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Patriot One Technologies: Solutions for Smart Threat Detection

Modern technology requires the participation and compliance of the intended subject. A dedicated assault can get past perimeter controls in a permanent installation at a guarded institution, which costs a lot to staff. Millimeter bandwidth scans for individual screening are time-consuming, prone to operator error or false-positive results, and create privacy issues. Threats will eventually move to “softer” and less secure venues as long as expensive and sluggish massive stationary detection equipment is used. The PATSCAN Platform of threat detection solutions being developed by Patriot One is what sets it apart. Its comprehensive solutions, which are built on a very potent artificial intelligence (AI) platform, can assess developing community health concerns and automatically monitor perimeter security as well as identify a wide range of dangers, including guns and crowd disruptions. Its danger detection systems, which can easily be integrated with any current security system, use physical Multi-Sensor Gateway towers and a patented Video Recognition System. Because there are no metal detectors or physical searches required, customers will have a seamless experience thanks to inconspicuous sensors and covert screening methods. Real-time security and health threats are identified, evaluated, and reported to safety professionals using artificial intelligence.

Patriot One understood the critical need to expand the perimeters of today’s public gathering places and venues for more powerful weapons and even health and safety threat detection as their efforts progressed based on market research and end-customer requirements. They discovered that in order to handle the very real and growing active threat phenomena, a single solution may not be the most cost-effective or fully satisfy all of a property’s safety and security requirements at a particular site. Patriot One started out on a mission to use the power of its people to become the world leader in covert threat detection with the aid of its employees, stockholders, and security integration partners. The business has amassed a broad range of technologies and specialised components since its founding in 2016 in order to build a layered, multi-sensor threat detection method. In order to create the safest access control environment possible, Patriot One now offers an expanding spectrum of threat detection systems and components, from parking lots to building interiors and everywhere people and communities assemble.

In order to give security venue managers a new way to make data-driven, intelligent decisions about overall security requirements and vulnerabilities, Patriot One Technologies has unveiled a new set of AI-powered technologies and capabilities. Facility Reporting, Facility Insights, and Customizable Alerting, according to the company, will give operators a comprehensive view of the venue using real-time statistics, enabling them to optimise staffing and customise the solution to their particular needs in order to protect customers and employees while also enhancing the overall customer experience. According to Patriot One CEO Peter Evans, “We’re thrilled to introduce Facility Reports to our customers, to aid them in making personnel and operations decisions based on real-time data.” Evans continues, “With Facility Insights, our customers can obtain an integrated perspective in real-time, make data-driven decisions throughout an event, and examine patterns over the course of time in between events.

The PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform is the latest in software and sensor component technology, and it is intended to be surreptitiously deployed as a layered multi-sensor platform to detect and eliminate active threats before they materialise. A completely integrated AI-managed security solution, the PATSCAN PLATFORM now combines award-winning PATSCAN RADAR covert gun and knife detection sensor technology, the newest PATSCAN VIDEO threat identification software, and PATSCAN MULTI SENSOR threat detection. Patriot One’s threat detection systems are all based on patented networked cognitive and machine learning technologies and are made to be deployed efficiently and affordably in locations with severe gun laws.

Patriot One Technologies’ goal is to create a world devoid of acts of violence against other people. Thanks to industry-leading technology and focused scientific research, they have established themselves as the leading proponents of touch-free danger detection solutions and manufacturers of sophisticated safety systems for high-traffic locations. According to Evans, “Our customers’ needs became our roadmap — a checklist from those organisations to maximise their outcomes, and as a vital step to getting the necessary permissions to install our technology.” “With SmartGateway and our other market-leading screening technologies, we are delivering further breakthroughs to automate workflows, deliver insights, and enable venue owners to more effectively utilise their workforce.”

“With SmartGateway and our other market-leading screening technologies, we are delivering further breakthroughs to automate workflows, deliver insights, and enable venue owners to more effectively utilise their workforce.”

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