques, and technologies.

Your company supports multiple industries, which industry do you find more challenging?

Each industry has its own challenges, we take it as an opportunity to offer value through our channel customers. We don’t look at the industries as being the challenge, we look at their vision and the challenges what they face to achieve their goal, we do analytics and research on how we can help our customers to add value to their vision. For example, in today’s hybrid world, ‘communication’ has risen challenges and faced by most industries, more than one third of IT staff testify to that, we have ensured services & solutions to help every industry to continue marching towards their goal. As well as the usual difficulties industries face with reducing cost, increasing ROI on technology investment, improving user/customer experience, and as is well documented now more than ever, security.

What are the technologies used by your company to support your customers?

Nebula has technical certifications and skills in many of the world’s leading technologies. These technologies have been selected with customer success in mind to help our clients deploy, support, and manage their chosen technologies to the best possible standards and outcomes globally.

Nebula is born cloud organisation, and as a global services provider, technology and robust systems are vital for us. We utilise cloud-based tools which gives our geographically dispersed team access to unified shared systems such as CRM, Service Desk Software and self-service platforms allowing us to focus on business intelligence.

How do you assure your clients that data shared is secured and encrypted?

We take data security into serious count, and as such have a dedicated owner ensuring our data security policies are strictly enforced, with a clear definition on how data is collected, stored, and used, as well as how data breaches are  detected and responded to. Also at great investment, Nebula Global is currently going through ISO 27001 compliance to demonstrate our commitment to data security and compliance with industry standards.

What is the vision behind your company to cater globally?

Nebula’s mission is to be absolutely weaved into the fabric of everything we do and to be the world’s only ‘Customer Success Obsessed’ organisation. In order to achieve this globally, we have a very clear strategy and focused service pillars, ensuring we can deliver innovatively and execute in a fast & agile way whilst staying true to our core values. Along with not being so rigid that we miss out on market opportunity but ensuring that we need to deliver to the standard that our customers expect and that we expect, whilst being profitable, we have the agility as a business to tailor any service our customer needs.

Can you share your experience in the industry and the person who took the company a long way to success?

Nebula Global Services is led by a team of accomplished professionals with a wealth of experience across the global IT channel.

The Senior Management Team led by our CEO Ross Teague, as a CSO. Pete Murphy takes care of sales, our finance management is taken care of by CFO David Churchward, and our COO Jim Griffin takes care of the operations team. They drive the business forward with passion, encourage innovation, and provide the strategic direction required to help the business achieve greater success.

“The Nebula suite of services have been designed and created to deliver world class service, in a very fast and agile way”

Our moto is “on time, on quality and on budget”

 Company Name : Nebula Global Services

 Website : www.nebulaglobalservices.com

 Management Team                                             Ross Teague, Chief Executive  Officer

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