Home Top Security Companies To Watch 2023 BigID enables businesses to understand their enterprise data and take appropriate action for privacy, protection, and perspective.

BigID enables businesses to understand their enterprise data and take appropriate action for privacy, protection, and perspective.

BigID enables businesses to understand their enterprise data and take appropriate action for privacy, protection, and perspective

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy undertaking. Spending time and money not just on obtaining the greatest instruments to operate your business, but also on the most effective and economical methods, is essential if you want to enjoy commercial success. You and the resources you provide to help your firm grow are its only real assets. One of the best tools you can utilise to build your business as well as run it is data intelligence. Data intelligence assists in providing you with the information you need to make those important business decisions, whether you just want to learn how popular new products or services are or want to track how well your marketing approach is working. A crucial area to invest in if you want to grow your company is data intelligence.

One such business is BigID, which assists organisations in gaining visibility and control over their metadata, sensitive data, and regulatory data so that operations related to data privacy, security, and governance may be automated. Every sort of business, including manufacturing, retail, financial services, and technology, is today a data-driven digital enterprise.

The data intelligence platform from BigID assists businesses in effectively managing, safeguarding, and maximising the value of their regulated, sensitive, personal, and vital data across their entire data environment. Organisations may learn about their company data and take action for privacy, protection, and perspective thanks to the data intelligence platform. Since its founding in 2016, BigID has raised over $280 million in capital, and for its work in data intelligence, it has been recognised as a 2019 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, 2020 Forbes Cloud 100 list member, 2020 Business Insider AI Startup to Watch, #1 Fastest Growing Security Company on the 2021 Inc 5000, #27 on the 2021 Deloitte 500, and RSA Innovation Sandbox winner.

Providing Data Intelligence Services in the Most Effective and Economical Ways

Cloud Migration: Even for businesses that are heavily regulated and risk averse, the transition to the cloud has begun. Organisations confront a variety of issues during cloud migrations, which need moving infrastructure and data to new environments such as Office 365, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or AWS. These challenges can be costly and create unnecessary risk and data challenges. The correct strategic planning and methodology must be used to meet the various data privacy, security, and management aspects because it is a complicated undertaking. BigID enables organisations to strategically manage, monitor, and analyse their data wherever it is while planning to move their data to the cloud, which aids organisations with cloud ambitions. Organisations can ensure that the correct controls are in place when the data lands in the cloud and that the correct data is being moved to the correct location. BigID equips businesses with the tools they need to successfully implement a cloud migration strategy, from a uniform data inventory through data minimization to policy enforcement.

Data Classification: BigID’s data classification system was created with all forms of data in mind, including unstructured, structured, files, documents, mail, photos, and data in motion as well as data at rest and in motion. Utilise graph-based analysis to find connections between unrelated pieces of sensitive, regulated, and personal data, automatically uncover dark data, and reveal patterns in the data. Inventory relevant data to find erroneous classifications, hidden correlations, and more. Reduce false positives, increase accuracy, and accelerate time to value with BigID’s sophisticated ML. PII and contextual PI, NPI data, credentials, passwords, and security keys, IP data, document kinds, and regulated data like PCI and HIPAA are all automatically found, identified, and classified by BigID’s advanced data classification. Data can be automatically categorised based on sensitivity using standard or specialised rule sets. Implement policies for improved data control and corrective action across different apps and tools to reduce risk.

Data Fabric: Scan to build the data catalogue and gain a unified view of your metadata by automatically connecting to all data kinds, including structured and unstructured data. More sorts of data can be automatically categorised in more locations; regular expression is just the beginning. With BigID, you may get next-generation classification that makes use of ML classification based on NLP and NER, AI insight based on deep learning, and proprietary file analysis classification in addition to pattern-based discovery. To give data context, use automated AI and ML profiling and labelling. Technical, commercial, and operational metadata are layered by the company to see data attributes and relationships for more context and data-driven insights. Real-time data sharing among staff members promotes teamwork and socialisation. Data from important data management and analytical applications are shared and enhanced in both directions.

Data Catalog: In a single data catalogue, find all the data in your ecosystem. Find both structured and unstructured data, whether it is in a physical database or the cloud, moving or still, and get rid of problems with hidden and segregated data. Discover ungoverned assets, locate sensitive and private information, and locate open access to vulnerable data. Integrate active metadata and advanced classification to provide profound understanding for data governance at scale. To give data context, use automated AI and ML profiling and labelling. Connect to all types of data sources for a comprehensive catalogue view. Connect data sources quickly and easily to begin automated catalogue populating scans so that you can have a single catalogue for all of your data, wherever.

Information | Dimitri Sirota

Dimitri Sirota is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of BigID. He previously developed two enterprise software businesses with a security (eTunnels) and API management (Layer 7 Technologies) focus that were sold to CA Technologies in 2013. He is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and strategist.

“The data intelligence platform from BigID enables businesses to proactively find, manage, safeguard, and maximise the value of their regulated, sensitive, personal, and important data across their entire data environment.”

 Company Name : BigID

 Website : www.bigid.com

 Management Team                                           BigID, Cheif Executive Officer

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