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Vinita Clements: Improving Others’ Lives through Deeds and Empathy

Vinita Clements was chosen for the position of a lifetime to lead as Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Nationwide in the middle of the COVID-19 epidemic and complicated societal and political problems of 2021. Despite numerous changes, she remained committed to sustaining Nationwide’s excellent culture, assuring associate involvement, achieving strong HR performance, and maintaining the company’s mission.

She has achieved more than she anticipated thanks to a focus on action and empathy. Under her direction, the business has upheld its core principles and discovered fresh approaches to enhance its culture in a dynamic environment.

Enhanced Strength

Vinita joined Nationwide in 2004 and has held numerous HR leadership positions across the company. She is utilizing her extensive experience as the CHRO right now to direct the company’s vibrant culture. She is actively affecting organizational transformation, nurturing Nationwide’s workplace of the future, and continuing to foster a setting where all associates can see themselves and flourish.

Vinita is the company’s chief human resources officer (CHRO), and she is in charge of all aspects of the company’s people strategy, including recruiting and hiring, diversity, equity, and inclusion, benefits, pay, safety and wellbeing of employees, talent management, and organizational effectiveness. Nationwide now offers security and confidence to its members and partners and is stronger than ever.

One of the biggest and most powerful integrated insurance and financial services businesses in the United States, Nationwide is a Fortune 100 firm with its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. It offers a comprehensive selection of insurance and financial services products, including pet, motorcycle, and boat insurance, as well as auto, business, homes, farm, and life insurance, as well as annuities, mutual funds, and retirement plans for both the public and private sectors.

Over the course of its more than 95 years in operation, Nationwide has established a reputation as a “company that cares.” They follow their north star, “We value people,” says Vinita. The organization wants to establish a top-notch work atmosphere that encourages collaboration, caring, and belonging and gives everyone the confidence they need to perform at their very best.

Vinita and her staff put the company’s principles and mission statement, “To protect people, businesses and futures with extraordinary care,” at the center of all they do. In order for our employees to be able to connect with our purpose, she adds, “We have worked really hard to ensure that those nine words are simple to comprehend, resonate with all individuals, and are kept at the core of everything we do.”

Additionally, she and her staff put in a lot of effort over the course of the previous year to clarify the company’s values so that each employee could comprehend and uphold them.

In conclusion, Vinita is a wonderful leader and a great match for Nationwide.

Leading in the Interest ersof Oth

Vinita is an encouragement to those who are thinking about taking non-linear career paths since she hasn’t always worked in human resources. She chose to shift careers after starting her professional career in sales in order to pursue her love.She gained insight into the value of inspiring others to achieve success when she was promoted from individual contributor to sales leader. She would elicit information from team members throughout conversations in order to learn more about their motivations.

Building ties and trust through the dialogues was a terrific idea. We were able to start succeeding as a team after I started to comprehend their motivations and passions, she continues. I came to the realization that I wanted to be a bigger ally for people at this point, and I understood that human resources fit my passion better.

Her choice and conviction in her mission were successful. She is recognized for her compassionate, passionate, transparent, and authentic leadership style, which enables her to have a significant influence since others believe in and trust her. She is a catalyst for change.

Vinita’s career is proof that she thinks difficulties make people stronger. Risk-taking and accepting challenging projects helped you gain new strength and abilities. Vinita explains, “Development is not always simple.

Vinita learned the importance of having the correct support network, including mentors, sponsors, and leaders who helped her along the way, as she faced hurdles. She thinks that having the appropriate support system is crucial whenever you embark on a new endeavor.

Success is more of a journey than a goal for Vinita. When she has the chance to challenge herself and reach her objectives, she feels successful. She gauges her performance based on her capacity to support and sway others. Vinita adds, “I’m at my best when I’ve been able to make things better for others.”

She has, in fact. She has contributed to building a workplace where each colleague can succeed by focusing on culture and taking a long-term perspective on what’s vital to the company, its customers, and its employees. She is passionate about providing mentorship, structured programs, and regular opportunities to assist colleagues and leaders realize their potential.

Next, what?

Nationwide is aware that happy employees improve the client experience. Vinita emphasizes that the most crucial component of her people approach will always be listening to colleagues. She plans to keep concentrating on crucial strategic differentiators for the workforce, such as original and creative approaches to creating an environment where employees can flourish and do their best work every day.

We want to provide leaders the skills they need to succeed not just now but also in the future, adds Vinita. “We will provide an integrated talent experience that will further our efforts to build a talent platform that enables colleagues to advance their careers, making Nationwide a career destination for everybody.”

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