Home Industry After an extensive outage, Rogers will spend $7.7 billion on AI testing.

After an extensive outage, Rogers will spend $7.7 billion on AI testing.

Just weeks after reporting network faults that resulted in significant disruptions across Canada, Rogers Communications Inc. announced it would invest C$10 billion ($7.74 billion) over the next three years in artificial intelligence (AI), improved testing, and monitoring.

A formal agreement between carriers to immediately switch 911 calls to each other’s networks—even in a network failure on the part of any telecom carrier—has advanced, according to Tony Staffieri, Chief Executive Officer of Rogers Communications, a Canadian communications company.

Staffieri said on Sunday that he thought that this was the only sensible course of action and that he was dedicated to making it feasible for all Canadians.

In order to ensure that clients do not once again experience an outage with cellular and internet services, CEO Staffieri stated that the company is physically segregating wireless and internet services in order to build a “always on” network.

Rogers Communications experienced a problem earlier in July 2022 that lasted over 19 hours and affected a variety of services, including banking, emergency 911 calls, and flights. 2.25 million retail internet subscribers and about 10 million wireless subscribers are served by Rogers.

The Canadian government has also commissioned an investigation and requested telecom companies consent to create communication standards to better educate the public within 60 days.

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