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People from the globe travel to our sanctuary to detox their body mind & soul

People from the globe travel to our sanctuary to detox their body mind & soul

Can you throw us light about what is phobia? How to know that the person is affected by phobia & amp how it could be treated?

Phobia is part of anxiety disorders which has a strong, intense and irrational fear about something which is not physically affected, it is some or the other which is indulged into the soul and brain which creates fear physically. There are different types of phobias.

Let’s take for an example, fear of heights is known as acrophobia. You might be able to ski the world’s tallest mountains, but you won’t be able to get past the fifth floor of an office building. Agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces, whereas claustrophobia is a fear of enclosed spaces. You may have social phobia if you become anxious and self-conscious in everyday social situations. Tunnels, highway driving, water, flying, animals, and blood are all common phobias.

Symptoms of phobia

  • Fear and panic
  • A fast heartbeat
  • Trembling due to shortness of breath
  • A strong desire to flee
  • Racing and irrational thinking

Most phobias are treatable by meditation and phycological treatments.

Thailand is known for its exotic massages and traditional medicine worldwide. How do you differ from it and what are all treatments provided by you?

The success and effectiveness of 180 Sanctuary treatment program lies within the distinction is that we focus not only on physical recovery but on multi-disciplinary approach like psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual. All clients have their personalized treatment plan upon admission. They will be assessed on their psychological assessment by a psychologist to design their individual treatment program, a fitness assessment by a personal trainer for their fitness level, and nutrition assessment by nutritionist for their diet needs. Our philosophy is not to depend on pharmaceutical medication to treat the clients but using a well-balanced program designed by our experienced clinical psychologist to achieve transformation in the mental well-being. We are proud to say that 85% of our clients have either successfully reduced or ceased their medication during the course of their treatment with us.

In terms of physical rehabilitation, we have a comprehensive plan that includes personalized exercise plans with the help of experienced fitness trainers and offer a variety of exercise options such as yoga, Thai boxing, weightlifting training, bodyweight and HIIT. We also have spin class, trampoline exercise and aerobics class to cater to all clients.

As for their emotional rehabilitation, we provided meditation, sound healing, tension released exercise, Pilates, yoga, breathwork, ice bath, float therapy and other holistic courses to accommodate clients’ emotion health needs. We have an in-house spa where you get Swedish, Thai, deep tissue & foot massage as well herbal oil therapy. Our sensory deprivation tank allows clients to experience Floatation Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique to help understand symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Our psychological treatment program is designed to achieve stability, healing and transformation.

What is the course of holistic wellness treatment, and how long is the period of treatment?

Holistic wellness treatment specializes in breathwork, sound healing, tension release exercise, yoga, Pilates, ice-bath, floatation therapy, mindfulness and meditation. The holistic program is designed to cater to emotional rehabilitation. We also have a spa onsite to provide our clients with full spa services, like Swedish massage, Thai massage, deep tissue massage, foot massage and herbal oil therapy.

The aim of these treatments is to have an insight of understanding about their somatic symptoms.

We get positive feedback from our clients personally stating that they gained mentally refreshed health after receiving the therapeutic massage by our trained masseurs.

How do you understand each person’s metabolism and treat them with neutralized food? And how does it change their lifestyle?

Good diet is essential for maintaining health in all respects, which has a significant impact on the healing process. Nutritional inadequacies can affect people who have struggled with addiction, trauma and mental health disorders for a long time. Their chance of developing major issues with their physical and mental health rises as a result of poor nutrition. Many people are either underweight or obese and unwell when they first enter treatment. Nutritional deficits can exacerbate mental health symptoms, which can be discouraging and make it harder to concentrate while undergoing treatment. These inadequacies could also promote cravings that might undermine a person’s efforts to recover. All our clients can order freshly cooked alacarte meals from our restaurant with meals designed by our nutritionist. We offer nutritional counseling in our entire program because we approach recovery with the mentality of teaching life skills and empowering people so they can make decisions regarding their own health.

What is the mission and vision of 180 Sanctuary?

Our mission and commitment to offer the evidence-based and most effective care and ethical treatment to each and every one of our clients, as well as an individualized therapy plan tailored to meet every client specific emotional and psychological needs.

Our vision is to set the benchmark for providing evidenced-based and effective natural treatment in Asia.

What is burnout? Does it mean stress in our day-to-day life? How it could balance by your treatment?

180’s definition of burnout is a psychological syndrome that develops as a long-term reaction to chronic interpersonal stress from our day-to-day life. Yes, our daily stress can lead to burnout as continuous exposure to stressful situation can lead to thinning of the gray matter. That can also lead to burnout also known as brain fog. A toxic relationship can lead to Burnout. An individual struggling with burnout can presented with symptoms like lacks of motivation, depressive emotions, lacks of purpose, no meanings in life, easily irritated, frustration. In some severe cases, the individual may even struggle with relationship issue or identity crisis, some may even have career crisis.

Our treatment center focus on overall development of the client and healing client to achieve a balanced approach to life and other important aspects. That included exploring their life goals and inspiration in which counsellor work on deeper level on their presenting issues but at the same time provide them with effective skills to change their cognitive distortion to manage stress. We aim to transform the individual’s response to negativity with upwards motivational positivity. Simultaneously we also have psychoeducational classes to equip client with stress-coping skillsets, self-motivating skills, mindfulness and awareness, that helps themselves to get better understanding of their body and mind and also provide works as a tool to help themselves to deal daily life stressors upon graduating from our program.

About The CEO:

Our CEO, Mr. Tony Tan, a Singaporean clinical psychologist with over 13 years of direct clinical experience in Mental and Behavioral Health care, who specializes on trauma and PTSD treatment within rehab setting. Throughout the years of working in the mental health field, he developed a strong understanding in diagnosing of all mental health and trauma disorders, Mr. Tony also has a strong clinical awareness of working with people who struggle with dual diagnosis, addiction, trauma, personality disorder, and major mental health illness. Tony holds a Master of Psychology degree from Australia and has been trained extensively in Australia.

His ability to work with both children and adults, as well as treatment-resistant clients, PTSD clients, and family members, has enabled him to become an experienced clinical psychologist. Tony also worked with clients suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Personality Disorders. Beside actively leading 180 Sanctuary, he is also a certified ABNLP NLP Trainer who works as a life coach, motivational speaker, trainer and clinical hypnotherapist. He trained the clinical team at 180 Sanctuary himself to ensure the team able to deliver exceptional treatment quality. Not limiting himself to clinical works, Mr. Tony also acts as clinical supervisor for Master degree Psychology students for 3 universities from Canada, Berlin and Amsterdam. He dedicated himself to develop and mentor the next generation of clinician with his extensive experiences.

Our 180 team consist of 3 clinical psychologists, 5 psychologists, 2 psychotherapist, nutritionist, life coach, holistic practitioners which shows the depth and experience in the field

“We make sure you’re reborn with inner peace”

 Company Name : 180 Sanctuary @ PuriPai   Villa

 Website : www.180sanctuary.com

 Management Team                                           Tony Tan, Chief Executive Officer                 Anya Tan, Co-Founder

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