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People from the globe travel to our sanctuary to detox their body mind & soul

Can you throw us light about what is phobia? How to know that the person is affected by phobia & amp how it could be treated?

Phobia is part of anxiety disorders which has a strong, intense and irrational fear about something which is not physically affected, it is some or the other which is indulged into the soul and brain which creates fear physically. There are different types of phobias.

Let’s take for an example, fear of heights is known as acrophobia. You might be able to ski the world’s tallest mountains, but you won’t be able to get past the fifth floor of an office building. Agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces, whereas claustrophobia is a fear of enclosed spaces. You may have social phobia if you become anxious and self-conscious in everyday social situations. Tunnels, highway driving, water, flying, animals, and blood are all common phobias.

Symptoms of phobia

  • Fear and panic
  • A fast heartbeat
  • Trembling due to shortness of breath
  • A strong desire to flee
  • Racing and irrational thinking

Most phobias are treatable by meditation and phycological treatments.

Thailand is known for its exotic massages and traditional medicine worldwide. How do you differ from it and what are all treatments provided by you?

The success and effectiveness of 180 Sanctuary treatment program lies within the distinction is that we focus not only on physical recovery but on multi-disciplinary approach like psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual. All clients have their personalized treatment plan upon admission. They will be assessed on their psychological assessment by a psychologist to design their individual treatment program, a fitness assessment by a personal trainer for their fitness level, and nutrition assessment by nutritionist for their diet needs. Our philosophy is not to depend on pharmaceutical medication to treat the clients but using a well-balanced program designed by our experienced clinical psychologist to achieve transformation in the mental well-being. We are proud to say that 85% of our clients have either successfully reduced or ceased their medication during the course of their treatment with us.

In terms of physical rehabilitation, we have a comprehensive plan that includes personalized exercise plans with the help of experienced fitness trainers and offer a variety of exercise options such as yoga, Thai boxing, weightlifting training, bodyweight and HIIT. We also have spin class, trampoline exercise and aerobics class to cater to all clients.

As for their emotional rehabilitation, we provided meditation, sound healing, tension released exercise, Pilates, yoga, breathwork, ice bath, float therapy and other holistic courses to accommodate clients’ emotion health needs. We have an in-house spa where you get Swedish, Thai, deep tissue & foot massage as well herbal oil therapy. Our sensory deprivation tank allows clients to experience Floatation Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique to help understand symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Our psychological treatment program is designed to achieve stability, healing and transformation.

What is the course of holistic wellness treatment, and how long is the period of treatment?

Holistic wellness treatment specializes in breathwork, sound healing, tension release exercise, yoga, Pilates, ice-bath, floatation therapy, mindfulness and meditation. The holistic program is designed to cater to emotional rehabilitation. We also have a spa onsite to provide our clients with full spa services, like Swedish massage, Thai massage, deep tissue massage, foot massage and herbal oil therapy.

The aim of these treatments is to have an insight of understanding about their somatic symptoms.

We get positive feedback from our clients personally stating that they gained mentally refreshed health after receiving the therapeutic massage by our trained masseurs.

How do you understand each person’s metabolism and treat them with neutralized food? And how does it change their lifestyle?

Good diet is essential for maintaining health in all respects, which has a significant impact on the healing process. Nutritional inadequacies can affect people who have struggled with addiction, trauma and mental health disorders for a long time. Their chance of developing major issues with their physical and mental health rises as a result of poor nutrition. Many people are either underweight or obese and unwell when they first enter treatment. Nutritional deficits can exacerbate mental health symptoms, which can be discouraging and make it harder to concentrate while undergoing treatment. These inadequacies could also promote cravings that might undermine a person’s efforts to recover. All our clients can order freshly cooked alacarte meals from our restaurant with meals designed by our nutritionist. We offer nutritional counseling in our entire program because we approach recovery with the mentality of teaching life skills and empowering people so they can make decisions regarding their own health.

What is the mission and vision of 180 Sanctuary?

Our mission and commitment to offer the evidence-based and most effective care and ethical treatment to each and every one of our clients, as well as an individualized therapy plan tailored to meet every client specific emotional and psychological needs.

Our vision is to set the benchmark for providing evidenced-based and effective natural treatment in Asia.

What is burnout? Does it mean stress in our day-to-day life? How it could balance by your treatment?

180’s definition of burnout is a psychological syndrome that develops as a long-term reaction to chronic interpersonal stress from our day-to-day life. Yes, our daily stress can lead to burnout as continuous exposure to stressful situation can lead to thinning of the gray matter. That can also lead to burnout also known as brain fog. A toxic relationship can lead to Burnout. An individual struggling with burnout can presented with symptoms like lacks of motivation, depressive emotions, lacks of purpose, no meanings in life, easily irritated, frustration. In some severe cases, the individual may even struggle with relationship issue or identity crisis, some may even have career crisis.

Our treatment center focus on overall development of the client and healing client to achieve a balanced approach to life and other important aspects. That included exploring their life goals and inspiration in which counsellor work on deeper level on their presenting issues but at the same time provide them with effective skills to change their cognitive distortion to manage stress. We aim to transform the individual’s response to negativity with upwards motivational positivity. Simultaneously we also have psychoeducational classes to equip client with stress-coping skillsets, self-motivating skills, mindfulness and awareness, that helps themselves to get better understanding of their body and mind and also provide works as a tool to help themselves to deal daily life stressors upon graduating from our program.

About The CEO:

Our CEO, Mr. Tony Tan, a Singaporean clinical psychologist with over 13 years of direct clinical experience in Mental and Behavioral Health care, who specializes on trauma and PTSD treatment within rehab setting. Throughout the years of working in the mental health field, he developed a strong understanding in diagnosing of all mental health and trauma disorders, Mr. Tony also has a strong clinical awareness of working with people who struggle with dual diagnosis, addiction, trauma, personality disorder, and major mental health illness. Tony holds a Master of Psychology degree from Australia and has been trained extensively in Australia.

His ability to work with both children and adults, as well as treatment-resistant clients, PTSD clients, and family members, has enabled him to become an experienced clinical psychologist. Tony also worked with clients suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Personality Disorders. Beside actively leading 180 Sanctuary, he is also a certified ABNLP NLP Trainer who works as a life coach, motivational speaker, trainer and clinical hypnotherapist. He trained the clinical team at 180 Sanctuary himself to ensure the team able to deliver exceptional treatment quality. Not limiting himself to clinical works, Mr. Tony also acts as clinical supervisor for Master degree Psychology students for 3 universities from Canada, Berlin and Amsterdam. He dedicated himself to develop and mentor the next generation of clinician with his extensive experiences.

Our 180 team consist of 3 clinical psychologists, 5 psychologists, 2 psychotherapist, nutritionist, life coach, holistic practitioners which shows the depth and experience in the field

“We make sure you’re reborn with inner peace”

 Company Name : 180 Sanctuary @ PuriPai   Villa

 Website : www.180sanctuary.com

 Management Team                                           Tony Tan, Chief Executive Officer                 Anya Tan, Co-Founder


Successful business needs an experienced accountant, BergerCPA helps in your success!

What advice do you have for a small business owner?

‘Running a business requires a lot of planning and good execution,’ says Shrinivas. “The key is to hire an experienced CPA and work with them throughout the year, not just when you prepare your tax return,” says Shrinivas. Your CPA can help properly classify your business so as to avoid overpaying taxes. Making financial/tax decisions without consulting an accountant or tax adviser can put you at risk and cost you more money in the long run. Working closely with your Accountant helps to track income and spending, make sure you have a good working capital, and monitor the gross and net profits of the business. Secondly, keeping thorough and accurate records throughout the year will ensure your tax return is correct. Open separate bank accounts for your business. “One of the most important reasons to have separate business accounts is that it makes recordkeeping much simpler,” says Shrinivas. In a nutshell, your business Accountant can help you plan longer- term to maximize profits and lower taxes for years to come.

What advice do you have for an individual salaried person about managing his finances and taxes?

There are many deductions, tax credits, and benefits available for Individual tax payers, and a CPA can help you navigate the 70000-page tax law to find what will maximize your tax benefits. Things to consider at the beginning of the year when planning your tax structure include how much income you expect, stock market investments, 401k contributions, and real estate sales or purchases. Sankar says “Make a checklist of all items and meet with your tax advisor to discuss how these will affect your tax plan”. Sankar explained that it’s important to choose a tax advisor carefully. “There are people out there that are promoting tax shelters, but you need to find tax laws that make sense. Authorities look for supporting documents; keep pristine records,” he says. Sankar recommends at least a quarterly visit with a tax advisor and always checking in before filing in order to avoid any last-minute tax law changes. People work hard for what they have, he says, “and you must work hard not to part with it.”

What is FBAR and to whom does it apply?

The FBAR (formerly called the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) is a report that a US citizen must file if the person possesses bank balances in non-US bank accounts.
A United States person (U.S. citizens, Green Card holders, resident aliens, and dual citizens) that has a financial interest in or signature authority over foreign financial accounts must file an FBAR (FinCEN Form 114) if the aggregate value of the foreign financial accounts exceeds $10,000 at any time during the calendar year.

Why do businesses need an Accountant? How they make a difference?

“Needless to say, the “Books ofAccounts” provides the businessmanthe much- needed inputs on how hisbusiness is performing. While this canbe maintained by the businessmanhimself, it will certainly be prudentto spend his entrepreneurial time togenerating business & profitably so asopposed to writing the booksof accounts”, says Sankar.

More often than not the accountants deal with a variety of customers, and their experience can provide valuable inputs for decision-making for the entrepreneur besides providing the “Books of Accounts” that ‘calls the spade a spade’. Accountants can quickly point out in which areas the company is gaining and where it is draining.

What services your firm offer? How your services differ with other firms?

BERGERCPAFIRST focuses on three broad areas of service, with several other sub- divisions:
Our Business Services:
Business Strategy, Tax planning / Tax preparation and Filing Tax Returns, Payroll, Book-keeping/Accounting, Sales Tax & Business Valuation, Outsourced CFO services, Forensic Audit.
Our individual Services:
Tax Returns, Finance Planning, Tax Planning.
Tax Services:
Tax Returns, International Tax, and FBAR. There are several other services which our firm is competent to offer given our long experience in the trade, but we have consciously focused on a select view, so as to offer quality service to customers. Focus has been one of the hallmarks of our existence in this domain.

In what industries are your clients? Can you provide us with one or two success stories describing the challenges your clients faced and how Berger helped them overcome those challenges?

Challenges are always there in every industry, we have given our well diversified portfolio and long existence, there isn’t any industry where we do not have our customers. To name a few, we have customers operating in Health care, Performing Arts (Including Grammy awardees), Manufacturing, Marketing companies, Advisory companies, Transportation, Wholesalers, Retailers, Traders, Cleaning Services, Investment Consultants, HNIs, Farming & Agriculture, Software development companies, Auto works, Gas stations, Restaurants, says Shrinivas.

Do you handle international clients? What services do you provide to them?

We offer financial and tax advice to companies that have both inbound-US and outbound operations. We have worked with numerous international clients who own subsidiaries in the USA. BergerCPAFirst offers a complete list of services not only in Accounting/Tax but on following areas:

  • Selection of Legal Structure: Thelegal structure selection for thebusiness initially will have a greatimpact on future tax and legal Our professionalswill help you choose the legalstructure that caters to yourrequirements.
  • Obtaining a Tax ID number isimportant since it has to bementioned on all importantdocuments, including returns,statements, and other tax-related We will help you apply andobtain your TIN easily.
  • We will offer advice on ways tolimit your tax liability for overseas
  • Our experienced consultantswill help you with payrollmanagement and sales tax

We will facilitate easy communication with the IRS, state, and local authorities

What is the secret of your firm being in practice for over 30 years?

BERGERCPAFIRST has always believed in being 200% updated, be with Tax Laws, Accounting Standards, Industry practices, Technology, Software, or hardware. Our team members do not miss out even on the smallest amendments in laws and guidelines.

We have always strived to deliver our clients what they would expect from us a couple of years later. For example, we were interacting with clients & delivering services over the ‘Cloud’ even before the arrival of COVID-induced lockdowns. In other words, for us, technology adoption was by choice as opposed to technology imposed by circumstance, says Sankar. One strong conviction with us is that ‘we should not rest on our laurels’. Various awards won by BERGERCPAFIRST & our partners have not altered our core values and belief that ‘client satisfaction’ is the ultimate award to aspire for.

We also believe in providing equal attention to all customers, irrespective of their size of operations or engagement fee. Barring the partners, none of the sixty strong team members know the fee levied on the customers, and that has helped the team provide equal importance to all without any differentiation, says Shrinivas.

Can you provide us with one or two success stories describing the challenges your clients faced and how Berger helped them overcome those challenges?

There are many, and it will be more credible when the clients narrate that. However, since some instances have been sought, we would restrict ourselves to two.

In the case of a customer who isdealing with multiple products,there were no internal controlsystems or product costing data.We guide the customer to put inplace a “product-wise costingsystem” that brings to light whatthe product economics for eachof them were. This helped the customer weed out unviable products,which turned operations profitable.

One of our clients who had a modest start, was introduced to proactive management practices quite early in their growth path. This company grew exponentially over the years and has increased revenues by a whopping 2000% over the past five years. We not only set up a Management accounting & Budgeting process in the company but also donned the role of an off-site CFO effectively playing a supervisory role on most of their financial functions. While the mobilization of business should be credited to the promoters of the company, BERGERCPAFIRST did play a small but effective role in guiding the company to run the operations efficiently, says Shrinivas.

“BergerCPAFirst help streamline your business processes”

“Grow your business tension free, we take care of your accounting and tax needs”

 Company Name : BergerCPAFirst

 Website : www.bergercpafirst.com

 Management Team                                               Ramki Sankar, Co-Founder & Partner         Ravee Shrinivas, Co-Founder & Partner


LBMC has hands-on experience changing your businesses with innovative Technologies

What is the emerging technology business that LBMC is focusing on?

LBMC Technology Solutions has been gaining attention globally by providing remote managed IT services, cloud-based ERP and financial solutions, and intelligent automation and process automation solutions. The team is highly skilled professionals and a commitment to customer service, LBMC Technology Solutions has been helping businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

Remote managed IT services have become increasingly important in recent years as more companies shift to remote work models. LBMC has been at the forefront of this trend, offering a range of remotely managed IT services to help businesses stay connected and productive. Our services include network security, cloud computing, helpdesk support, accounting, financial management, inventory management, and supply chain management.

Intelligent automation and process automation solutions are also a major focus for LBMC. The solutions will help businesses automate repetitive tasks and processes, allowing employees to focus on more complex and strategic tasks. Solutions include robotic process automation, cognitive automation, and machine learning.

How does LBMC Tech navigate the complexities of an increasingly digital world?

The success of LBMC Technology Solutions is a testament to the growing importance of technology solutions in the business world. As businesses continue to adapt to new technologies and ways of working, companies like will play a critical role in helping them stay ahead of the curve.

LBMC understands these challenges and has made its mission to help businesses navigate the complexities of the digital world. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that their solutions are always cutting-edge and effective.

LBMC has a strong commitment to cybersecurity and data protection. As more businesses move their operations online, the threat of cyberattacks and data breaches has become more prominent. LBMC takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity, ensuring that their clients’ data is protected at all times.

What is your success strategy and vision of your company?

LBMC has successfully established a footprint in several industries, including healthcare, not-for-profit, manufacturing and distribution, and technology solutions for technology and SaaS companies. Their expertise in these industries has allowed them to provide tailored solutions that address the unique challenges faced by businesses in each sector.

In the healthcare industry, LBMC has helped medical practices, hospitals,
and other healthcare providers improve their operations through innovative technology solutions. Their cloud-based ERP and financial solutions have enabled healthcare providers to manage their finances more efficiently, while their intelligent automation and process automation solutions have helped streamline patient care and administrative processes.

For not-for-profit organizations, LBMC provides solutions that help these organizations manage their finances and operations more effectively. Their remote managed IT services have allowed not-for-profits to stay connected and productive, even when working remotely. Additionally, their cloud-based ERP and financial solutions have helped not-for-profits improve their financial management and accounting practices.

In the manufacturing and distribution sector, LBMC has helped businesses improve their supply chain management and inventory control processes. Their intelligent automation and process automation solutions have enabled manufacturers and distributors to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up employees to focus on more strategic activities.

With our proven track record in multiple industries, LBMC is well-positioned to continue to provide innovative technology solutions that help businesses thrive in an ever- changing digital world.

Your company started as an accounting firm and has come a long way; can you shed some light on the success of adopting newer technology and giving support to various industries?

LBMC has been successful in adopting newer technologies and providing support to the healthcare, not-for-profit, manufacturing and distribution, and technology industries for digital transformation, automation, and streamlining business processes and efficiencies.

The company’s focus on intelligent automation and process automation solutions has enabled them to help businesses across various industries to automate manual and repetitive tasks, freeing up time for employees to focus on more strategic activities. They have helped their clients achieve greater efficiencies by leveraging the latest technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML). LBMC has helped businesses in these industries with digital transformation initiatives, enabling them to become more agile and responsive to changing market conditions. The company has helped businesses implement cloud-based solutions that enable them to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. They have also helped businesses transition to more efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure, such as virtualization and software defined networks.

LBMC has helped healthcare providers streamline administrative processes, improve patient care, and reduce costs. For example, they have helped providers implement telemedicine solutions, allowing them to provide remote care to patients and reduce the need for in-person visits. They have also helped providers implement electronic health record (EHR) systems, enabling them to improve patient data management and streamline clinical workflows.

Similarly, for not-for-profit organizations, LBMC has helped these organizations automate fundraising processes, reduce administrative overheads, and improve donor engagement. They have helped not-for-profits implement digital marketing solutions that enable them to better reach their target audience and increase their fundraising efforts.

For manufacturing and distribution businesses, LBMC has helped automate inventory control processes and improve supply chain management. Their solutions have enabled these businesses to better manage their operations, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

What will be the future of business phones as every business needs communication and customer support?

The future of digital phones is bright, as communication remains an essential aspect of business operations. With the increasing reliance on technology, digital phones are likely to become more advanced, intuitive, and integrated with other business applications and systems. Digital phones are also likely to become more mobile and flexible, enabling employees to work from anywhere, at any time. Cloud-based phone systems are increasingly popular, allowing employees to access their phone system from any device with an internet connection. This flexibility can improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance collaboration.

Additionally, digital phones are likely to become more secure, with increasing attention being paid to cybersecurity. Phone systems are vulnerable to hacking and other security threats, and businesses need to ensure that their phone systems are secure to protect their sensitive data and operations.

Overall, the future of digital phones looks promising, with advancements in technology and integration with other business applications driving innovation and productivity. As businesses continue to rely on communication for success, digital phones will play an essential role in facilitating collaboration and enabling employees to work more effectively.

About the CEO

Stacy Schuettler is a key driver of the success of LBMC Technology Solutions, bringing her passion and expertise to the team. As the CEO, she has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and ensuring that the team works cohesively to achieve their goals over the last several decades. Stacy is a dedicated leader who has a wealth of experience in the technology industry, and she is committed to providing exceptional service to their clients. Under Stacy’s leadership, the team at LBMC has worked tirelessly to achieve this vision. The team is made up of highly skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. They are passionate about delivering innovative solutions to their clients and are committed to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

The team at LBMC Technology Solutions is not only dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions to their clients but is also passionate about supporting the non-profit industry. They believe that technology can play a crucial role in helping non-profits achieve their missions and make a bigger impact on our communities.

They are dedicated to providing exceptional service to their clients and making a positive impact on society. With the leadership of Stacy Schuettler and the commitment of the team, the company is well-positioned to continue to grow and succeed in the years to come.

“We are driven by a shared passion for technology, innovation, and social responsibility”

LBMC Technology Solutions is not only dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions to their clients but is also passionate about supporting the non-profit industry.

 Company Name : LBMC Technologies Solutions

 Website : www.lbmctech.com

 Management Team                                             Stacy Schuettler, Chief Executive Officer


The business world revolves by data, Oworkers fuels with annotation

Stephane Guillemin, Head of Development

Stephane Guillemin is Head of Development at Oworkers. Stephane Guillemin has over 25 years of experience managing different businesses in different countries and regions, mainly focusing on offshore outsourcing (offshoring), BPO, and ITO services. He has strong knowledge and expertise in outsourcing processes like data entry services, data annotation services, back-office services, IT outsourcing, etc. Stephane has served clients from around the world, including Madagascar, Mauritius, Philippines, Thailand, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, and Egypt.

Annotating the data

Oworkers manily focuses on data annotation, which is an integral part of various machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. It is also one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive parts of AI/ML projects. Data annotation is one of the top limitations of AI implementation for organizations. Annotation is the process of labelling data with relevant tags to make it easier for computers to understand and interpret. The data can be in the form of images, text, audio, or video, and data annotators need to label it as accurately as possible. Data annotation can be done manually by a human or automatically using advanced machine learning algorithms and tools.

Data being the fuel of the business in this digital world

Owrokers, make sure that data security and integrity are our first priorities as your multilingual business process outsourcing partner. Oworkers implement a very strict data security policy following the ISO 27001 framework, both in terms of ensuring adequate technology infrastructure and strong measures to ensure consistent implementation of data security best practices with our managers, employees, and IT departments. Our data security policy and processes ensure, for example, very strong physical access control, electronic access control, isolation control, pseudonymization, integrity, availability, and resilience, testing, assessment, and evaluation. This ensures 100% data integrity with zero possibility of breaches and errors.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the strictest and toughest privacy and security regulation in the world.

Although it was originally drafted and passed by the European Union (EU), the GDPR imposes obligations on any organizations located anywhere that target or collect data related to people in the EU. GDPR was put into effect on May 25, 2018, requiring companies processing EU data to keep an up-to-date and detailed list of their processing activities and be prepared to show these lists to regulators upon request.

Oworkers is a GDPR-compliant multilingual BPO company for all its centres, with super-strong security protocols for your data. You can ask us anytime for our GDPR data protection policy, our DPA (Data Processing Agreement) template, our SCC template (Standard Contractual Clauses), and we can also help you proceed with a DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment). Alternatively, you can talk directly with our DPO (Data Protection Officer) based in Europe. We are following the same policy and protocols for other similar laws such as the CCPA in the USA (California Consumer Privacy Act), the PIPL in China, or the Datenschutzgesetz in Switzerland.

Oworkers use the ISO 27001 protocol with very strong data security (2FA, SFTP, anonymizing, cold storage, password management, centralized antivirus/ antimalware control, etc.), and Oworkers are GDPR compliant.

Multi-dimension with a focus on influencing globally

Oworkers is a team of highly experienced multilingual business process outsourcing experts, accumulating more than 25 years of experience in the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry in different countries around the world. Oworkers multilingual BPO team is equipped with a strong knowledge of outsourcing best practices, Reaching KPIs like productivity rate & turnaround time, Strong QA (Quality Assurance) to ensure top accuracy in every project, Top online reporting, Knowledge and expertise to ensure the best possible tools and solutions are used in each project, With Oworkers, you can be sure that they will help you improve your cost-efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and operational excellence.

Oworkers can take care of the manual data entry tasks and validate huge datasets in documents. Aggregators, Marketplaces, e-commerce, e-travel, e-TRAVEL it tackles the high-volume data entry and categorization of large databases of products or services, common with eCommerce sites. It may also involve data categorization in third-party vendor catalogs with different taxonomies. Artificial Intelligence companies may decide to outsource the annotation labelling and categorization process of millions of images, videos, audio files, texts, and geotags for establishing the datasets used in the machine learning processes. Accounting firms help with the data entry processes for invoices or validating invoices while leveraging Optical Character Recognition tools.

New era of work culture shaping the world

Pandemic has changed the work culture throughout the world, especially in the IT industry, Data driven industry. Initially, it was hard to adapt to the situations, but now the work-from-home culture has taken a long way, which has resulted in higher productivity. Still, we do have our employees who work from home if it is necessary. Oworkers has the same technology as in the office, including centralized and remote antivirus, antimalware solutions, the same processes, and employees working from home with software like Traqq.

Women empowerment

Oworker employees in all our locations are under appropriate health care benefits and social security systems. Helping thousands of families all around the world to get better living conditions, especially in Madagascar and Egypt, where 75% of Oworkers are female, giving them tremendous advantages when compared to the current standards in these countries.

Oworkers is a multilingual data entry outsourcing service that offers fully managed & scalable data entry services & data processing services, including data categorization, data annotation, data validation, and data enrichment in 25+ languages, with multilingual capabilities in both a dedicated team model and a per project model.

Success of the company relies on client’s needs, mainly keeping committed to the client by making the process cost effective and work in turnaround time, encouraging the employee’s ideology to complete the work, strong team works round the clock. They have clear focus on things, Oworkers are masters instead proposing many services they make sure propose by experience they are master in projects.

“Communication is an art; Oworkers is a Multi-lingual artist”



 Company Name : Oworkers

 Website : www.oworkers.com

 Management Team                                           Head of Development : Stephane Guillemin


What is ATAD3, and how will it affect your capability to get a bank account for your offshore company?

Let’s face it, no one likes to pay taxes.

Entrepreneurs often seek to lower their tax expenses by establishing offshore entities or outsourcing certain part of the operations to lower tax jurisdictions. By doing so, companies can be exempt not only from accounting and bookkeeping, but also from tax obligations.  

The differences between countries in terms of regulatory and taxation practices via lawful and unlawful tax reduction methods have always been the interest of the global companies. However, the trend got more accurate with the globalisation and the increased usage of the internet to provide services to international markets.

Setting up an offshore entity in order to reduce tax costs was a classic case of the 80’s. The biggest accounting firms instantly specialised in tax planning and started to advise on the right setup. Their clients not only became the forefront users of the “offshore” loophole but actively looked for unique jurisdictions to further exploit various regulatory gaps. The once well-kept secret of the rich quickly became public knowledge when the Internet allowed more and more companies to offer their services worldwide. Companies discussed their tax treatment on the online forums and got hints and tips of their counterparts of how to eliminate supervisory checks and dues.

Being “local” expanded to “international” overnight and the regulatory and taxation framework could hardly keep up with the various creative ways of tax planning. Today even the smallest self-employed based companies can benefit about these unethical practises. Businesses targeting the global scale can not only take advantage of the different taxes but also the regulations.

However, there is a very thin line between the unethical but completely legal tax optimization, and illegal tax evasion.

During the tax optimization a business is planning their global operations in a way that the lowest tax jurisdiction collects most of the group’s profit, legally. The headquarters, the sister companies and IP rights are set in a way in various jurisdictions, that after providing actual services between companies of the group, the tax can be reduced. This practise using legitimate means to reduce tax liability, such as taking advantage of tax laws, regulations, and incentives to minimize the amount of tax owed. Tax optimization might be unethical but is definitely not illegal and is a common practice among individuals and businesses alike.

On the other hand, tax evasion is the illegal non-payment or underpayment of taxes by not reporting or falsely reporting taxable income or using illegal means to reduce tax liability. Companies usually issue fake invoices or agreements for services which has never taken place, with the goal to make the tax “disappear”. Classic case is when the offshore tax haven company offers management services for the actual company for millions of euros. It is a criminal offense and can result in severe penalties such as fines and imprisonment.

The AML (Anti-Money Laundering) measures were established in the 1980s. The first international AML standard was issued by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in 1989. The purpose of these measures was to combat money laundering activities and to ensure that financial institutions and other regulated entities had systems in place to detect and report suspicious transactions. Since then, AML laws and regulations have been continuously evolving and expanding globally to address new and evolving money laundering threats for all business which are connected globally thought the internet.

European Anti-tax Avoidance Directive 3 (ATAD 3) is part of this measures introduced by the European Union to tackle tax avoidance and promote tax fairness. It aims to prevent companies from artificially shifting profits to low-tax jurisdictions. ATAD 3 introduces additional measures to tackle cross-border tax avoidance, including rules on controlled foreign companies and exit taxation. The directive aims to ensure that multinational corporations pay their fair share of taxes in the EU and prevent the erosion of the EU’s tax base. ATAD3 combats the tax benefits given to companies who cannot prove their solid existence on the given market.

This effectively means that they must report on their substance, and, if insufficient, that they may face a denial of tax benefits under a tax treaty or EU Directive. ATAD3 will likely become effective in 2025.

Banking compliance for companies operating in offshore territories can be more complex due to the added regulatory and compliance requirements imposed by the country where the company is based. Banks are required to comply with a number of regulations, the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and AML, which are all designed to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes. Offshore jurisdictions are often considered high-risk due to the potential for tax evasion and other illicit activities. As a result, banks may be hesitant to do business with companies based in these jurisdictions and may impose stricter due diligence and compliance requirements. These may include additional documentation and reporting requirements, as well as increased monitoring of transactions to detect suspicious activity. Companies operating in these tax havens have a harder time to find banks willing to work with them.

As a rule of thumb, company substance should be provided if the company is operating in a low tax country, to justify why they are paying taxes in this jurisdiction. This means the company must have a local office with a utility bill on the name of the company, or at least a director who lives in the same country where the company is incorporated in, in order to prove that they are exercising the management and control from that country and that is the reason that they are paying less taxes, locally. Therefore, an offshore entity, without substance, can easily face a banking decision which denies opening a bank account or executing any transaction for them.

There are still certain banks and financial institutions who still have their risk appetite for offshore companies, but obviously the higher risk results higher fees and less reliability – because these banks and financial institutions are also lacking certain regulations which safeguards the companies’ funds.

When setting up a new structure or finding the relevant financial institutions to assist with the flow of funds supporting the company’s operations, we always have to keep in mind what is the benefit versus the cost. Many times, we see that setting up an offshore jurisdiction might benefit us in terms of easier bookkeeping and lower taxation while it also results increased banking, financial and exchange costs and risks.

It is recommended to have a payment consultant on board when planning taxes, establishing a new company, or evaluating the payment flow. Using a professional can cut short time on research and application but also can give more insights on the due diligence process when evaluating or entering new agreements with unknown financial institutions.

About the Founder:

Viktoria Soltesz is the Founder of the payment consulting firm PSP Angels, which helps online businesses optimise their payment flows and costs by finding the best payment and banking solutions. (pspangels.com) She is also a partner in a boutique firm in Malta that was founded to improve the payment processing infrastructure for clients in the iGaming industry. She has also run a finance and tax consulting firm in Cyprus for over 15 years now. (viktoriasoltesz.com) She has extensive experience with payment issues and high-risk industries. She used to lecture at the University of West London, and she is a regular speaker at iGaming, blockchain, fintech, and investment conferences.

“PSP Angels will tell you straight what works and what doesn’t. Working with us will save you an enormous amount of time and energy”

PSP Angels: Payment Service Provider and banking brokerage firm for online merchants

 Company Name : PSP ANGELS

 Website : www.pspangels.com

 Management Team                                       Viktoria Soltesz, Founder


Serving and Healing Heroes with Honor

Do you provide any specific training to your employee? Do you upgrade their skills with certification?

At Tactical Rehabilitation, we provide specialized training to our employees, and we believe in certifying ourselves as qualified individuals. For every role in our company, we adhere to industry specific training, and enhance with our internal training, to ensure every team member is qualified for the work they do. Beyond training and initial certification, we offer on-going training to ensure certified individuals maintain up-to-date information about their segment of our industry. In addition to the in-house company training that spans numerous areas from HIPAA to provide the best quality of service and respect to our patients and doctors, from our systematic training to teamwork, partnering, and leadership development, we require all employees to become certified in the industry segment. Our Patient Care Specialists must pass and maintain one or more, typically multiple, medical certifications relative to the work our team performs with patients. Our Medical Records and Billing Teams must pass certifications in these areas to be on the team.

As we work in the industry that has set payment values regardless of the quality of brand of product a provider brings to the military, and since we bring the best products, which usually cost us far more than other products, we could off lessor quality, it is imperative we foster excellence within our team and reward them for being that much better, slimmer margins require higher productivity and higher efficiencies in our operations. Better educated people make this possible and, more importantly, makes it far better care and concern for our patients, ensuring we serve them with the honor and respect they are certainly due.

Setting higher goals and expectations of our team members is also a critical path to a happier employee. Many come on board and, in the process, find the training and development a daunting task to meet just our minimum standards of knowledge, care, conduct, teamwork, and professionalism. However, we have this in bite sized step-by-step advancement through our readiness programmes, and as team members achieve each new level and step, a sense of pride and honor comes about them in achieving goals and becoming the best they can be.

 We also compensate for this excellence. Achieving critical steps in this path of education marks milestones for which we add compensation for our employees just for being excellent and carrying the certifications. As long as they retain those certifications, they get the extra compensation. This ensures continuous education is a crucial Three-way motivator that keeps our team highly educated and highly sought out by our doctors and patients. It is yet another element of our highly acclaimed “Tactical Experience.”

Can you explain to us why “Sole Supports custom orthotics” is the leading orthotics in the industry?

Tactical Rehabilitation partnered with Sole Supports as a strategic initiative to show the world, we would bring only the leading products to the US service members. “Sole Supports” Founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ed Glaser, developed the Mass Posture Theory, debunking the previous orthotic beliefs, and created a solution that actually heals not only the foot mechanics through proper fitting and wear, works to align the Musculo-skeletal system ensuring a better body frame to work from.

Dr.Glaser’s designs include: constant contact with the foot, which prevents slamming into the orthotic creating bruising and sore spots; maintaining maximum arch support in all gate aspects, ensuring the foot, over time, aligns itself back into proper mechanical positioning; weight calibrated to the individual person; a custom cast when the foot is at rest, creating the ability to capture the ability to heal as opposed to casting the foot when it is collapsed in its worst position, leaving no ability to improve one’s condition like almost all other orthotics.

There are a number of additional critical benefits that make “Sole Supports” the only real choice for patients and doctors that want to maximize healing.

Tactical Rehabilitation has the exclusive rights of “Sole Supports” product supply to US Military. We have brought new products in multi-functional TENS/IF/NMES that brings better quality and reduce the cost to the US Government. We are introducing a series of new top of the line market exceeding products in other areas this year again that will ensure better healing power and an increase in “service ready” status to our men and women in uniform.

Why specifically Tactical Rehabilitation serves only to the service members and other national security supporters?

Tactical Rehabilitation focuses their efforts on providing top of the line DME to Active-Duty service men & women, Veterans, and their families because, in 2013, our founder, David Marr recognized that there was a severe disparity in the quality of DME resources available to service men and women. Our team is passionate about improving the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for us.

What is the mission and vision of your company?

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and the highest level of service to all our patients. Our goal is to provide the service through highly trained team members with a heart for serving service members. We feel it is our honor to serve the men and women of the United States Military, and with the vast majority of our company having served in the military or a family member of one that has served the nation, it is our mission to bring the best possible care to those who are currently serving or have served the nation, and to their families.

What are the products & services provided by your company?

Tactical Rehab serves Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to active-duty service men & women, ex-service members & their families. Tactical Rehabilitation is the exclusive provider of “Sole Support Orthotics” to service members and offers custom casting and fitting of orthotics. We provide DME solutions to our patients with an intense focus on Bio-mechanical, Musculo-skeletal, non-pharmaceutical pain relief, and Para-Somnia based solitons.

What is the success story and initial struggle faced by your company?

Tactical Rehabilitation quickly gained traction with our patients and doctors as the only company particularly focused on serving the service men & women. This has gained attention and garnered considerable interest for us as a company that best understands our patients, their needs, and their struggles to become well again, and ensures we remain focused on well-qualified solutions.

Can you share us the professional history about your team and the CEO of the company?

Kevin MacRitchie is the Chief Executive Officer for Tactical Rehabilitation Inc., with over thirty years of experience working in Healthcare, Education, Government, and the IT industry. Kevin works tirelessly to combine technology-based initiatives and quality medical devices to create the best possible patient experience, earning the highly coveted IFAH Top 100 Healthcare Visionaries award in 2020-2021. Kevin specializes in high Customer Satisfaction, Information Technology, and Process Engineering Leadership to ensure the best possible healthcare for America’s heroes, our American Military and their families.

Karen Lyons leads the company’s financial, legal, compliance, and human resources operations across all areas. She also supports the company’s ongoing expansion efforts into new markets, both nationally and globally.            

Scott Forste is a Senior Manager of Operations East for Tactical Rehabilitation. He advocates for patient service that result in a shorter recovery time and long-term positive results. He is a strong believer in providing the highest quality care from dedicated and passionate medical professionals.

Ben Alicea is the Senior Manager of Operations West and serves as a Certified Pedorthist and Certified Orthotic Fitter to aid with all company and patient needs.

Kyle Meeks is the Senior Manager of Special Operations at Tactical Rehabilitation. He tackles problems and solutions through forward and outside-the-box thinking. Kyle finds alternative and more efficient business processes to ensure Tactical Rehabilitation stays on the cutting edge of the industry while preserving the excellence they strive for in serving the United States Military, Veterans, and their Families.

Our team is built by amazing individuals, with the majority coming from a military background. We are honoured to have received the Gold Standard award with HireVets in 2022 and the pending Platinum Level status for 2023.

 “We care about of all our veterans and service members”

 “We care for our veterans, service members and their families, who challenges their life for our civilian wellbeing”


 Company Name : Tactical Rehabilitation Inc

 Website : www.tacticalrehabdme.com

 Management Team                                           Kevin MacRitchie, Cheif Executive Officer     

 Karen Lyons, Chief Financial Officer/Chief   Legal  Officer                                                 

 Scott Forste, Senior Manager of Operations   East  

 Ben Alicea, Senior Manager of Operations   West                                                                   

 Kyle Meeks, Senior Manager of Special   Operations


Endiatx is ushering in a new era in diagnostic & interventional medicine using micro-robotics inside the human body

How does PillBot work, and how will it help humans medically?

PillBot uses technology from the world of multicopter flying drones to swim inside the human stomach just as drones fly through the air. This maneuverability will let us direct PillBot™ like a “moving eyeball in the stomach”, turning hospital visits into Zoom calls for millions of people in the upper endoscopy patient population. Differential thrust via pumpjets let the doctor move PillBot forward, backward, up, and down in order to see the entire inside of the stomach.

Please note that PillBot™ is still under development and not yet FDA-approved. But once we secure the approval of the FDA, we will help patients and doctors find illnesses at the earliest possible stage.

What are pill cameras, and how is PillBot different? Does it use artificial intelligence?

Pill cameras travel through the body under natural peristalsis, creating a visual record of their transit through the body. While useful, their passive nature has kept them from truly replacing powerful active procedures like the upper endoscopy or colonoscopy. We are losing people who suffer from pancreatic cancer because it’s hard to diagnose at an earlier stage. People finally feel symptoms at Stage 4, but at this terrifying last stage, we fail to save 97% of the people whose disease states we identify. Earlier diagnosis using PillBot will save human lives. Rather than a traditional passive camera, PillBot will act as a moving eyeball that the doctor can maneuver in order to make an early and easy diagnosis. You swallow PillBot just as you would swallow a multivitamin pill, without any sedation and with no preparation other than skipping one meal and drinking a couple glasses of water. Our actively moving robot pill gives doctors the ability to explore patient anatomy in real time. Further, artificial intelligence will be incorporated within PillBot to reduce physician workload. AI will take care of the boring tasks and cross-check human work, allowing physicians to focus on the most complicated problems.

What is the vision and mission of your company?

Endiatx envisions a world where micro-robotic surgeons travel everywhere in the human body, diagnosing and curing disease. We want to go all the way to rice grain size and even smaller – we want to do brain surgery! But we feel that the human stomach is the perfect place to begin this adventure. Just drink some water, swallow PillBot™, and go on a fantastic voyage with your doctor over a Zoom call.

What’s the future of micro-robotics within the human body?

There is nothing trivial about micro-robotics in the human body! We certainly have our work cut out for us in developing tiny swimming robot pills for the stomach. But the lifesaving and commercial opportunities become clear when we consider the alternative: bringing you to the hospital, knocking you out with drugs, and jamming a tube down your nose or throat. If we can demonstrate Safety and Efficacy in visualizing the human stomach over a Zoom call, we think we are onto something big. Our goal is to make having a quick look around ten times easier and cheaper than what a patient would typically go through with today’s standard of care.

Does PillBot have side effects or medical risks?

With our current technology, the radiation concern would primarily be a question of broadcasting our live video signal through human tissue using low frequency radio (400–1000 MHz range). Radio waves at these frequencies have been used safely for several decades by passive pill cameras. From a basic safety perspective, it’s very important for us to ensure that our robots do not break apart and spill their electronic contents inside the body. To that end, we make our shells from aerospace grade polycarbonate and similar engineering plastics and test them extensively to make sure that we cause no harm. We should note that, as our robots get smaller and smaller, we might eventually explore using tiny nuclear power cells! This would represent a truly new chapter in micro-robotic technology, but it’s only on the drawing board at this time. For now, we hope people will think of PillBot™ as a friendly little battery-powered swimmer that helps their doctor have a quick look around in their stomach.

What are the certificates or approvals provided to your company by the medical council? 

We think PillBot™ will probably receive a Class II rating by the FDA, and as such, we will be expected to conduct very serious clinical trials to bring into harmony three critical factors: we need to conclusively prove that our technology is Safe, Effective, and tied to a real clinical indication for use. We think that having a look around the stomach probably makes sense as a beachhead clinical indication. We should be clear that, at this stage, most of our work is going into getting these robots to function on the laboratory bench! The next few months will be extremely exciting for us.

What’s the CEO’s personal story? 

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Torrey Smith, has 17 years of experience in the med device startup scene in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has been fortunate enough to experience three successful exits (in Endometrial Ablation, Atherectomy, and Vascular Closure). Originally an aerospace engineer, he is passionate about merging the worlds of Deep Tech and Medicine, because we all deserve to live in a world where people can thrive and be healthy together.


“A Pill like rice grain will play a role as digital surgeon doctor” 



 Company Name : Endiatx

 Website : www.endiatx.com

 Management Team                                               Torrey Smith, Co-founder & CEO 


Vault Markets: Revolutionizing Forex Trading in Africa

Vault Markets is a rapidly emerging forex broker in Africa that is revolutionizing the way forex trading is done across the continent. With an extensive presence across the continent, boasting offices in Namibia, Tanzania, Swaziland, George, and Cape Town, Vault Markets has quickly established itself as the premier broker in Africa. The company takes pride in offering cutting-edge trading solutions that enable its clients to execute trades with unrivalled precision and timing, setting new standards in the financial technology industry.

The team at Vault Markets comprises experienced and passionate international traders from within the forex industry. The team strategically combines its expertise to focus on developing and empowering African forex markets to compete at a global scale. The team has over 40 years of combined experience in its Vault, which it shares with its valued brokers and clients to support their success and the prosperity of Africa as a whole.

Vault Markets understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing forex market. The company is committed to providing cutting-edge trading solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients. The company’s trading platforms are equipped with the latest technology, allowing for lightning-fast execution speeds and unparalleled precision and timing.

The company’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve has led to the development of innovative trading solutions that are revolutionizing the forex market in Africa. One such solution is the Vault Markets Mobile App, which allows traders to access the markets from anywhere at any time. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices and is designed to provide traders with the same level of functionality as the desktop platform. With the mobile app, traders can place orders, manage their accounts, and access market analysis and news, all from the palm of their hands. 

Vault Markets provides a range of account types to cater to the diverse needs of its clients. Vault Markets offers a diverse range of account types to cater to the different needs and preferences of its clients. Traders can choose from various account options with different benefits, features, and minimum deposit requirements. The account types are designed to provide flexibility and cater to different levels of traders, from beginners to experienced traders. Clients can choose from accounts with no bonuses, standard accounts with competitive spreads and high leverage, and specialized accounts with exclusive benefits such as tighter spreads, priority execution, and access to personalized trading resources.

 Account Types:

100% Bonus Account

  1. Account Name: VAULT 100
  2. Minimum Deposit: $5
  3. Leverage: 1:500
  4. Spreads: From 1 pip
  5. Instruments: Forex, Shares, Indices
  6. Platform: MT4
  7. Bonus: Included (100%)
  8. Withdrawals: Instant

200% Bonus Account


  1. Account Name: VAULT 200
  2. Minimum Deposit: $5
  3. Spread: 1 Pip
  4. Instruments: Forex, Shares, Indices
  5. Platform: MT4
  6. Bonus: Included
  7. Withdrawals: Instant

No Bonus Account


  1. Account Name: VAULT NO BONUS
  2. Minimum Deposit: $5
  3. Leverage: 1:500
  4. Spreads: From 1 pip
  5. Instruments: Forex, Shares, Indices
  6. Platform: MT4
  7. Withdrawals: Instant

Islamic / Swap Free Account

  1. Account Name: VAULT SWAP FREE
  2. Minimum Deposit: $100
  3. Leverage: 1:500
  4. Spreads: From 1 pip
  5. Instruments: Forex, Shares, Indices
  6. Platform: MT4
  7. Withdrawals: Instant

Zero Spread Account


  1. Account Name: VAULT ZERO
  2. Minimum Deposit: $100
  3. Leverage: 1:500
  4. Spreads: From 0 pips
  5. Instruments: Forex, Shares, Indices
  6. Platform: MT4
  7. Withdrawals: Instant

1:1000 Leverage Account


  1. Account Name: VAULT 1000
  2. Minimum Deposit: $100
  3. Leverage 1:1000
  4. Spreads from 1 Pip
  5. Instruments: Forex, Shares, Indices
  6. Platform MT4
  7. Withdrawals: Instant

Vault Micro Account

  1. Account Name: VAULT MICRO
  2. Minimum Deposit: R10
  3. Instruments: Forex, Shares, Indices
  4. Platform: MT4
  5. Withdrawals: Instant

Vault Markets is committed to providing its clients with the tools and support they need to succeed in the forex market. The company’s customer support team is available 24/7 to assist clients with any questions or concerns they may have. The team is made up of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.

In addition to its commitment to its clients, Vault Markets is also committed to the prosperity of Africa as a whole. The company believes that by empowering African forex markets, it can help to create a more equitable and prosperous future for all. To this end, the company has established partnerships with local organizations and initiatives aimed at promoting financial education and literacy across the continent. 

Vault Markets’ commitment to its clients and to the prosperity of Africa as a whole has not gone unnoticed. The company has received numerous accolades and awards for its innovative trading solutions.

Meet Devron Johnson, Head of FICA

Devron Johnson began his trading career as a customer support agent, where he gained valuable industry experience and developed a deep understanding of client needs. His expertise in the role led him to become a unique support specialist, allowing him to hone in on the nuances of the position. From there, he worked his way up to becoming a team leader, extending his leadership skills and expanding his technical knowledge. Devron’s exceptional understanding of the industry and technical expertise enabled him to eventually ascend to the position of head of the support department. Continuing his career development, Devron then transitioned into the compliance/FICA space, where he currently leads the department.

Vaultmarkets (Pty) Ltd. is a product of 1st Fintech Capital (Pty) Ltd, South Africa, with company number 2020/936466/07.

 Company Name : VaultMarkets (Pty) Ltd

 Website : www.vaultmarkets.trade

 Management Team                                               Devron Johnson, Head of FICA 


Welcome2Africa International acts as a connecting bridge between global investors and the African continent

What are the industry investors you focus on?
We have successfully established an ecosystem of global investors through many years of promoting investment and trade via conferences in Luxembourg, Belgium, London, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Ghana, and Nigeria. As a consequence, we have a broad investor network that includes Fund managers, Investment banks, Commercial banks, Microfinance Banks, PE/VC Firms, Foundations, Family offices, Angel Investors, Impact investors, Multinationals, Federal MDAs, NGOs, DFIs, Donor agencies and HNIs.

We tend to focus on international investors with keen interest in emerging markets; such as Africa, or those seeking to create social and environmental impact whilst
generating financial returns. We understand the diversity in investment preferences and philosophies, hence our premise for establishing our investor club – a growing global network of private and institutional investors looking to unlock the capital for good. Currently with over 100 members with investment commitments exceeding $10M, the investor club accommodates varying thesis and serves as an alternative
vehicle to deploy financial resources to agribusiness solving Africa’s most pressing challenges.

Africa has been projected as the poorest continent without any resources. How do you approach your investors and make them understand that this is a land of business opportunity?

On the contrary, Africa is a region blessed with over a thousand natural resources, ranging from fossil fuels, precious stones, metals, arable land, large forests, and inland fisheries. Africa is a major producer of important metals and minerals, with the two most profitable mineral resources been gold and diamonds, which represent about 20% of the world’s total production. Been home to the largest deposits of oil and natural gas, second to Asia, oil exploration represents the bulk of the continent’s GDP. On average, forest products account for over 6% of Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP), more than any other continent. Africa’s abundant forest covers 0.8 hectares per person, compared with 0.6 hectares globally. In central and western Africa alone, the forest cover is the heaviest and contributes more than 60% of GDP. Africa’s fishing industry provides income to more than 10 million people and has an annual export value of $2.7 billion. We are also major players in the marine
fish market, exporting between 80 and 90 percent of fish annually, with extensive inland fisheries that contain more than 3,000 fish species and account for two-thirds of global inland fish production. Food security frames our investment philosophy. As ecosystem enablers, we hope to keep supporting players towards building an Africa that can feed itself and others, hence our sector focus on agriculture. Agricultural production is the most important sector in most African countries, averaging 24% of the GDP for the region, with the World Bank estimating that agriculture and
agribusiness are projected to be a USD 1 trillion industry in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) by 2030, compared to USD 313 billion in 2010. The African agricultural sector employs 65% of labor, but it remains one of the most financially underserved, attracting less than 1% of commercial lending. With a population of over 200 million people, Nigeria accounts for almost half of West Africa’s population. With an estimated NGN1.3 trillion paid annually in food imports of four major commodities alone—wheat, rice, sugar, and fish—food production has not kept pace with population growth. Import dependency, although slightly reduced, is displacing local production and creating rising unemployment. However, there is a renewed focus on growing the non-oil sector of the economy, and the agro-industry is experiencing a renaissance with dedicated government policies geared towards encouraging farmers and investors.

The lack of finance is widely recognized as a perennial constraint on agricultural performance, whether among large agribusinesses or smallholders. At the same time, interest in Africa among foreign investors, pension funds, and foreign banks in direct investments and loans is at an all-time high, but tapping that potential requires the identification of viable and sustainable projects that pay attention to mitigating social risks. There is a huge funding gap that investors can leverage to unlock their capital for good.

How do you assure your investors both returns and tax benefits?

Our investment theme focuses on social and environmental impacts whilst generating financial returns. With a “profit for a purpose” standpoint, investors can generate superior returns by leveraging Africa’s enormous potential through value chain optimization and bridging the financing gap for MSMEs in the agricultural sector. Considering that investments in emerging markets can be highly risky and rewarding at the same time, we leverage our team of in-house experts to ensure proper streamlining of the deal pipeline through the conduct of complex financial analysis to provide optimal risk-adjusted returns. Through our accelerator program, we hand- hold entrepreneurs in solving Africa’s most pressing challenges to ensure the highest probability of their long- term success. Our services don’t just stop at capital raising; we provide technical assistance to these MSMEs from deal origination to execution.

Nigeria has various tax incentives intended to encourage investment in key sectors of the economy. These include: tax holidays, rural location incentives, export incentives, the export expansion grant (EEG) scheme, interest incentives, tourism incentives, investment allowances, foreign tax credits, etc. Through strategic partnerships with local players, foreign investors can be eligible for tax exemptions.

Driving investors around the globe to the African continent is the biggest challenge. How do you overcome the challenges? Let us know your success story.
Welcome2Africa International was built on the backbone of changing the African narrative. We were founded upon the initial vision to redefine Africa’s image, which has been severely misconstrued over the years. On a mission to become the center of excellence for the deployment of investment and trade into and across the African continent, we combine our knowledge dissemination endeavours, bespoke client services, and innovative programs to produce an Africa that can feed itself and others.

Convening international stakeholders hasn’t been a walk in the park. We faced challenges such as insecurity, unfavorable governmental policies, lack of critical infrastructure, language and cultural barriers, and diplomatic challenges, amongst others. However, by deploying our total customer solution model, we checkmate some of these perceived challenges. Through strategic partnerships with foreign developmental agencies, we align ourselves with the agricultural mandate of their delegations, who assist in ensuring the success of some of our activities.

By providing value-added services to participants in our events/conferences, we ensure equitable outcomes by spear-heading investment facilitation processes. On the demand side, we have an accelerator programme, which is a world-class program where agribusinesses are groomed, invested in, and provided with support to give them the highest probability of long-term success. We also have an investment advisory service where we assist mid-stage to large agribusinesses to access the required capital for business operations and expansions. Accordingly, on the supply side, we have an investor club, which is an evolving network of individual and institutional investors looking to sustainably grow their wealth by investing in vetted and verified deals. We are also in the process of closing out a $100M Agri-Impact Fund targeting early- to mid-stage social enterprises with high growth potential.

Over the years, we have successfully conducted over 20 local and international conferences with 1M+ attendees ranging from Angel Investors, Impact investors,
Multinationals, Federal parastatals, NGOs, DFIs, Donor agencies, HNIs to Agribusinesses, Fund managers, Investment banks, Commercial banks, Microfinance Institutions, PE/VC Firms, Foundations, Family offices etc.
In line with our overarching vision, we are currently organizing trade missions around priority commodities in Nigeria for the 2023 fiscal year. Our commodities of focus include Wheat, Shea, Oil Palm, Ginger and Cashew.

What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your biggest goal for the
As an organization, our biggest achievement is facilitating investments of $25Mn + and trade of 200,000 MT+ of Agro-commodities both locally and internationally. By matchmaking foreign off-takers with local producers, we take advantage of comparative advantage by ensuring production output meets aggregate demand. Our entrepreneurs are solving problems in the areas of farmer income, mechanization, food security, and sustainability, which represents the bulk of challenges encountered in the Agri-industry. Our work has impacted over 600,000 smallholder farmers in Nigeria.

Our biggest goal for the future is to close our $100M Agri-Impact Fund by 2024. In collaboration with DLM Capital Group – the fund manager, we look to bridge the funding gap for the “missing middle,” who represent the engine of Africa’s agricultural sector. By identifying and supporting early- to mid-stage social enterprises, this fund would create 2M+ jobs (70% target for women and youth) and lift 10M+ smallholder farmers out of poverty at the end of its 10-year lifecycle.

About the Founder:

Our Founder, Bamidele, was born and bred in London. As a child, she always thought Africa was a continent filled with tiny huts and large forests. Upon her visit to Nigeria in her 20s, she was shocked but pleasantly surprised to meet a growing economic powerhouse but one riddled with challenges. She was particularly interested in agriculture because in the ‘land of plenty’, its people were starving. There and then, she made up her mind to lead the force driving change in the African narrative as well as to build an Africa that can feed itself and others; thus, Welcome2Africa was born. Welcome2Africa International is a female-led investment and trade facilitation company with a focus on Africa’s Agricultural sector.

“Land of opportunity for investment returns”

“Investment Guide who has Smarter step of global eye”



 Company Name : Welcome2Africa   International

 Website : www.welcome2africaint.com

 Management Team                                                 Bamidele Seun Owoola, Founder & CEO 


Xsolla reconceptualize videogame developer and pools with revenue

How do your company act as a bridge between videogame developer and subscriber/player?

Xsolla provides an exhaustive set of tools for developers to launch and manage their games effortlessly. We have setup a platform where it allows the developers to gain users through acquisition campaigns, they can monitor and make analysis according, we have highly secured payment gateway which makes sure that the privacy of gamer and the company. We keep ensured that all payments are secure and adequately tracked on both sides. Xsolla provides developers with the ability to accept payments from a global audience through more than 200 payment methods in countries around the globe. We provide streamline experience to our connected developers which allows them to maximize their revenue potential.

Hackers/Scammers are the threat in the internet world, that too specifically in the online gaming industry, how do you protect the subscribers/online player from them?

Xsolla takes multi-layered approach on protecting our gamers from hackers / scammers: We have created a highly secured and advanced fraud detection technology, the technology team works round the clock highly professionally, ethically to eradicate the threats with update using technologies. This ensures that malicious activity is quickly identified and blocked before it can harm our subscribers.

Xsolla offers specialized tools, such as two-factor authentication and identity verification services, to increase the security of online players. We also actively monitor suspicious activities across multiple channels and alert relevant authorities when necessary. Our team of experts regularly reviews industry standards and ensures that our technological safeguards remain up to date with the latest advances in cybersecurity.

What is the vision and mission of your company?

Xsolla is a global video game commerce company with a robust and powerful set of tools and services designed specifically for the industry. Since 2005, Xsolla has helped thousands of game developers and publishers of all sizes fund, market, launch, and monetize their games globally and across multiple platforms. As an innovative leader in game commerce, Xsolla’s mission is to solve the inherent complexities of global distribution, marketing, and monetization to help our partners reach more geographies, generate more revenue and create relationships with gamers worldwide. Xsolla is headquartered and incorporated in Los Angeles, California, with offices in Berlin, Seoul, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, and cities around the world. Xsolla supports major gaming companies like Valve, Twitch, Roblox, Ubisoft, Epic Games, KRAFTON, Nexters, NetEase, Playstudios, Playrix, miHoYo, Pearl Abyss, NCSoft, and more.

How do your company raise funding for a start-up game developer? And what all the criteria should a game developing company meet to get the funding?

Xsolla Funding Club is the world’s first digital platform for game financing and acceleration. It provides game developers access to global investors, accelerators, and other resources needed to create successful projects. Xsolla Funding Club helps developers find the right partners for their projects and provides guidance on what to do to succeed.

Xsolla Accelerator is a start-up program specifically designed for game studios and indie developers. Xsolla Accelerator offers financial support, mentoring from industry experts, workshops, networking events and more resources needed to launch successful gaming projects. By providing game developers with access to reputable investors, mentors and workshops, the Xsolla Funding Club and the Xsolla Accelerator offer invaluable resources that can give developers a competitive edge in the gaming industry. With these platforms, developers can quickly raise their capital and create successfully engaging games with more powerful and efficiency than ever before. These platforms provide developers with the opportunity to bring their projects to market faster than ever, and potentially reach a wider audience.

We look forward to know the struggles faced during your initial stage and how the founder has overcome, and what suggestion he would give it to future entrepreneurs?

We had strategy to overcome the challenges, being one of the pioneer in the gaming industry fundraiser, we had to plan and make step by step process with practical experience. The real time experience is different from theoretical ground, we had approached our business plan with what is the potential in the future and gain the faith of our esteemed customers. Xsolla has adopted an agile approach to problem solving by using the latest technologies and tools. In addition, Xsolla implemented comprehensive market research and analysis processes to assess their progress and identify areas for improvement.

To ensure success, Xsolla recommends entrepreneurs focus on creating a clear vision for their businesses’ future. In addition, Xsolla advises on creating realistic goals based on the needs of its customers and finding ways to effectively measure progress toward their goals. Xsolla also suggests a solid understanding of market trends and the use of technology to stay ahead of its competitors. Finally, Xsolla stresses the importance of building solid relationships with partners and customers to promote trust and open communication. With this approach, entrepreneurs can be sure they have the tools necessary for success.

Can you provide some information about the founder and members of Xsolla? What leadership qualities have they exhibited that have contributed to the success and growth of the company?

Konstantin Golubitsky (KG) attended UCLA Anderson School of Management, Stanford Business School, and Harvard Business School and received many of the same executive certifications. KG began his journey with Xsolla as a system architect, and then moved to CTO. At the end of November 2021, he was officially announced as Xsolla’s new CEO.

Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla, is an award-winning Interactive Executive and Studio Head with experience in managing operations and market strategies in all segments of the video game industry. His extensive background and skills include leading multi-team studios and global interactive business units with over 300 employees at companies such as Activision, DreamWorks Animation, Survios, Skydance and Xsolla. As an avid gamer, Chris has incorporated this passion into his successful career. Chris has a successful combination of creative and business skills, with over 50 games designed and produced, generating more than $1B in sales. This is a rare combination in an ever-changing industry. His unique skill set combines a developer’s design and production skills, the company and strategic understanding of a publisher, and a media executive’s brand and marketing sensibilities. This triple-threat combination is rare and makes him an invaluable asset to any team.


“Xsolla Gamers are Gratified”

 Company Name : Xsolla (USA), Inc

 Website : www.xsolla.com

 Management Team                                     Konstain Golubitsky, Chief Executive Officer     Chris Hewish , President


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