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Daria Dubinina: Leading Crassula to Advance the FinTech Sector

Some effective leaders attribute their success to addressing the requirements of various stakeholders. The ability of the leader to handle these situations makes all the difference if clients demand a new product, the team needs support, or the industry demands new, transformative innovation. Daria Dubinina, the CEO and co-founder of Crassula, is one such devoted leader. According to her, success comes from being able to firmly respond to the fundamental question, “Why do we do what we do?”

She is aware that “there is no such thing as the universal, ultimate best CEO,” as stated in Ben Horowitz’s book “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” She undoubtedly feels honored to have been mentioned in a media outlet or recognized by a third party. The real recognition, she claims, comes when “your viewpoint matters, you are motivating others, you can make a difference, lead people, and build the firm.”

Steps for constructing a crassula

At the age of 20, Daria had her first entrepreneurial experience. After earning her Master’s degree in FEA management, she started working at an international payment system in the lowest position, where she learnt about FinTech. Over the years, she developed professionally, and in 2014, she and her coworkers began creating their own businesses.

In 2017, Daria and her co-founders Alex Novozhenov and Vlad Nikolayev collaborated to create Crassula. The trio worked hard to show off their special abilities in developing strategy and technology because they all had the same vision. They hired designer Andrew Ponochovnyi to give the product a pleasing appearance and feel.

“Together we developed a unique skillset in which everyone played their part bringing the concept to life and providing each other confidence in what we were doing, inspiration for developing something new, and support each other during the hard times,” she explains.

Every day, as the small team built the company from the ground up, there were fresh problems to address and wise choices to be made. While judgments were frequently made correctly, there were moments when they weren’t, which may have slowed down the business’s progress and put them months behind schedule.

Brief description of Crassula’s Exceptional Services

White Label core banking products, PSP services, FX services, wallets, crypto banking, and crypto exchange solutions are the areas of expertise of Crassula. It provides an all-inclusive software platform that makes it possible to launch goods quickly and on a tight budget. Its cloud-based products offer a backend with a core banking system, an admin panel for running the company, and a frontend with client web interfaces and mobile apps for iOS and Android. The dedicated open APIs offered by Crassula’s technologies enable a wide range of FinTech services and support the most creative business concepts.

Crassula is an example of a distinctive free-and-responsible culture that encourages caution, sociability, proactiveness, striving for improvement, innovation, and decisiveness. “We embrace these qualities and develop them by offering continuous educational opportunities, supporting one another in day-to-day work, and always trying something new by developing new products, attempting to put new solutions into practice, and always doing something that we have never done before,” says Daria.

People have always been the mainstay of Crassula’s business. The creative team never stops refining and improving their goods to provide clients with top-notch solutions. “We value the elegance of solutions and everything associated with their excellence,” she continues.

Daria’s initiatives to redefine the fintech sector

The FinTech sector is incredibly fragmented, but each component is interconnected, she says. Large, established financial institutions are on one side; they have a reputation for dependability and history. They also struggle with bureaucracy, legacy issues, and slow innovation. On the other hand, there are emerging businesses with amazing ideas that have the potential to disrupt an industry but lack the resources to do so. On the third side, we have the technological, dynamic, risky, and changing world of cryptocurrencies. Although there are many more than these three, promoting such fusion solutions aids in the advancement of the entire sector.

She has the foresight to bring about a significant transformation in the financial sector, one in which all banks and other financial institutions would merge to establish platform solutions. In order to advance the sector, she wants to create the ideal FinTech platform and offer a wide variety of tech-enabled financial services to businesses throughout the globe.

Keeping personal and professional life in check

She guarantees that Crassula continues to expand as CEO. She develops a plan for that and continues to be active in everyday tasks related to IT development, product development, sales, and partner connections. She manages roughly 2 to 5 meetings at work each day with various departments and outside parties, and she frequently participates in wise business decisions or the resolution of challenging problems.

Careful planning is the key to achieving the ideal work-life balance. Even though working from home makes it difficult to get enough rest, she usually schedules an exercise or a walk in the fresh air. She also reserves her weekends for relaxing outdoor activities.

She believes that her main motivation is to always be upbeat and encouraging. She continues, “When anything goes wrong, I prefer not to waste time on determining who is at responsibility, but rather solve the problem and consider how to prevent the situation from occurring again. This strategy aids in achieving the best outcome, and the outcome is the most effective progress promoter.

Roadmap for the future

Crassula has big expectations and several important objectives for the future, including expanding into other areas, learning new languages, including more technologies, and developing the platform into a no-code product builder so that anybody can easily create and release FinTech products. Overall, the entire team aspires to create intricate and sophisticated technology exceedingly simple to use, widely accessible, and alluring for their clients.

Daria wants the business to grow by five times while still performing well and running efficiently.

She gives advise to aspiring business owners, saying, “Never be scared to start, experiment, and keep moving, improving, and delivering even if things are not so shining right now.”

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