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Oosto: Giving consumers, staff, and visitors useful intelligence to ensure their safety

Today, the first thing you will notice when you enter an office building or any other commercial property is a signboard for CCTV surveillance. Companies usually always use cameras. It is advantageous for business owners on the one hand, but challenging for operators to keep up with the volume of live cameras and excessive records. Moreover, human attention spans are constrained. Because AI can examine more material than humans can without getting bored, AI video surveillance is increasingly essential for a corporation. In order to make decision-making simple, it not only separates and displays the most significant highlights of occurrences, but also draws the operator’s attention to crucial insights.

Oosto, a platform powered by Visual AI, helps businesses better secure their clients, visitors, and staff by seeing security and safety issues in real-time without sacrificing proper and moral usage. Oosto utilises millions of representative photos and cutting-edge augmentations from numerous data sources, made up of people of various racial, ethnic, and gender identities. Oosto is aware of the immense worth and potential of its systems and technologies, as well as the enormous advantages they may bring to society. Innovating new ways to lessen demographic prejudice, adhere to privacy laws, and protect the identities of bystanders, the company has integrated ethical AI and data privacy into their facial recognition systems and processes.

OnWatch: Use live face recognition to identify people of interest in real-time, allowing your security team to respond to threats quickly while preserving the privacy of onlookers. To increase the return on your investment, Oosto enhances the visual intelligence of your current camera network while achieving the maximum stream-to-server ratio. It assists merchants in identifying employee theft, apprehending shoplifters, and lowering shrinkage. You may swiftly search through weeks of video material using real-time video surveillance and forensics to find suspects and streamline your investigation. When a known thief is spotted by one of your connected cameras, instantly alert your security staff and take urgent action. Oosto’s neural networks are battle-tested by the most challenging training scenarios on low-quality photos.

OnAccess: A frictionless access control system that uses facial recognition to allow authorised individuals to enter guarded ports of entry. It is no longer safe to deploy access control methods that need human interaction because it is not cost-effective to staff every point of entry. By instantaneously identifying authorised persons and immediately informing security professionals of any unlawful access, OnAccess is made to strike a balance between security and visitor management. Just entering through the front door will allow your employees to clock in and out of work without any problems. Your third-party employee attendance software will immediately mark an employee as present once they are physically present at your place of business thanks to Oosto’s API interface. Make sure each visitor has their own entry and access permissions, whether they visit frequently or infrequently. Just add them to the Oosto system and configure their privileges for time, location, and/or role. Your networked security cameras will immediately alert you if a non-registered visitor is seen there or if a registered visitor stays longer than allowed.

Using real-time warnings that let users respond proactively to environmental changes, OnPatrol helps protect military and law enforcement personnel. Prior to threats developing into crises, OnPatrol alerts users to potentially important occurrences so that appropriate action can be taken. It is crucial that the public has faith in the safety and security that is provided by law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies can better safeguard their officers from harm by having situational awareness and intelligence. This is done by identifying persons of interest and alerting officers in real-time via their mobile device (for example, phone or bodycam). OnPatrol uses Vision AI technology to identify criminals and hazardous people in real-time, deescalating possible threats and preventing casualties on both sides. It is specifically made to identify and verify individuals’s faces against a watchlist of people who should be avoided in real-world scenarios, such as while they are moving, in low light, at obscure angles, partially concealed by other people, or even wearing a lot of makeup. The application offers all the advantages of the desktop platform on your mobile Edge device in addition to special on-the-go features, improving the protection of law enforcement and security personnel while also enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency on-site without the use of potent on-premise servers.

The Chief Executive Officer, Avi Golan, is in charge of the overall direction and commercial operations of Oosto. He has held several leadership and investment positions at organisations like SoftBank Vision Fund, Google, Intuit, and Air New Zealand, where he oversaw sizable teams working on a variety of products and business areas. Previous to that, Avi worked at many software businesses for 12 years in leadership and technology positions. Mr. Golan also serves on the boards of numerous early- to late-stage private companies, providing founders with guidance and support in the areas of GTM, globalisation, product development, and technology.

“The Oosto Vision AI Appliance transfers video processing to a compact, GPU-rich, near-edge appliance, offering cost savings, simplicity, and scalability to your workplace video surveillance programme,” according to the company.

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