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Rockstar’s GTA 6 allegedly had gameplay videos leak.

One of the largest breaches in gaming history occurred when a hacker published gameplay from Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto game.

Nearly 90 films of game footage with interfaces and debug code running were found in a data trove that PC Gamer obtained through a GTAForums post made by the accused hacker themself, supporting the claims that they were made.

The hacker, who goes by the username “teapotuberhacker” on the GTAForums, also claims to be the one behind the most recent Uber hack and says they obtained the footage by breaking into a Rockstar employee’s Slack account—the same method used in Uber’s significant breach.

Several of the leaked footage show both male and female main characters, which is consistent with recent rumours about what to expect in the upcoming game. The gameplay footage leaked also depicts a fictitious Miami, Florida-based metropolis, which is consistent with previous rumours about the sixth installment’s changes to the series.

The released films prominently display an older model, suggesting they may date from around 2017.

Rockstar pushed out the “Thank You” credits from GTA V Online and the main game earlier in September 2022 on their website, which many people interpreted as a sign that it was ending active work on the protracted GTA V to concentrate more heavily on the impending sequel.

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