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Kassandra Berry Nail and Beauty Spa

Kassandra Berry Nail and Beauty Spa

How do differ from regular spa and why specific about nail spa?

The key of success is traveling in a less travelled path or creating a new path; we chose the less travelled path. Nail spa is emerging business all over the globe, and we are specific about nail because we always try to keep ourselves presentable by wearing wonderful costumes and by using cosmetics that suits our health and skin. Nail is part of our body which is kind of a skin which covers and protects our fingers, is unique. We have both traditional and non-traditional services; we provide virtual appointments to our clients, who can book the appointment at their convenience. We understand the customer’s needs and provide services that are specifically tailored and customized services according to the client’s nail.

How do you design the nail art? Do you customize based on your customers’ requirements?

Nail Art is always customizable according to the client’s requirements, and we do create new designs to keep us engaged. We also recommend some designs to the clients based on their skin tone and color tone texture as well as according to their specific nails. We have a wide range of nail art design library from a basic design to the top class classic glamorous to fully bling, iced out diamond nails, or just one! We take time to discuss with the client understand their requirements and specifically appoint a designer to assist and care for the client to make them comfortable. We make sure the client has smooth in and out from the beginning.

What are the different types of manicures? What is your specialty?

There are many types of manicures; the typical manicures are a regular manicure, a gel manicure, a regular polish manicure, and a buffing, shine, or press-on in addition to a manicure. This is a specialty service I offer only at Kassandra Berry Nail and Beauty Spa, where we manicure the nails and apply the press-on nails directly to the client. Our press-on nail line is called “accent nails”. Individual nails were blinged out with at least one rhinestone. The thing here is that the accent nail can be placed on just one finger, or you have the opportunity to buy as many as you like for 10 fingers or three fingers, or buy them to save them for later.

What is the mission and vision of your nail spa?

Kassandra Berry Nail and Beauty Spa strives to achieve the highest standard in Pedicures, Manicures, Artificial Nails, Nail Art & Design, virtual entertainment, along with quality products, sanitation, and exemplary customer service. At Kassandra Berry Nail and Beauty Spa, sanitation is of the utmost importance, along with client care.

The chemicals used in nail polish are allergic to some people; how do you identify them and help them use a different type of polish?

The chemical that usually causes a nail allergic reaction is called tosylamide formaldehyde. Most clients typically already know if they are allergic to nail polish. If they are allergic to nail polish, they will either inform you that they have had an allergic reaction in the past or they will start to exhibit signs such as itching or burning while you are applying the nail chemicals. Most of the time, it will alleviate over time, usually by the time the appointment is over, but washing the chemical off with water helps alleviate some symptoms. Most nail polishes contain this chemical, but some polishes may have more of it than others. It’s really a trial and error process because we are not medical professionals, so we have to recommend going to your dermatologist or podiatrist for further evaluation.

You would have come across a long way of struggle to achieve this position. Can you infuse your positive vibe into our readers?

Never give up. Everything you do will work in your favor. Never let anyone tell you can’t do it. If you can think it, you can achieve it. Remember to stay focused. Follow the advice of others who have been where you want to go. Stay away from naysayers. Never believe that your dream has ended because of the thoughts and opinions of others. You are, you can, and your will continues. You are your own brand and follow your own path. Don’t give up. Never give up!


 “Nails make everything better”


 Company Name : Kassandra Berry Nail and   Beauty Spa

 Website: www.kassandraberry.com

 Management Team                                             Kassandra Jackson, CEO

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