Home Industry Solis unveils its new Sixth Generation three-phase hybrid inverter.

Solis unveils its new Sixth Generation three-phase hybrid inverter.

This webinar will explain the benefits of the new Solis S6 hybrid inverter to anyone installing, investing in, or selling solar PV equipment. With energy prices expected to rise further, energy storage becomes an increasingly important option for many.

Choosing the right solution for the right scenario is critical, and Solis will explain why this inverter is the best option, highlighting technological advancements over its predecessor, the S5.

Energy usage requirements vary by country, and this inverter allows for customization to meet the needs of each market.

Compatibility with a wide range of battery brands ensures that users are not restricted to a single storage solution or by potential supply constraints. It is also possible to connect up to ten units to create a 100kW PV-plus-storage system.

SolisCloud is a newly enhanced monitoring platform that can be free of charge connected to any solar PV system, storage or otherwise.

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