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Using this EVM-based blockchain, TRON integrates

Justin Sun made another declaration regarding the Tron Heco merger after disclosing his Huobi Token holding. The Heco developers will now work with the Tron and BitTorrent chain environment, according to the announcement from the founder of Tron.

The announcement claims that the developers’ sustained efforts to combine different chains led to the Tron Heco merger endeavour. When the BitTorrent Chain testnet debuted last year, the team prepared to support Heco chain in the public sphere.

According to Justin Sun, the ecosystem would pool funds to gather all Heco developers in this situation to expand on the TRON and BitTorrent chain. The community reacted well to the news of the Heco takeover.

On October 14th, Sun claimed he currently controls tens of millions of Huobi Tokens.

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