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Coderland: Pioneering Digital Transformation and Innovation Global

Coderland: Pioneering Digital Transformation and Innovation Global

Coderland's Exclusive Interview with Biz Tech Outlook: Pioneering Digital Transformation and Innovation Globally

What is the inception story of Coderland? How did it manage to become one of the fastest-growing companies around the globe?

Digital transformation is mandatory for businesses to compete with others in the market. It involves using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business practices with the best strategies to engage customers and ensure a better experience.

Our range of service aims to offer a global solution to your digital transformation project. The company is a subsidiary of Spain’s listed company, DOMINION, which launched its operations in Latin American Countries.

Since the demand for offshore software services has increased during the COVID, Coderland plans to hire the best software talent in Latin American Countries. The backbone of Coderland is digital professionals, and they work remotely while offering services to clients.

We are a Panama-based company that has built a great technological family that will have a total of around 200 employees in 2023. Our employees are professionals in evaluating new market challenges and implementing technologies through automation, ad hoc digital tools, etc.

Coderland operates in 10 countries with more than 50 clients. Our company expects to have a team size of 500 people by 2025.

What are the services provided by your company? How does it capture the business using a unique strategy?

Coderland focuses on delivering software services only for staff augmentation and custom development business model projects.

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model where a company can hire niche specialists and staff for its specific needs. It provides ways to complete a project on time, ultimately resulting in improved business success and outcomes.

Our company enables clients to leverage staff augmentation with the latest technologies to reduce costs and remain responsive to changing market conditions. Moreover, we offer different models of staff augmentation, enabling clients to select the one that best suits their requirements.

We develop custom software with agile methodologies and quality standards that are scalable. Furthermore, they are robust and easy to use, allowing companies to get the best results.

Some of the applications used by our company include business intelligence, RPA, BOTS, process automation, DevOps consulting, Fintech integrations, the ELK stack, Jira, Atlassian Consulting, etc. They are ideal for web applications, apps, QA, E-commerce, plugins for payment gateways, etc. We manage everything with the most advanced tools to know the progress of the project minute by minute.

Being in the IT industry, how do you see AI ruling the world? How does your company greet the technology?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now playing an important role in making important decisions for the growth of businesses. Our company uses AI technologies for creating chatbots, and we are doing experiments to go a bit further.

AI chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) to have human-like communication. A business can benefit more from them if they help improve the customer experience. However, AI chatbots require a wide range of data, and our teams will use cutting-edge technologies.

They will translate given data into an appropriate language and answer complex questions naturally and conversationally. A business can improve lead generation with our AI chatbots and automate sales conversations efficiently. Apart from this, AI chatbots provide ways to monitor customer data to gain insights with high accuracy. Our developers can help businesses market their products effectively and expand their reach with AI chatbots.

How have you planned to take the company a step further in terms of products and services?

New technologies, including AI and methodologies, are advancing day by day. We integrate new technologies to get the job done with the desired outcomes. Our company offers services to all sizes of companies that help bridge digital barriers. We will continue to focus on developing the best software solutions for clients at the best prices.

Coderland will continuously gather and evaluate market data to identify emerging trends. This helps to identify the needs of customers and untapped opportunities to develop new products and services that align with current market trends.

Another thing is that we invest in research and development to create cutting-edge products or services. We also planned to enter new geographical markets to satisfy the specific needs of different regions. Our company will embrace technologies such as IoT and blockchain in digital transformation to provide more value to customers.

Skill development is another area that our company will work on, and we motivate our employees to contribute more to the development of new products or services.

Can you share your long-standing success?

Coderland’s success lies in its team, and we pick the best professionals for our projects to satisfy the needs of clients. We have a fully committed team, and each one of them follows professionalism while providing services to clients. They have vast experience and help companies implement the best strategies that suit the present market conditions.

Our company is committed to providing remote work as a sustainable form of development and follows the best practices for attracting great talents. We look for experts to do their best work with us. Coderland wants them to use their talent and knowledge for big projects and big clients. Our goal is to offer services to clients with professionals who wish to work well in our company.

Being a successful company, could you please share your views on the current business scenario around the globe?

The software business is growing every year all around the world, and businesses want to earn more revenues. However, the present software business market is facing a lot of challenges due to various factors. Our company allows clients to evaluate them to help them compete in the global environment. For instance, the market is slowing down in the US but growing in the European Union and Latin American countries.

The trend toward digital transformation is likely to continue shaping the business landscape all over the world. Therefore, our company will invest in data-driven technologies that offer the best results. We believe that the demand for software services will increase in the next 5 years, and our company is expecting big growth.

We wish to spotlight the chairperson and your team for our readers; please share about them.

Our CEO, Jorge Rubia Antunez, is 40 years old, and he has vast experience in the software sector. He is a Spanish software engineer who has worked for leading companies such as Ericsson, Huawei, etc. Furthermore, he has a wide knowledge of the European and Latin American markets, which has helped him build relationships both in the telecom and IT areas.      

He has been living in Latin America, both Mexico and Panama, for the last 12 years and has gained experience with the culture. Coderland is one of the most successful companies in the business market because it follows the best work culture, where their best talented employees stay strong as pillar in the growth of company. It also avoids bureaucracy and aims to deliver high-quality services to clients to stay competitive in the digital world. Our management team is young, highly talented, and committed to Coderland’s vision and goals. We work as a family and provide solutions to complex projects with the right approaches to running a business successfully.

 “Digital transformation is mandatory for businesses to compete with others in the market”

“The place from which the best experts in Digital transmission work – Coderland”

“Our range of service aims to offer a global solution to your digital transformation project”

 Company Name : Coderland by Dominion

 Website: www.coderland.com

 Management Team                                         Jorge Rubia Antunez, CEO                       Leonor Berzosa de la Torre, Communication   and Marketing Leader
 David Corona, Finance and Administration   Manager

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