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WebAccountPlus – Worldwide Digitalization Solution Provider

WebAccountPlus - Worldwide Digitalization Solution Provider

What are the services provided by your company and how do you differ from your competitors?

We are the first and so far, only company in the world to offer complete digitalization for SMEs on a cloud platform (physical mail, accounting services, expense and invoice management, bank account reconciliation, automated accounting, CRM, analytics, strategic consulting, fields of action, securities, HR, financing applications, investment orders, automated and configurable monitoring of all company data and ALL IN REAL TIME).

We digitize a fiduciary company 100% and offer a completely new TOM (Target Operating Model) for it – ready to operate and not only on paper.

A unique DIGITAL CORPORATE ADVISOR enables the SME to self-service important information, suggestions, and actions without further business knowledge. Problems can thus be tackled by themselves – and an external expert can be called in at any time if necessary.

Business banking, on the other hand, is virtually completely digitized and automated corporate consulting or hybrid consulting is made possible. We offer banks automated lead generation and fully automated credit monitoring. These are annual savings in the 2-digit millions range – within 3 months a bank is fully digitized in business banking.

For the first time ever for banks, fiduciaries and business consultants, strategy consulting for micro and small businesses including automated monitoring and reporting in case of non-achievement of predefined targets can be done on our platform.

We provide the complete 1st ever Eco System for companies of all sizes and in all countries.

Conclusion: There may be competitors in individual areas – no one today can offer the complete digitalization of the corporate world as a complete package – a DIGITAL CORPORATE ADVISOR, as WebAccountPlus has designed it, is currently nowhere to be found.

WebAccountPlus supports throughout the globe, each country has its own taxes, rules and regulations, how do you manage with corporate tax and individual taxes?

WebAccountPlus has a holding company based in Switzerland. The conception as well as the coordination of the software development is controlled by this holding.

We offer our accounting services including the entire software package in the respective countries in so-called accounting factories. The largest part is booked automatically. In each case, we use the local, common ERP systems and network them with our platform. Ideally, we form a joint venture with a local, existing accounting team (or established company). Together we can offer accounting and fiduciary services including strategy consulting, succession planning and other high-value business consulting fields efficiently and in an unprecedented quality or proactively intervene in case of missed targets and support the individual SME in an advisory capacity and suggest measures to improve the business performance.

Can you please walk us through inception and success story of your organization?

We give small companies the digital cushion so that they don’t have to do admin – the bank’s corporate advisory business is completely revolutionized. Everyone had been talking about digitalization for the last decade – but they always meant mobile banking, payments, credit cards and mostly towards private customers. When we think how much money companies spend with consultants on colorful Power Point slides without getting any actual added value, it made us sick. It seems no one really wants to take responsibility or risks and build something new. Always just quick, quick, and partial solutions. Even before we have established WebAccountPlus (Holding) AG we did lots of research to consider the business needs from the perspective of an SME, Bank Advisor, Insurance, Accounting Company, Asset Manager, Rating Agencies, Governments, World Bank and UN Organizations We wanted to build something great and sustainable for the whole world so all participant of the corporate world could benefit from. And that is why we can offer today an all-in-package fully digitized SME-Solution and Advisory Suite which automates everything – not only accounting. We have built the world’s first Corporate Eco System.

The Eco System is built in a way that we can now enter any country with a new subsidiary within 3 months and start an accounting factory with a local partner. Like McDonalds.

What are the future plans of WebAccountPlus?

We will integrate further useful partner tools into our Eco System in a targeted and ongoing manner – the end customer should notice little to nothing in terms of pricing.

We are in the middle of cooperation talks with strong and networked partners to establish and operate local subsidiaries worldwide in joint ventures.

Finally, we are seeking close cooperation with local banks, insurance companies and management consultants to work much more closely with these players in the future as accountants and trustees together with our SMEs – so that the SME can consult the appropriate advisor in any business situation.

Soon, we also plan to offer a credit brokerage platform including a factoring option. Here, in-house development and/or cooperation with an existing player is conceivable.

Currently, we are also examining with partners possibilities to establish a Digital Corporate Bank ourselves, if necessary.

Our mission is irrevocable: We live digitalization and push our sustainable and comprehensive business model. Together – with all partners who are open.

What is notable change made by your company, how it has impacted the industry?

Complete digitization of office administration through to management – i.e., from incoming mail, processing, output, automatic interpretation of the company’s internal life through to consulting – will decisively and sustainably change jobs and work processes, but also banking, consulting and economic analysis.

Especially so-called developing countries could, with the help of their governments, digitize the entire corporate office world in one fell swoop and compete on an equal footing with the rest of the world in this respect. With our approach, we make it possible for micro and small entrepreneurs to get business loans, financing, and highly professional business support at no extra costs to the traditional accountant – the entrepreneur does not need to understand accounting, balance sheets, income statements or any analysis. He gets clear instructions on what to do – in real time. Since SMEs form the backbone of prosperity in every economy in the world and are logically referred to as the engine, there is no question that this decisive step will make an important contribution to the fight against poverty and equal opportunities without empty rhetoric. Jobs that are supposedly lost through digitization will be replaced by other, higher-quality jobs – further jobs will be created through economic growth. The net balance will be positive.

BizTech Outlook always keeps it track in inspiring young mind through our awardees, can you pitch some tips to young entrepreneur?

Then you should be humble – this also includes the realization that you can’t do everything best yourself; every team member has special skills and weaknesses – recognizing these and developing a team spirit is crucial. Even if you think you’ve invented something unique and mind-blowing or are the only one who can bring it to the market – respect your competitors, learn from them. Honesty and sincerity always pay off. Whenever you place something in the market – think about sustainability. Perseverance and belief in the cause are of course especially important. There are always 2 or 3 steps up and then there is a setback – never get discouraged but analyze mistakes self-critically together with the team and learn from them. Last but not least: don’t forget your family and friends. Which also means, you have to manage your time very carefully.

Give us a brief about the Founder/ Chairperson and the team players of your corporation?

Roland Stähli / Chairman / CEO & Founder

Roland is a Swiss Banking expert with 45 years’ experience in the Financial Industry and 25 years in Computer Economics. As a full-blooded entrepreneur, in addition to his mandates in Switzerland, he has also worked for 5 years in Africa and 6 years in the EU region through his various companies as a consultant for market data providers, banks, brokers and IT companies. He also has his private footsteps in Malaysia.

Dr. Peter Pop / Board Member                                                                                                                                                                             

 Ph.D Business Admin, Master Economics, Master Eletr. Engineering, Chartered Accountant, Corp. Finance, Member of the International Board of Directors, Weizmann Institute of Science, CEO Athena Security, Dubai with international expansion.

Patrick Schöni / Co-Founder / Board Member

Patrick is a Swiss fintech and crypto entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Digital Business. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the financial industry and is passionate about combining business innovation with the latest technologies. Most recently, he served as Head of Platform & Digital Channels at Bitcoin Suisse AG. Previously, Patrick was involved in various entrepreneurial roles, including Head of Business Development & Ecosystem at fintech Yapeal and co-founder of the Fintechrockers Association. As a proud patchwork father of three, Patrick balances his family life with his interests in travel, football and digital trends.

René Heusser / Board Member

Certified Digital Banker and Swiss certified business data processing specialist with over 40 years’ experience in Supply Chain Finance, Trade Finance, Banking and Payments in Europe, USA and South America.

Michael Scherer / Board Member Switzerland

Banking and SME-Expert; Special skills in leadership, banking B2B, sales B2C/B2B C-Level, Project Experience, Strategy Development.

Dusan Sichrovsky / CTO / Board Member

Dipl.-Ing., Master of Electrotechnics and Informatics, Czech Technical University in Prague, Requirements Engineer, Software Architect, IT Project Manager, Agile software development methodologies, founder and CEO of a company ranked in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE 2021.

Chris Skinner (Executive Business Advisor)

Chris Skinner is known as one of the most influential person in technology and a best-selling author. He is an independent commentator on the financial markets and fintech through his blog, the Finanser.com, which is updated daily. He helped to found one of the first mobile banks in the world and has advised CEOs and leaders from every continent including the United Nations, the White House, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum.

“We support corporate customers in running their business in a more transparent, plannable and profitable”

“WebAccountPlus works with strategic and established software providers who are directly integrated into the platform”

 Company Name : WebAccountPlus

 Website:  www.webaccountplus.com/en

 Management Team

 Roland Stähli, Chairman,CEO &   Founder
 Dr. Peter Pop, Board Member                   Patrick  Schöni, Co-Founder,Board  Member
 René Heusser, Board Member
 Michael Scherer, Board Member Switzerland
 Dusan Sichrovsky, CTO, Board Member
 Chris Skinner, Executive Business Advisor

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