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Soft Giken’s motto is “Make Every World Better”

Soft Giken’s motto is “Make Every World Better”

What is the Mission of Soft Giken?
The philosophy of Soft Giken, “Make Every World Better” expresses the mission of Soft Giken. We contribute to a society in which everyone can safely and securely handle all kinds of information in the world by making useful of its technical capabilities.

How does Soft Giken protect help in Disaster prevention?
Soft Giken is working on disaster prevention information. The project builds social infrastructure (rivers, roads, atmospheric monitoring, disaster prevention information management, etc.), which is necessary to protect public safety, by utilizing IT technology. We develop software to prevent disasters, collect and analyze necessary information in the event of a disaster, and share the location information of evacuees. We provide products and services that can respond quickly and efficiently by making use of our technical capabilities. These efforts contribute to the safety and security of society.

What is YubiOn Security?
YubiOn is Soft Giken’s authentication solution designed to provide users with password-less authentication and multi-factor authentication (MFA). YubiOn uses physical security keys such as the YubiKey to provide users with secure access. YubiOn is a trusted authentication solution, even from a Zero Trust perspective. While traditional security models trust any user inside a network, the Zero Trust model is based on the idea that a user cannot be trusted until they have been authenticated. In line with this, YubiOn uses security keys to restrict access until the user is authenticated, thus preventing unauthorized access and data leakage. Also, as YubiOn supports multi-factor authentication, it is suitable for password-less authentication, thereby reducing the user’s exposure to security threats. Further, through YubiOn’s compatibility with various platforms and applications, it is able to provide flexible security solutions tailored according to the needs of various organizations.

In addition to multi-factor authentication, the YubiOn solution also enhances the convenience and security of using your PC through features such as the Single Sign- On (SSO) and the PC Lock Function (YubiOn PC Locker). The YubiOn PC Locker allows users to automatically lock their PC when the YubiKey is removed, thus effortlessly enhancing their security. It can also generate PC login information and security key usage to monitor and analyze PC endpoint security, enabling early detection and response to security incidents. By adopting a Zero Trust approach, YubiOn aids organizations as they strive to enhance their security and increase their data protection. As a FIDO Sponsor member, we are working on support for “Passkeys”, which is a very effective means of realizing passwordless. And it is now available on the YubiOn FIDO Logon web management console.

What are industries your company serve? Can you provide us with one or two success stories describing the challenges your clients faced and how your solutions helped them overcome those challenges?

We have clients from various industries, The challenge is to strengthen the security of all PCs. Among them, the main clients are companies that must protect and prevent personal information leakage.

For example, one of our “Human resources / advertising companies” Strengthening the log-on process for PCs (Windows / Mac) with two-factor authentication. Strengthening certification during remote work following reforms to the work style.

The challenges for the client are
• Strengthening the logon process for PC (Windows / Mac) with two-factor authentication.
• Managing Windows PC and Mac in various workplaces (workplace, remote environment, offline environment, etc)
• Lack of management function (mass kitting function, various policy setting functions, etc.) that can flexibly respond to the increase and decrease of users was required.
• Managing their system without complicated operations when login.
• Strengthening authentication without affecting the existing AD (Active Directory) environment.
• It is possible to reduce management costs by centralized management at the management site.
• Lack of client support

Our solutions
• Providing technical support until the initial introduction.
• Developing appropriate software packages for Windows PC and Mac.
• Enhancing authentication for PC (Windows / Mac) logon using Yubikey’s OTP function.
• Introducing Windows / Mac LogOn service and YubiOn portal (cloud) to manage PC users.
• Starting full-scale introduction after passing PoC (Proof of Concept) and verification tests.
(Number of accounts: about 10,000)
• Using YubiKey as the authentication device.

“Medical platform company” Strengthening authentication by using the latest authentication FIDO2 while logging onto PCs that handle personal information.

In Japan, the “Pharmacist Law” and the “Law Concerning Quality, Effectiveness, and Safety of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices” were revised and promulgated in December 2019. As a result, it has been mandatory to follow up with patients while they are taking the drug since September 2020. As the patient’s personal information is handled not only during their visits but also during the period they are using the drug, enhanced security is required.

They can use the “YubiOn FIDO2® Server” cloud service to strengthen two-factor authentication for the services that handle patients’ personal information. A secure environment is created by using the FIDO2 authentication device known as the YubiKey. Since 2019, Soft Giken has been providing the B2B FIDO2 server service. The FIDO2 certification service can be adopted by pharmacies as the PC certification on the pharmacy side of the “personal business support system”. It has become possible to attain two-factor authentication using an external authenticator in accordance with the guidelines of ministries and agencies, as well as to protect the patients’ personal information in a more secure manner. In addition, we provide free provisions of “YubiOn FIDO2® Server” for startup companies and support for “Passkeys” in the future.

“We make the world better with password less society”

What strategies do you think will help Soft Giken and YubiOn business grow?

Marketing strategy for market expansion

Aggressive marketing activities are necessary to gain recognition among a larger number of potential clients. To achieve this, we are employing various advertising and promotional strategies, like sales promotion activities, event exhibitions, and SNS transmission.

Technology improvement and product development

We continue improving our authentication technology and developing new products such as authentication solutions for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, services that utilize biometric authentication technology, and others.

Data Security and natural disaster threat is also over the world, as your company has technically and practically proven, you have market throughout the globe, do you have any plans in supporting globally?

We are working on global expansion by conducting surveys to better understand overseas markets and strengthening alliances with overseas partners, as well as finding partners for service sales and technical support.

Strengthening our partnerships

Through partnerships with other companies, we aim to strengthen our ability to provide products and services, becoming a company that offers total security solutions. With that in mind, we will expand the scope of security and us business areas through measures like delivering safe data management.

About the Founder & CEO
Norio Fujita established Soft Giken Co., Ltd. in November 1983. He believes that software is a collection of “knowledge” “wisdom” and “intelligence” With the mission of “make every world better” with the aim of contributing to the world through software, he is still positively driving the company. After building a steel-related system, he started a social infrastructure (river, road, atmosphere, etc.) monitoring and disaster prevention information management system construction business that contributes to public safety. This is still the main business of Soft Giken.

In 2010, he believed that a system that protects society’s safety and security is important and began developing a security solution [YubiOn] at the entrance of a PC using YubiKey (Yubico). The origin of the name “Yubi” means finger in Japanese. YubiKey can authenticate the PC more safely by touching it with a finger. Currently, based on the mission of “make every world better” he is making full use of IT technology, developing various systems, and expanding alliances with companies related to authentication technology globally.

“We keep your mind free by password less data security”

 Company Name : Soft Giken

 Website : www.sgk.co.jp

 Management Team                                           Norio Fujita, Founder & Chief Executive   Officer

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