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InteLogix’s Global Expansion: Strengthening the Fabric of Global Connectivity

InteLogix's Global Expansion: Strengthening the Fabric of Global Connectivity

In a world that’s rapidly globalizing, a company’s commitment to growth and adaptation is imperative. InteLogix, a pioneering entity that transcends the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector, with its deep roots of more than 65 years in onshore offices across the US, embodies this spirit of innovation and expansion. Today, we journey through InteLogix’s robust global footprint, highlighting successes of the past and gazing towards a promising future.

Legacy of Excellence Born in the US
Six and a half decades ago, InteLogix laid its foundation in the United States, starting with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Over the years, the company not only thrived in its physical locations but embraced the rise of remote work, ensuring an expansive reach across multiple states.

As the industry’s demands shifted over the decades, InteLogix has adapted and grown in tandem. Today, the brand represents resilience, innovation, and a dedication to serving clients, offering tailored end-to-end solutions across a vast array of sectors. This includes a robust Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) branch, under the former company name of GC Services Powered by InteLogix. Embracing a strategy that harmoniously marries technology with human ingenuity, their principal service encompasses crafting integrated solutions that cover the entire customer experience journey. From customer onboarding to ARM, InteLogix remains steadfast in its mission to make lives better.

InteLogix’s Defining Advantage on the World Stage

In the realm of global business expansion, InteLogix distinctly carves its niche, setting it a league apart from its contemporaries. It’s the combination of legacy with forward-thinking strategies that truly distinguishes InteLogix. As industries expand and globalize, InteLogix has been agile, embracing cutting-edge technology and tailoring solutions that resonate with the needs of a dynamic global clientele. Beyond just the tangible services, the company’s ethos is anchored in surpassing client expectations and fostering deep-rooted, value-centric relationships.

 Dennis Mara, InteLogix’s Chief Financial Officer, has been instrumental in creating a culture of success by fostering highly effective teams fueled by global talent. He is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of leaders to meet business challenges with innovative solutions that span across borders. This unyielding commitment to excellence and adaptability has positioned InteLogix as a frontrunner in the global arena, ensuring its services are relevant and transformative in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Broadening Horizons to Asia
2011 marked a significant milestone in InteLogix’s timeline. Taking flight globally, they ventured offshore to The Philippines, opening doors to a plethora of opportunities in the customer experience and collections space. Today, The Philippines site and remote workforce abroad stand as a testament to their relentless drive, as InteLogix plans for further expansion in the country due to its success and promise.

El Salvador: The New Frontier
Fast forward to July 2023, InteLogix further stamped its global mark by opening its first nearshore site in El Salvador. But why El Salvador? This decision did not come lightly as InteLogix leadership ventured to find its perfect match for expansion.

In our interview with Mr. Mara, we uncovered a bit of the strategy behind this development. “My role as CFO involves forward-thinking, and I see El Salvador’s progressive infrastructure as a promising avenue for optimal ROI, cementing our decision as both tactical and economically prudent for our clients.”

Investinelsalvador.gob.sv provides insight into the nation’s strengths that played a significant role in Intelogix’s decision:

  • Productive Labor Force: Recognized globally for its industriousness, efficiency, and commendable work ethic, approximately 55% of El Salvador’s labor force is under 40, making it a predominantly young and highly productive nation. “Leveraging El Salvador’s rich reservoir of skilled professionals, we are not merely recruiting; we are investing in our future.” Mara cites “the unparalleled dedication and leadership exhibited by this workforce promise to underpin success across numerous business objectives.”
  • Competitive Costs: It’s not just about hard work; it’s about smart economics. El Salvador ranks among the top in cost-competitive countries to set up a business. Notably, San Salvador, the nation’s capital, is highlighted by fDi Intelligence as one of the most cost-effective locations on the continent. Mara states, “Our decision to expand globally is as much a financial strategy as it is a commitment to our brand’s ethos. El Salvador aligns with our fiscal objectives and brand principles, and the country’s favorable economic landscape presents undeniable financial advantages.”
  • Monetary Stability: For investors, stability is a significant draw. With its dollarization in 2001, El Salvador eradicated foreign exchange risk, ensuring a stable environment marked by low inflation rates.
  • Cutting-Edge Infrastructure: When the World Economic Forum places El Salvador’s infrastructure among the most competitive in Latin America, it’s an endorsement hard to overlook. Efficient ports, roads, and airports backed by advanced telecommunications and electricity markets are the nation’s pride.
  • Gateway to Global Markets: El Salvador’s trade agreements span globally, granting preferential access to over 1.2 billion consumers in 42 countries. From the US and European Union to South Korea and Taiwan, the list is expansive and impressive.
  • Strategic Location: Time zones matter, and El Salvador’s alignment with U.S. Central Standard Time (CST) is quite advantageous. Its geographical position ensures quick access to major cities in North and South America. Additionally, it acts as a bridge between oceans and is proximate to key maritime routes, including the Panama Canal.

With these strengths, the decision to venture into El Salvador was clearly strategic and forward-thinking. Not to mention, the early results are promising. Visiting clients already applaud the leadership at this location, particularly emphasizing the exemplary leadership of Country Manager Miguel Schettini’s. The El Salvador location has swiftly built solid and trustworthy relationships with clients who say, “Your people just get it.”

Modern Infrastructure and Benefits
Ensconced in a chic building, the InteLogix El Salvador office is exceeding the evolving needs of its growing client portfolio. With the country’s Human Resources leader, Adriana Posada, being a labor law attorney, the site’s practices are employee-centric and empowering.

Ongoing Modernization and Evolution of Latin America
Traveling internationally can be stressful for the most experienced travelers. Ensuring comfort and safety at their location, InteLogix El Salvador is strategically situated across the street from the US Embassy in San Salvador, which is constantly under vigilant security. This is in addition to InteLogix’s host and transportation services for visiting clients while in the country.

Nearby hotel options like Fairfield Marriott and Courtyard Marriott, connected to a state-of-the-art open-air mall, provide a slice of familiar comfort. While reflecting local charm, the area offers Americanized conveniences like Starbucks and Subway. Everything, including the mall and hotels, is a mere 10-minute drive from the InteLogix site.

Looking Beyond Boundaries

InteLogix’s global footprint is more than just offices in different locations; it’s a commitment to harnessing the strengths of each region to provide unparalleled service while meeting underlying client requirements. “Our global strategy revolves around holistic financial growth that enriches all our partners, from employees to clients. El Salvador emerges as a nexus where these aspirations intersect, solidifying its role in InteLogix’s international endeavors,” Mara states. From the US to the Philippines and now El Salvador, they are crafting a brighter, interconnected future, one office at a time.

  Company Name :  InteLogix

  Website: www.intelogix.com

  Management Team                                         

  Mario Baddour, CEO & President
  Dennis Mara, Chief Financial Officer
  Sandy Ellis, Senior Vice President of Sales &     Marketing
  Elizabeth Mayes, Senior Vice President of           Human  Resources                    

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