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NUTS Technologies: The inherent state of being a human is privacy

Humans are by nature reserved. Before they can be consciously expressed verbally or in writing, thoughts, dreams, and ideas first arise in your mind. Traditionally, people have tried to protect their private by, among other things, penning these thoughts in a sealed diary or confiding in someone.

The internet has fundamentally altered how we convey sensitive information in the modern world. People can freely express their opinions, politics, dreams, and other things in the digital world of today, which has essentially become a duplicate of the real world. To use these services for convenience, however, comes at the expense of sacrificing your personal information’s control. People typically anticipate that whatever information they disclose to businesses will be kept confidential. Sadly, that doesn’t happen very often.

Several online businesses harvest the private data that consumers save on public cloud servers in addition to collecting, aggregating, and selling that data to brokers.

How come?

Anything that you consider to be sensitive and want to keep private—personal thoughts, private messages, trade secrets, M&A transaction information, board meeting notes and messages—is kept on systems that are administered by unidentified, faceless third parties.

Why can’t we accomplish the same goal and commoditize these services using the power of our own devices and networks?

These are the exact questions we asked, and the answer we came up with is a little bizarre.

Yoon Auh founded NUTS Technologies to address precisely these inquiries. He concentrated on creating a solution that protects what matters most—data—instead of offering another product to satisfy a certain use case. You, the person, the small business, and the groups that might not have the time, money, or IT capabilities to safeguard and handle data effectively are the first to be protected.

As a result, a brand-new technology known as a nut emerged. Our Zero Trust Data framework, which is shaped like a nut and intended to always enforce data ownership, protects data at all times, wherever. Some methods surround data with protective perimeters; we choose to give it its own.

An application we call the Nut Manager and a service we call the NUTS Ecosystem are our first products built on the zero-trust nut structure. In order to lower risks like data leakage and cyberattacks on unprotected data, it automates the protection, storage, recovery, and management of your documents and communications. It also lowers costs by getting rid of extraneous processes, administrators, support, and training.

It offers a wide range of features out of the box, including an intuitive user interface, drag-and-drop automated encryption, double-click automated decryption, automated managed data backups, a threat detector for automated recovery, automated sharing between trusted groups, which eliminates the need for intermediaries like emailing unsecure attachments or putting them in a cloud share, and more.

The nut’s ability to respect and uphold data ownership is its hidden value. Thus, as the owner of the data, you have the authority to impose restrictions on who has access to your data and how they may be used. No matter where the nut is sent—on-premises, in the cloud, locally, when travelling, or even in air-gapped systems—these protective zero-trust qualities go with it, extending your ownership beyond your own systems.

Our goal is to offer digital protection to everyone, not only the technically adept or the large, well-funded businesses. Making it simple to use is essential for protecting everyone.

Our endeavour begins with you. We are starting where it needs to start when it comes to digital privacy.

“It’s all about the data. safeguard the data. Keep everything safe.”

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