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Preferred Capitol Cleaning (PPC) We make sure your environment is clean

Preferred Capitol Cleaning (PPC) We make sure your environment is clean

You started your company during the pandemic; how did you manage the company, and what made you sustain and attain success in the industry?   
Preferred Capitol Cleaning (PPC) was started in the year Est. 2016, but in the year 2020 started with a team of just 9 employees. with just a team of 9 employees. Our business is very small and created by two women entrepreneurs. We employed professional and qualified staff for our cleaning services who follow the best practices. They will work closely with clients to know their requirements when it comes to cleaning. Furthermore, our team focused on satisfying the requirements of clients and we handled some projects before the pandemic. This made our company sustainable in the cleaning industry. Apart from this, our company specializes in training and developing each employee to achieve their maximum potential.


What is ABC STEP, and how hard is it to get certified?

ABC’s STEP program is a certification that involves 20 key components and incorporates OSHA- required safety data with self-assessment requirements. It is an organized approach that aims at developing safety and loss prevention measurements. The certification is very hard to get because it involves several steps. A business will get ABC STEP certification based on man-hours worked, type of work, location of the work, and other factors.

ABC STEP program involves Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Silver status which improves safety performance in the construction industry. PPC achieved Platinum Status in ABC’s STEP Safety Management System which makes our company one of the best performing companies in the cleaning industry.

What safety measures do you take to safeguard your employees?

Our company has developed safety programs and guidelines that meet OSHA safety standards. We make sure that each employee is going through a safety orientation that covers ladder safety, construction safety 101, and fall protection. Furthermore, our safety officer John is OSHA 30 and makes sure that the employees don’t face any problems. All our employees undergo OSHA 30-hour training to learn the basic principles of finding, lowering, and eliminating health hazards.

We organize monthly meetings and perform safety programs with our safety officer to learn more things about safety concerns in detail. Also, our employees undergo fall protection and ladder safety courses regularly to enhance their skills. The safety department of PPC follows substance abuse prevention, safety policies, worker’s compensation claims management, quarterly testing on safety techniques, etc.

What are the services you provide, and what is the extra mile you go to keep yourself different from your competitors?

We provide post-construction final cleaning, power washing, janitorial cleaning, residential cleaning, exterior window and façade cleaning, carpet cleaning and extraction, etc. Our company has been in the cleaning business for several years that aim at serving customers with the best practices.

PPC offers a full range of highquality cleaning services for clients in Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. A trained and experienced team will take care of all activities in the cleaning process to enhance the quality of life.

Our company staff will carry out cleaning activities with the latest equipment to handle complex cleaning projects. The power washing services offered by our company are suitable for making garages, sidewalks, and facades clean with perfection. Moreover, our staff will focus on implementing safety measures to prevent injuries and accidents.

We provide carpet cleaning and extraction services with modern machines and techniques to create a better environment. This will help improve the look and conditions of a carpet significantly. Our company uses eco-friendly chemical products in residential cleaning, exterior window cleaning, and façade cleaning that don’t cause any harm to people. We specialize in safeguarding people and pets in residential buildings while carrying out cleaning activities.

Our cleaning team will inspect the building and plan before starting cleaning activities. Apart from this, they decide where to start the cleaning work and how to complete the work.

Becoming a leader of a company is not an easy task; it requires great knowledge of the industry and a solid strategy to keep the company on track for success. Can you share your professional track?

Yes. It is not easy to start a new cleaning business in this market because it needs planning and other Experiance. Our founders Ana Chicas McNamara and Illissa Figueroa carry extensive experience and hands-on knowledge in the cleaning process. They have worked for various cleaning companies in the business for 17 years. As a result, both decided to start a cleaning company in the year 2016 with solid strategies.

We are the proud members of ABC Metro Washington, DC ConnX, Building congress, 7×24 xchange. We are also a CBE, DBE, HBE, SBE and WBE certified. Furthermore, our team members plan everything while offering services to clients that made our company earn a good reputation. Katty Quiles-Torres, who is the office manager of PPC aims at building and sustaining client relationships. Our operations manager John Fuentes looks after staff training and makes sure that every employee is skilled and follows the best safety practices during the cleaning process. All our employees are highly trained, and they offer the best services to clients to minimize unwanted complications.

What is your next growth plan?

Our company has had a tremendous growth rate over the last few years, and we hope to continue that path. We earned $400k in revenue in the first year of 2020. In 2021 we did $1.4 million and in 2022 $4 million. We are planning to make our janitorial division larger and also focus on taking on some A8 government projects. The growth rate is expected to rise in the coming years.

What is post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning is a service that is offered throughout a project. It aims at carrying out cleaning activities in phases to complete work at the earliest. Our post-construction cleaning services include cleaning interior rooms, high-traffic areas, exterior areas, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. We offer complete cleaning services for different types of construction projects before handling them to clients. Our company will work with clients to know the areas they want to clean when they want to hand over a building to owners.

 “Cleaning solution that meet your needs”

 Company Name : Preferred Capitol Cleaning   (PPC)

 Website :    www.preferredcapitolcleaning.com

 Management Team                                             Illissa Figuero, Co-Owner & Principal             Ana Chicas McNamara, Co- Owner & Principal

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