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One Act re-constructs the industry with revolutionary vision

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What is PieceX, how does it work and how does it help business growth?

“PieceX”, is the world’s first AI powered source code marketplace. By trading high-quality source code (text files of computer programs) globally, it revolutionizes the traditional software development process.

Buyer companies (any business or software development companies) can purchase ready-to use software components with a guarantee, eliminating the need to develop software from scratch and reducing traditional software development time and costs by over 80%.

Seller companies (software development companies or businesses that own the copyright to source code) can generate new recurring revenue directly from the source code itself and engage in high-profit-margin business.

PieceX already has a track record of transactions in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide, and by becoming an innovative web infrastructure that enables anyone in the world to quickly develop new services, it is creating a new economy in the world.

Japan being the world capital of technology, can you give us insight about a future technology that is going to rule the software industry?

Japan holds a prominent position in the technology sector, although this may not necessarily translate to leadership in the software industry. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to become increasingly crucial and dominant in the software industry, with the United States and China currently spearheading AI development. However, as everything moves online and AI becomes more dominant, cybersecurity and data privacy will become more into a concern, which needs to be kept secure. Nations will seek to protect their existing systems by factoring in these aspects. Amidst the regulatory challenges, any country holds the potential to emerge as an AI leader, including regions such as Africa or the Middle East. Our source code marketplace, PieceX, distributes software across all sectors, enabling global access to valuable intellectual property and contributing to the development of remarkable technologies.

What are the industries you support with your software products?
PieceX’s software products support every industry. The software is designed in the way to support different industries including finance, manufacturing, education, distribution, food and beverage, and entertainment. Our products are customizable and adaptable to the unique needs of each industry.

Our vision is to make it easy for businesses and individuals to create and use software that solves real-world problems. We strive to make software development accessible and affordable to everyone while ensuring the software is highly reliable and secured.

Can you share with us your vision, how would you like to shape the software industry with your innovations?We aim to contribute the global society by creating new world-wide infrastructure. People need transportation, logistics for things, and payment systems for money, we believe that web infrastructure is also an important in the future to shape the globe with completeness. We have a revolutionary concept in the software development process to create a world where anyone, anywhere on the globe, can immediately turn their ideas into reality.

About the Founder/CEOI always believed that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. I started from scratch, armed only with the experience and knowledge that I gained during my time at Keyence. I knew the software industry was ripe for disruption, and I was determined to be the one to do it. I never let myself be discouraged by the market’s volatile nature. I believed in my vision, which was not limited to Japan but encompassed the entire world. I wanted to create a world where anyone’s idea could easily become a reality, and to achieve that, I had to make my own idea a reality first.

To make it in the world, I knew I had to expand into it. That’s why I started with just one team member from India and travelled the globe to create a team of 12 members who are like minded from various parts of the world. I never believed in micro-management, instead placing my trust in my team. That trust has helped us achieve many successes across the globe and grow stronger together.

We are currently revolutionizing the software market, and we have already begun paving the way towards that goal. From a single idea to a software revolution, PieceX has grown to be used in over 200 countries worldwide. Anyone with a dream can feel limited by their current circumstances. My journey shows that with a clear vision, hard work, perseverance, and just the right support, anyone can achieve their goals and create something that contributes to the global community.

“We aim to contribute to global society through innovative technologies”

“One Act is the show stealer of software industry”

 Company Name : One Act Inc

 Website : www.oneact.jp

 Management Team                                             Yusuke Asano, Chief Executive  Officer

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