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To create more useful bots for Slack, Salesforce acquired Troops.ai.

Troops.ai, a prominent supplier of a revenue communications solution intended to enhance forecasting, velocity, visibility, and team collaboration, has been acquired by Salesforce.

The details of the arrangement were kept under wraps, however Salesforce stated that Troops will merge with Slack in Q2 2023 once the acquisition complete.

Dan Reich, the CEO of Troops.ai, stated in a blog post that the company’s founding goal was to reinvent how work is accomplished. They made an effort to increase productivity, teamwork, and intelligence at work. He continued by saying that this announcement is an amazing turning point for the troops. They appreciate the support and participation of their employees, community, esteemed clients, partners, and investors.

Dan Reich, Greg Ratner, and Scott Britton founded Troops.ai in 2016 with the goal of streamlining team communication by pushing and retrieving customer relationship management data in Salesforce utilising Slack as a channel. Ratner was the director of technology at Deep Focus, Britton was a former employee of the online company management platform SinglePlatform, and Reich had previously co-founded the social analytics firm Spinback.

Since Salesforce bought Slack, the chat platform’s continued popularity has been profitable for the company.

RPM and a variety of additional “Care from Anywhere” services are now available in the Salesforce Health Cloud.

This past week, Salesforce Health Cloud announced a collection of new technologies intended for linked health, prescription management, remote patient monitoring, and other uses.

According to Salesforce, the new capabilities were created to assist healthcare providers in streamlining operations, improving patient outcomes, and reaching patients wherever they are—at home, at work, or on the go.

They contain resources referred to be Remote Patient Exception Monitoring, which were created to make it possible to remotely collect patient physical information, such as vital signs, without requiring patients to visit the office.

In order to speed up patient check-in, Salesforce’s Intelligent Appointment Management is designed to help patients schedule appointments on their desktops or mobile devices, select call centre alternatives, and complete pre-visit questionnaires.

The recently released medication-management tool integrates with RxNorm, linking clinical drug vocabularies across various drug interactions and pharmacy management platforms, and provides a consolidated list of patients’ medications for pharmacists, clinicians, and other providers to view and manage.

Expanded HIPAA compliance, according to Salesforce, can assist home healthcare professionals in scheduling appointments, reviewing patient information, and planning visits. More alternatives for care at home, the urge for healthcare delivery in non-traditional locations, and the COVID-19 pandemic have recently been driving forces for innovations in healthcare.

Salesforce informs staff that it will assist them in relocating so they can obtain abortion

In response to an anticipated decision from the U.S. Supreme Court that will overturn Roe v. Wade, Salesforce informed employees in a Slack message that the company would assist them in relocating so they could get abortions or other medical procedures.

Brent Hyder, president and chief people officer of Salesforce, stated in the Slack post that if staff members had any worries about having access to necessary medical care in their state, Salesforce would either relocate them and their immediate family or offer financial support for travel, available through their healthcare providers.

Salesforce and other corporate behemoths have pledged to pay for employees’ potential travel expenses for abortions. After a Supreme Court draught judgement leaked last week reflecting the high court’s apparent plan to reverse the landmark 1973 decision that made access to a safe abortion a constitutional right, they made that choice known to their staff.

The nonprofit Guttmacher Institute estimates that, of the 50 states in the United States, 26 would probably outlaw abortion if Roe is reversed.

Brent Hyder linked staff members to internal resources on moving and travelling for abortion services. Lori Castillo Martinez, the company’s chief equity officer, he claimed, wanted to emphasise how extremely personal the recent abortion news was for many people, particularly women.

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