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Plurilock: Empowering Cybersecurity and Technology Solutions Globally

Plurilock: Empowering Cybersecurity and Technology Solutions Globally

What is Plurilock security solutions, and what are the industries do you cater?

Plurilock is an AI-centric cybersecurity and technology solutions provider. We primarily secure workforces, delivering comprehensive cybersecurity and advanced IT solutions to commercial and government customers worldwide. As a company founded on AI and cybersecurity, we offer industry-leading AI cybersecurity and patented real-time identity confirmation technology, along with a comprehensive line of products and services that enable teams across North America and the globe to compute safely in a remotely working world.

We serve SMBs, SMEs, and enterprises, in particular those operating in regulated industries and verticals where advanced cybersecurity and strong compliance are essential to the ability to compete, or even to operate at all.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has started ruling the industry, how does Plurilock AI help in the sector through cybersecurity?

Plurilock was founded on AI and remains a leader at the intersection between cybersecurity and AI. Plurilock AI with DEFEND™ technology uses our own patented AI systems to recognize users and confirm their identity for safety and security—so that no stranger (or form of AI) can interactively use an employee’s account for more than a few seconds without being detected. As veterans in the AI and cybersecurity space, Plurilock continues to be actively engaged in the research and development of next-generation cybersecurity technologies, in whatever direction the technology industry is going. Today, that direction happens to be toward AI, which is fortuitous for us—we believe that we have the advantage with decades of combined AI experience in-house.

How do you envision your organizations growth in the future?

As a publicly traded company, Plurilock has a well-developed and well-articulated strategic vision for future growth. We have executed aggressively on a well- considered acquisition strategy and expect to continue to execute on it going forward. We expect this growth to act as a force multiplier to enable future growth in core technology sales, revenue, and EBIDTA.

In just a few years, we have grown from a handful of employees. Our annual revenue has grown from thousands to over $64 million in our 2022 filing, and through acquisitions have added significant additional capabilities as a cybersecurity and technology provider able to deliver both our own core technology, cybersecurity products and services more broadly, and information technology in general at world-class levels.

Can you provide us the concise overview of your company, its goals and critical factors drives your company?

At its heart, Plurilock is an innovation company. We began as a research spinout from the University of Victoria with novel technology that today remains an important part of our ever-growing intellectual property portfolio.

We have two divisions. First, a technology division responsible for research, development, and our core technology and Plurilock-branded software products. Second, a solutions division responsible for delivering IT products, services, and solutions to clients worldwide that range in size from SMBs to large multinationals. These two divisions work synergistically to interface with clients, understand their needs and the risks and threats that they face, then to equip them to operate safely and productively in the modern IT world.

As we deliver industry-leading technology and cybersecurity solutions, we never stop asking what needs are next, how they can best be met, and in what ways we are uniquely positioned to meet them.

As a company, we ultimately do this because we believe that what we do is important. Cybersecurity matters. Secure, robust, and capable technology matters. It’s become something of a cliché to say that more and more of the world relies on technology, but the cliché actually conceals a much more critical reality: everything is now technology. Work, play, family life, family health, education, government and policy, manufacturing, critical infrastructure, you name it—in 2023 it’s all technology.

The security and robustness of technology is the security and robustness of our communities, our nations, the international community, and our modern way of life. We do what we do because we have expertise and technology.

What is the consequential changes is expected shortly in industry and how does your company is preparing to be part of change?

In one word: AI. AI has been “on the horizon” or operating behind the scenes already for a very long time—we know this, as an early AI provider and one of the leaders in AI-enabled cybersecurity.

Generative AI and large language models (LLMs), however, are new and are about to change—already are changing—everything. They’re going to usher in an explosion in productivity the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the industrial revolution. But as this happens, AI will also usher in a massive new risk for companies that use it. After trying to safeguard confidential data for decades, companies are now seeing it flood into AI almost overnight as employees’ hand sensitive tasks to AI platforms. It is unclear whether regulation and governance can catch up at this pace, so technology will be key to solving this problem—technology that enables the productivity gains while eliminating the flood of data leakage.

AI also raises the spectre of phishing in “god mode” style, with the capability to impersonate people better than ever before, rapidly and contextually, not just in text but even in video and audio. The security implications here are significant and it’s likely that AI will inspire new technologies to address these threats as well.

Being an experienced leader, can you advice our young readers who are aspiring businessman, how to plan their journey?

First, start by finding things that matter in the world. Things that are needed. Explore those and find out which of these you’re good at. You don’t do this overnight; it’s a bit of trial and error and a lot of growth. Once you’ve identified something that matters that you’re also good at, pursue it. Strive for quality and innovation, but never let these get in the way of delivery—of actually bringing things or your skills to the world in a way that will actually have an impact.

Finally, know when to scale. At various points along the journey, what you are doing right now—or who you are right now—will no longer be enough. This is the time to add training. Or dollars. Or people. Or to change the structure of your business. Or to adopt a new strategy. Look for these inflection points, catch them, and ride them fearlessly up the step function to the next level of your talent, your execution—your existence.

Success isn’t something that you achieve for its own sake. It’s the byproduct of doing things that matter, doing them well, and having the confidence and the humility to be willing to take a leap of faith and make the next big step each time reality tells you that it’s time to level up, even if it’s nerve-wracking and even if it means a new round of hard work.

Can you share about your professional journey?

Ian paterson is a 15-year veteran of data science and enterprise-scale, multi-millionplus deals. Ian joined Terapeak, an global scale e-commerce big data provider, in 2010 on the strength of performance, rather than on the strength of his resume. He was brought in because he was able to execute on the delivery of large enterprise deals for data at this unprecedented scale, becoming the head of enterprise sales. In this role he negotiated and signed multi-million dollar deals for some of the largest exchanges of e-commerce analytics data ever completed.

Terapeak was later acquired by eBay on the strength of this platform, and following the acquisition Ian became a founder, launching a big data new startup called Exapik, which mined and sold large, complex data sets from thousands of websites and apps with data on mobile location, cross-device match, shopping intent and more. Exapik was a pioneer in turning big data value, which is tough to extract, fraught with risk, and inaccessible to most organizations, into a turn-key data monetization platform.

After Exapik Ian was engaged as CEO by the data science and artificial intelligence researchers responsible for what would become Plurilock’s founding technology, tasked with bringing these new behavioural biometrics technology to market as a next-generation cybersecurity tool.

At every step of the way, Ian’s believed more and more clearly that deep data and smart technology together are the biggest enablers of human productivity—and of safety in a high-tech world.


“First, start by finding things that matter in the world. Things that are needed”

“Plurilock was founded on AI and remains a leader at the intersection between cybersecurity and AI”

 Company Name : Plurilock Security

 Website: www.plurilock.com

 Management Team                                                 Ian Paterson, CEO
 Jord Tanner, CTO

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